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2013-09-16 mvlTypo fix: fSourceRho --> fTargetRho (detected by Coverity)
2013-09-15 mvlUpdates to jet QA task + minor things in the dijet...
2013-09-13 mvlRevert 440cm extrapol in AddTaskJetPreparation; acciden...
2013-09-13 mvlUpdate to jet matching algorithm (from Redmer)
2013-09-13 mvlUpdates to dijet analysis task (from Marta)
2013-09-10 mvlFrom Redmer:
2013-09-09 mvlAdded flag for running on pythia jets (from Redmer)
2013-09-08 loizidesFrom Marta and Redmer:
2013-09-06 mvlTransition to new base class (from Redmer)
2013-09-06 loizidesAllow cut on z for leading jet (Marta)
2013-09-04 loizidesFrom Marta
2013-09-04 loizidesTransition to new base class (Salvatore/Marta).
2013-09-03 mvlsmall fix
2013-09-03 mvlExample macro to run jet finder on AOD (using JETAN)
2013-09-03 loizidesfrom Marta
2013-09-02 loizidesfrom chris
2013-08-31 loizidesintegration of Redmer's rho task. (from Marta)
2013-08-29 loizidesUse of AliEmcalParticle with new dev classes
2013-08-28 mvlBugfix for track QA on AOD (from Marta)
2013-08-27 mvlmatching constituents within matched jets (from Redmer)
2013-08-27 loizidesfrom chris
2013-08-26 loizidesfrom Marta
2013-08-26 mvlUpdate of AddTask macro for trackQA; flasg for differen...
2013-08-23 mvlForgot linkdef+cmakelist in prev commit
2013-08-23 mvlAdd matching task for embedded jets (from Redmer)
2013-08-22 mvlAdd leading fragment histos (Oliver)
2013-08-22 loizidesintegration of local rho into framework. From Rosi...
2013-08-19 loizidesfrom ruediger
2013-08-19 loizidesupdate from salvatore
2013-08-17 loizidesfrom chris
2013-08-16 mvlFrom Redmer:
2013-08-12 loizidesBe able to set track eff. (From Chris).
2013-08-12 loizidesfrom Ruediger
2013-08-09 loizidesFrom Redmer
2013-08-09 loizidesfrom ruediger
2013-08-09 kleinbupdated (Filip)
2013-08-08 mvlMinor fix for warning about destructor call for TF1...
2013-08-08 mvlMinor fix for warning about destructor call for TF1...
2013-08-08 mvlfix typo
2013-08-08 mvl-AliAnalysisTaskLocalRho: fixed uninitialized tlists...
2013-08-07 mploskonUpdates from Chiara
2013-08-07 mvlFrom Redmer:
2013-08-07 mploskondos2unix
2013-08-07 kleinbchanged threshold
2013-08-06 loizidesfrom chris
2013-08-05 loizidesFrom Salvatore and Marta:
2013-08-02 loizidesFrom Chris
2013-08-02 loizidesFrom Redmer
2013-07-31 loizidesnew task to find jet trigger candidates (loop over...
2013-07-31 loizidesFrom Salvatore
2013-07-31 loizidesUpdates from Redmer
2013-07-31 loizidesfrom Chris
2013-07-31 loizidesCoverty fixes from Ruediger
2013-07-31 kleinbcoverity fixes (R. Ma)
2013-07-30 kleinbupdate for strangeness MC scaling (O. Busch)
2013-07-26 loizidesFrom Redmer: Task to be used to calculate rho relative...
2013-07-25 loizidesFrom Redmer:
2013-07-24 loizidesFrom Salvatore:
2013-07-19 loizidesfrom Salvatore
2013-07-18 loizidesfrom Marta
2013-07-17 loizidesFrom Marta
2013-07-17 loizidesFrom Salvatore:
2013-07-16 mvlZero pointer check after cast (Coverity)
2013-07-15 kleinbadd cut on ITS refit
2013-07-13 mvlUpdates from Chris
2013-07-11 mvlNew task to check bad towers (Marta)
2013-07-11 mvlDiJet analysis updates (Marta)
2013-07-08 mvlAdd setters for trigger pt bins (Rongrong)
2013-07-08 mvlextend pt range for histos (Marta)
2013-07-08 mvlAdd flag to select hybrids with ITS reffit (Leticia)
2013-07-07 mvlUpdates DiJetResponseTask (Marta)
2013-07-04 loizidesFrom Megan:
2013-07-04 loizidesMore getters and minor fixes (Marta)
2013-07-04 loizidesDijet user code (Marta)
2013-07-04 loizidesid
2013-07-04 loizidesDijet user code (Marta)
2013-07-04 loizidesDijet user code (Marta)
2013-07-04 loizidesCoverty (Redmer)
2013-07-02 loizidesfrom redmer
2013-07-02 loizidesfrom Chris
2013-07-01 loizidesfix printout
2013-07-01 loizidesFrom Jiri:
2013-06-30 kleinbenable QA running for pPb on the lego train
2013-06-30 loizidesFrom Redmer:
2013-06-27 loizidesFrom Salvatore
2013-06-26 loizidesadded jet trigger patch maker
2013-06-26 loizidesfrom Redmer
2013-06-24 mvl1) additional interface methods for AliAnalysisTaskjetF...
2013-06-24 loizidesfrom Marta:
2013-06-24 loizidesnew SM not activate/masked (from Marta)
2013-06-24 loizidesCosmetics
2013-06-24 loizidesstandalone jet finder class (Ruediger)
2013-06-24 loizidesmore mem (Megan)
2013-06-19 kleinbchanged pt threshold
2013-06-19 mvlAdd getters for jet flow analysis (Redmer)
2013-06-18 loizidesfrom redmer
2013-06-17 hristov#101707: Fix inclussion of <vector> and <iostream>...
2013-06-17 loizidescoverty (salvatore)
2013-06-17 loizidesparticle density settable (salvatore
2013-06-17 loizidesfrom redmer