Coverity fix
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGJE /
2012-03-05 kleinb do NOT switch off esdfilter for JETAN analysis
2012-03-05 kleinbsetting of eta reange (Sidharth
2012-03-03 kleinbcoverity fixes
2012-03-02 kleinbadded jet trigger selection and jet hadron correlation
2012-03-01 mvlexample macro for on-the-fly generation of pythia6...
2012-03-01 kleinbexample macro for on-the-fly generation of pythia6...
2012-02-28 kleinbadded jet shape studies as done by ATLAS (Sidharth)
2012-02-27 kleinbcoverity fix (O. Busch)
2012-02-27 kleinb add cut on delta phi (Sidhart)
2012-02-25 hristovCoverity 19426
2012-02-25 kleinbadded non std file
2012-02-24 kleinbUpdates for train running (L. Cunqueiro)
2012-02-24 kleinbadding new task for jet properties (Sidharth Kumar...
2012-02-23 kleinbadded printout
2012-02-23 kleinbremoved printout
2012-02-22 fcaCoverity 19426
2012-02-22 hristovRestoring the functionallity of the PAR files: partial fix
2012-02-21 kleinbbug fixes naming
2012-02-21 kleinbbug fixes
2012-02-16 kleinbchanged binning, vertex range, leading, subleading
2012-02-16 kleinbfixing setting of histo labels
2012-02-15 kleinbupdate settings (Leticia)
2012-02-15 kleinbupdated binning and settings (H. Leon Vargas)
2012-02-14 kleinbadding tasks back in
2012-02-10 kleinbfixing typo
2012-02-09 kleinbadding EMC JEt trigger
2012-02-08 kleinbmore flags added
2012-02-07 kleinbclean up old and unused tasks, necessary corrections...
2012-02-07 kleinbcoverity fixes
2012-02-07 kleinbchangeing dphi histogram setting (O. Busch)
2012-02-06 kleinbmacro updates for 2011
2012-02-05 kleinbenabling different trigger classes for jet spectra...
2012-02-05 kleinbcoverity fix
2012-02-05 kleinbchanges for lego train running
2012-02-04 kleinb- FF task: switch for analysis of jets with max track
2012-02-03 kleinbAdding task for Parton Discrimination/mult in jet ...
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity 18711
2012-01-30 hristovMoving the last macros from PWG4
2012-01-27 kleinbminor fixes
2012-01-26 kleinbrename Base -> Tools
2012-01-26 kleinbenable par file creation (A. Shabetai)
2012-01-26 kleinbremove obsolete macros
2012-01-26 kleinbadding the track toy model for mc to the cluster task...
2012-01-26 kleinbmoving makefile
2012-01-26 kleinbname changes from PWG4 to PWGJE
2012-01-26 kleinbTrack cuts for LHC10h are the default one, can switch...
2012-01-26 jgrosseorenaming PWG/Base to PWG/Tools
2012-01-26 kleinbmove macros
2012-01-25 kleinbcoverity and coding conventions (O. Busch)
2012-01-25 kleinbnew lib PWGJE
2012-01-25 kleinbcoverity and rule checker fixes (B. Bathen)
2012-01-25 kleinbchanged path to pwgje
2012-01-25 kleinbmoved macros
2012-01-25 hristovTransition PWG4/JetTasks -> PWGJE and PWG4/totET -...
2012-01-25 kleinbfix warnings
2012-01-25 hristovTransition PWG4/JetTaske -> PWGJE
2012-01-11 hristovNew analysis modules