Implement comparison of sim and rec CDB's, by default for the TPC/RecoParam only
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGJE /
2014-03-10 cnattrascoverity fixes
2014-03-10 cnattrascoverity fixes
2014-03-10 mverweijadd histo for trigger patches
2014-03-10 cbianchiUserExec becomes Run
2014-03-10 mverweijupdates trigger QA
2014-03-06 cbianchiKinematic D and fixes for MC
2014-03-03 kleinbChanges from Jochen
2014-03-01 rbertensreevaluate NDF by hand
2014-02-28 mverweijAdd cell E,eta,phi histo to QA task
2014-02-28 rbertens revert addidental change of defaults
2014-02-27 rbertens even more correlation histograms ... correlating p...
2014-02-27 bhess- Removed TOF electron exclusion (el contamination...
2014-02-27 rbertensadd control histograms: reduced chi2 vs centrality...
2014-02-27 rbertens add by hand evaluation of chi2 value, add kolgomorov...
2014-02-26 cbianchifix and change in hsDphiz
2014-02-25 cbianchiRemove temporary task
2014-02-25 mverweijfix seg fault
2014-02-24 mverweijremove debugging printouts
2014-02-24 mverweijadd AddTask macro JetResponse
2014-02-24 mverweijjet embedding response + average E
2014-02-24 mverweijadd jet mass response task
2014-02-24 mverweijadd tag status cut
2014-02-24 mverweijdebugging
2014-02-24 mverweijwork in progress
2014-02-24 mverweijupdates trigger QA
2014-02-24 mverweijadd multiplicity bins
2014-02-24 mverweijfix typo
2014-02-24 mverweijAdd EPpid task to LinkDef + cosmetics
2014-02-24 cnattrasAdding EMCal jet pid hadron correlation task for Joel
2014-02-20 cbianchifix coverity
2014-02-19 bhess- Added loose rejection of light nuclei - Better treatm...
2014-02-18 mverweijextract dca for global and global contraint tracks...
2014-02-18 mverweijdca fix
2014-02-17 mverweijcorrect typo
2014-02-17 rbertens coverity fix
2014-02-17 mverweijfix warning for uninitialized fLocalRho
2014-02-17 mverweijupdates from Christine for TriggerQA. New class for...
2014-02-17 mverweijremove test cout
2014-02-17 cnattrasAdding reaction plane dependent histograms to trigger...
2014-02-17 rreedAdding histograms
2014-02-17 mverweijchange histo axis
2014-02-17 mverweijfix index out-of-bounds bug
2014-02-17 mverweijwork in progress
2014-02-17 mverweijadd delta-pT jet embedding task
2014-02-17 mverweijavoid crash when no vertex is available (mcgen)
2014-02-14 cbianchifix typo and MC in Add Flavour tasks
2014-02-13 mverweijadd pythia particle selector for RC
2014-02-13 mverweijadd MC matched jet analysis
2014-02-13 loizidesfrom ruediger
2014-02-13 rbertens add setters to change azimuthal acceltance when semi...
2014-02-13 cyaldo130214 Changes to AliAnalysisTaskFullpAJets & AddTaskJe...
2014-02-13 rreedUpdate to include local rho
2014-02-12 cbianchibug fix swap axes
2014-02-12 mverweijkeep all jets
2014-02-12 cbianchiAdd ExchangeContainer and Fix bug Clear TClonesArray
2014-02-12 rbertens fix auto-complete typo in previous commit
2014-02-12 rbertens add acceptance cuts and changes to algorithm changes...
2014-02-11 cbianchifix mem leak from TClonesArray
2014-02-10 mvlAdd combined HF vertexing+Jet task (temp fix for issue...
2014-02-09 loizidesadapt to new emc filters plus small cleanup
2014-02-09 loizidesadd v2 modulation if requested (from Redmer)
2014-02-07 rbertens bugfix add task (changed int into double in task but...
2014-02-06 mverweijset phys sel for jet finders
2014-02-06 mverweijalso phys sel for jet finders rho task
2014-02-06 mverweijset phys sel for jet finders
2014-02-06 mverweijadd gamma triggers
2014-02-06 mverweijset charge pico track
2014-02-06 mverweijupdate JetSample
2014-02-06 bhess- Added threshold for sigma systematics - Changed pT...
2014-02-06 mverweijupdate AddTask JetMass macros
2014-02-06 mverweijconstituent selector jet finder AddTaskEmcalJetTagger
2014-02-06 mverweijset bit for tracks in 2nd merge branch
2014-02-06 mverweijbookkeep pt hard info when generating on-the-fly pythia...
2014-02-06 mverweijadd task to merge to track branches
2014-02-06 rbertens changed centrality selection criteria to use floats...
2014-02-05 mverweijupdate nr of variables
2014-02-04 mverweijrestore fCopyTracks logic
2014-02-03 loizidesfrom Rongrong
2014-02-03 mvlRemove spurious file
2014-02-03 bianchinAdd standalone candidate thnsparse
2014-02-03 bianchinAdapt to framework modifications
2014-02-03 mverweijalways clear arrays in AliJetModelBase
2014-02-03 mverweijadd mass vs eta histos
2014-02-03 mverweijload libCDFConesPlugin in example macro
2014-02-03 loizidescosmetics
2014-02-03 loizideschange def to 0.005 ghost area
2014-02-03 rreedAdd protection against ghostArea==0
2014-02-03 loizidesUpdate to run in embedding mode (Rongrong)
2014-02-01 loizidesadded midpoint (from Jiri)
2014-01-31 mverweijjet mass updates
2014-01-31 mverweijdelete content track array
2014-01-30 mverweijrepair example macros
2014-01-30 bhess- Added threshold for spline systematics and different...
2014-01-30 loizidespropagator task for all tracks.
2014-01-29 mverweijadd ITSchi2 QA histo
2014-01-28 Chris Yaldocyaldo additions 270114
2014-01-28 loizideschange mod 644
2014-01-28 mverweijadd QA histo ncls
2014-01-28 Rosi Reedreordered PWGTools before PWGEMCal
2014-01-27 mverweijadd no SPD requirement