PMD info on da/amore updated
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGJE /
2015-01-16 jmazeradded single particle tracking efficiency
2015-01-15 mverweijfix for pythia on-the-fly
2015-01-15 cbianchiCoverity fix
2015-01-14 mverweijcleaning
2015-01-14 mverweijresponse vs LeadTrkPt
2015-01-14 lcunqueiAdded recoil option for shapes
2015-01-14 cbianchiAdd 2 DeltaMass THnSparse
2015-01-14 mverweijbug fix
2015-01-14 mverweijnCentBins setter for preparation macros
2015-01-14 mverweijadd NS analysis
2015-01-14 mverweijcoverity 20200, 24436
2015-01-14 mverweijcoverity fixes
2015-01-14 rbertens fix for coverity issue 24413
2015-01-14 mverweijfix const subtr tracks. Note: array has no gaps
2015-01-13 mvlCoverity fixes
2015-01-12 cbianchiCoverity delete arrays
2015-01-09 mvlCoverity fixes
2015-01-09 cbianchiFix coverity
2015-01-09 bhess- Coverity fixes
2015-01-08 mfaselAvoid naming clash in container names
2015-01-07 mfaselUse jet pt binning for jet pt axis
2015-01-07 mfaselAdd jet base histogram in the MC jet analysis component...
2015-01-07 mfaselFix building task directory name
2015-01-07 mfaselAdd Histograms for jet analysis
2015-01-07 mfasel- Allow for different track cuts
2015-01-07 mfaselBugfix in filling jet-based histograms
2014-12-27 lcunqueismall bug on filling container
2014-12-26 lcunqueiAdded unsubtracted jets to container
2014-12-25 lcunqueibug on track branch name
2014-12-24 lcunqueiadded unsubtracted jet container
2014-12-19 mfaselFix for periods which do not contain trigger information:
2014-12-19 mverweijmove RhoMass classes
2014-12-19 mfaselApply pileup rejection inside the task
2014-12-18 mfaselAdapt jet selection to EMCAL acceptance
2014-12-18 mfaselFix histograms filled with MC-truth information
2014-12-18 mfaselSwap thresholds in case we run on Monte-Carlo
2014-12-18 mfaselSet swapping for trigger thresholds for task in the...
2014-12-17 mverweijadd bookkeep profile
2014-12-17 mfaselVarious bugfixes:
2014-12-17 agrigoraFastJet includes set as SYSTEM to avoid the warnings
2014-12-16 anoliveiRhoname can be set and histograms have negative pt
2014-12-16 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): More differential vertex information
2014-12-15 dberzanoRevert "Rhoname can be set and histograms have negative pt"
2014-12-15 cbianchiFix typo
2014-12-15 anoliveiRhoname can be set and histograms have negative pt
2014-12-15 agrigoraFix for pkg files
2014-12-15 cleanup: no .so ext to GetLibraries()
2014-12-15 cleanup: more gSystem->Load()
2014-12-15 hristovInstallation of macros
2014-12-15 cleanup: removed from gSystem->Load()
2014-12-15 hristovTENDER becomes Tender
2014-12-15 agrigoraAdding the missing libraries
2014-12-15 agrigoraPWGJE
2014-12-15 agrigoraPWGJE EMCAL tasks
2014-12-15 mverweijincrease ClassDef
2014-12-12 saiolaReorganization of the EMCal jet finder task: the manin...
2014-12-12 rbertens use preprocessor directives for debug information
2014-12-12 mverweijIntroduction of jet-by-jet correction for detector...
2014-12-12 mfaselremove newline
2014-12-12 mfaselA few more fixes, mainly dealing with the track analysi...
2014-12-12 mfaselVarious fixes, task is running now.
2014-12-12 mfaselAdd macro adding re-structured task to the train
2014-12-12 mfaselSet kine cuts
2014-12-12 mfaselImplement eta sign swapping for LHC13f
2014-12-12 mfaselAdd components for jet analysis on mc and rec jets
2014-12-12 mfaselAdd components for event counting and trigger patch...
2014-12-12 mfaselMinor adaption on macros related to the restructuring...
2014-12-12 mfaselRefactoring of the EMCAL jet package:
2014-12-12 mfaselMore refactoring of the task
2014-12-12 mfasel- Remove unused variable
2014-12-12 mfaselFurther development of the analysis package:
2014-12-12 mfaselInclude binning component in the global analysis framework
2014-12-12 mfaselAdd class storing a global binning setup shared between...
2014-12-12 mfaselRefactoring of the charged particle pt task
2014-12-10 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Convert static to class member
2014-12-10 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Updated deltaPt calculation
2014-12-10 mverweijAdd particle rejection reasons, remove default MaxTrack...
2014-12-09 lcunqueiadded response matrixes
2014-12-09 cbianchireturn AliAnalysisTaskFlavourJetCorrelations task
2014-12-09 rhaakeSet jet area to jets from lightweight jet finder
2014-12-09 mverweijuse label instead of bit
2014-12-08 mverweijchange bit checking const logic
2014-12-08 lcunqueiadding protection multiple high pT triggers
2014-12-06 mfaselFix for broken compilation
2014-12-05 jmazerAdded better efficiency parameters, changed some sparse...
2014-12-04 fkrizekNew histograms for 2particle correl added
2014-12-04 mverweijbug fix
2014-12-04 cbianchiUse the subwagon string
2014-12-04 cbianchiAdd string in input for subwagons
2014-12-04 cbianchiMethod 3 fix: Recalculate jet pt and direction
2014-12-04 lcunqueifill the tree only with central events
2014-12-04 mverweijadd possibility to extract main patch from AliAnalysisT...
2014-12-03 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Explicitly set psel
2014-12-02 fkrizekTwo particle correlation histos for inclusive trigger
2014-12-02 mverweijselect MC particles for TT when embedding
2014-12-02 mvlReset MaxPatchEnergy for cases where not all events...
2014-12-02 mverweijadd single inclusive TT + AllMatch histos
2014-12-02 mverweijcoverity fix
2014-12-02 mverweijinclude single inclusive triggers to h-jet ana
2014-12-01 lcunqueiexclusive bins for high pT dihadron study