add qa check
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGJE /
2014-03-28 mverweijfix warning
2014-03-27 rhaakeCh. jets in pPb: Minor improvements
2014-03-26 mverweijfix warning
2014-03-26 jmazerupdated my Jet Hadron Correlations task, updated event...
2014-03-25 mverweijadd setter
2014-03-25 mverweijImplementing triggerbit histogram for use in plotting...
2014-03-24 saiolaCID 22679: Out-of-bounds write (OVERRUN_STATIC)
2014-03-24 rhaakeSmall fixes for charged jets in pPb
2014-03-23 rbertens changes for using new runs in analysis: pass specific...
2014-03-22 saioladisable default 100 GeV/c track cut for particle level...
2014-03-22 mverweijfix typo
2014-03-21 saiolafix energy cut in cell histograms
2014-03-21 mverweijchange order of bookkeeping events
2014-03-21 mverweijfix typo
2014-03-20 mverweijadd Hijing productions to AOD config
2014-03-20 mverweijreduce arguments AddTaskPWG4HighPtTrackQA
2014-03-20 saiolaadd centrality differential histograms; cleanup unused...
2014-03-20 saiolaremove unused THnSparse; add jet leading particle pt...
2014-03-19 rbertens temporary patch to catch undermined runnumbers
2014-03-18 mverweijadd 2012 data sets to config
2014-03-17 mverweijadd more data sets to config AOD
2014-03-17 mverweijfix bug
2014-03-17 mverweijupdates JetSample to check cluster-track matching
2014-03-17 mverweijdo track eff dicing in Esd/Aod filter + make all consis...
2014-03-17 mverweijupdates example running macro
2014-03-17 mverweijupdates AddTask macros for workflow of cluster-track...
2014-03-17 mverweijupdates for JetSample example task
2014-03-15 rbertens removed accidental print statement
2014-03-15 rbertens automatically select rho or small rho from runnumber
2014-03-14 cbianchifix conflicts and Libs
2014-03-14 cbianchiUse std output and MC trigger
2014-03-14 rbertensimproved efficiency by caching leading jet per event...
2014-03-14 rbertens add bookkeeping of pythia ntrials and cross section...
2014-03-13 mvlAdd FASTJET package definition/finding macro for genera...
2014-03-13 mvlRemove fastjet include files; do not build libFASTJETAN...
2014-03-13 rbertens added pdet-ppart over ppart histogram for detector...
2014-03-12 rhaakeCharged jets(pPb) framework bugfixes
2014-03-11 rbertens minor typo fix
2014-03-11 mverweijmodify object jet prep setter
2014-03-11 mverweijmodify objects by default (setting links tracks to...
2014-03-11 bhess- Proper handling of tuneOnData mask for TPC PID respon...
2014-03-10 kleinbChanges by Jochen
2014-03-10 cnattrascoverity fixes
2014-03-10 cnattrascoverity fixes
2014-03-10 mverweijadd histo for trigger patches
2014-03-10 cbianchiUserExec becomes Run
2014-03-10 mverweijupdates trigger QA
2014-03-06 cbianchiKinematic D and fixes for MC
2014-03-03 kleinbChanges from Jochen
2014-03-01 rbertensreevaluate NDF by hand
2014-02-28 mverweijAdd cell E,eta,phi histo to QA task
2014-02-28 rbertens revert addidental change of defaults
2014-02-27 rbertens even more correlation histograms ... correlating p...
2014-02-27 bhess- Removed TOF electron exclusion (el contamination...
2014-02-27 rbertensadd control histograms: reduced chi2 vs centrality...
2014-02-27 rbertens add by hand evaluation of chi2 value, add kolgomorov...
2014-02-26 cbianchifix and change in hsDphiz
2014-02-25 cbianchiRemove temporary task
2014-02-25 mverweijfix seg fault
2014-02-24 mverweijremove debugging printouts
2014-02-24 mverweijadd AddTask macro JetResponse
2014-02-24 mverweijjet embedding response + average E
2014-02-24 mverweijadd jet mass response task
2014-02-24 mverweijadd tag status cut
2014-02-24 mverweijdebugging
2014-02-24 mverweijwork in progress
2014-02-24 mverweijupdates trigger QA
2014-02-24 mverweijadd multiplicity bins
2014-02-24 mverweijfix typo
2014-02-24 mverweijAdd EPpid task to LinkDef + cosmetics
2014-02-24 cnattrasAdding EMCal jet pid hadron correlation task for Joel
2014-02-20 cbianchifix coverity
2014-02-19 bhess- Added loose rejection of light nuclei - Better treatm...
2014-02-18 mverweijextract dca for global and global contraint tracks...
2014-02-18 mverweijdca fix
2014-02-17 mverweijcorrect typo
2014-02-17 rbertens coverity fix
2014-02-17 mverweijfix warning for uninitialized fLocalRho
2014-02-17 mverweijupdates from Christine for TriggerQA. New class for...
2014-02-17 mverweijremove test cout
2014-02-17 cnattrasAdding reaction plane dependent histograms to trigger...
2014-02-17 rreedAdding histograms
2014-02-17 mverweijchange histo axis
2014-02-17 mverweijfix index out-of-bounds bug
2014-02-17 mverweijwork in progress
2014-02-17 mverweijadd delta-pT jet embedding task
2014-02-17 mverweijavoid crash when no vertex is available (mcgen)
2014-02-14 cbianchifix typo and MC in Add Flavour tasks
2014-02-13 mverweijadd pythia particle selector for RC
2014-02-13 mverweijadd MC matched jet analysis
2014-02-13 loizidesfrom ruediger
2014-02-13 rbertens add setters to change azimuthal acceltance when semi...
2014-02-13 cyaldo130214 Changes to AliAnalysisTaskFullpAJets & AddTaskJe...
2014-02-13 rreedUpdate to include local rho
2014-02-12 cbianchibug fix swap axes
2014-02-12 mverweijkeep all jets
2014-02-12 cbianchiAdd ExchangeContainer and Fix bug Clear TClonesArray
2014-02-12 rbertens fix auto-complete typo in previous commit
2014-02-12 rbertens add acceptance cuts and changes to algorithm changes...
2014-02-11 cbianchifix mem leak from TClonesArray