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2014-12-15 mverweijincrease ClassDef
2014-12-12 saiolaReorganization of the EMCal jet finder task: the manin...
2014-12-12 rbertens use preprocessor directives for debug information
2014-12-12 mverweijIntroduction of jet-by-jet correction for detector...
2014-12-12 mfaselremove newline
2014-12-12 mfaselA few more fixes, mainly dealing with the track analysi...
2014-12-12 mfaselVarious fixes, task is running now.
2014-12-12 mfaselAdd macro adding re-structured task to the train
2014-12-12 mfaselSet kine cuts
2014-12-12 mfaselImplement eta sign swapping for LHC13f
2014-12-12 mfaselAdd components for jet analysis on mc and rec jets
2014-12-12 mfaselAdd components for event counting and trigger patch...
2014-12-12 mfaselMinor adaption on macros related to the restructuring...
2014-12-12 mfaselRefactoring of the EMCAL jet package:
2014-12-12 mfaselMore refactoring of the task
2014-12-12 mfasel- Remove unused variable
2014-12-12 mfaselFurther development of the analysis package:
2014-12-12 mfaselInclude binning component in the global analysis framework
2014-12-12 mfaselAdd class storing a global binning setup shared between...
2014-12-12 mfaselRefactoring of the charged particle pt task
2014-12-10 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Convert static to class member
2014-12-10 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Updated deltaPt calculation
2014-12-10 mverweijAdd particle rejection reasons, remove default MaxTrack...
2014-12-09 lcunqueiadded response matrixes
2014-12-09 cbianchireturn AliAnalysisTaskFlavourJetCorrelations task
2014-12-09 rhaakeSet jet area to jets from lightweight jet finder
2014-12-09 mverweijuse label instead of bit
2014-12-08 mverweijchange bit checking const logic
2014-12-08 lcunqueiadding protection multiple high pT triggers
2014-12-06 mfaselFix for broken compilation
2014-12-05 jmazerAdded better efficiency parameters, changed some sparse...
2014-12-04 fkrizekNew histograms for 2particle correl added
2014-12-04 mverweijbug fix
2014-12-04 cbianchiUse the subwagon string
2014-12-04 cbianchiAdd string in input for subwagons
2014-12-04 cbianchiMethod 3 fix: Recalculate jet pt and direction
2014-12-04 lcunqueifill the tree only with central events
2014-12-04 mverweijadd possibility to extract main patch from AliAnalysisT...
2014-12-03 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Explicitly set psel
2014-12-02 fkrizekTwo particle correlation histos for inclusive trigger
2014-12-02 mverweijselect MC particles for TT when embedding
2014-12-02 mvlReset MaxPatchEnergy for cases where not all events...
2014-12-02 mverweijadd single inclusive TT + AllMatch histos
2014-12-02 mverweijcoverity fix
2014-12-02 mverweijinclude single inclusive triggers to h-jet ana
2014-12-01 lcunqueiexclusive bins for high pT dihadron study
2014-12-01 mvlUse Vzero multiplicity from online trigger
2014-12-01 cbianchiAdd info in task and output names
2014-12-01 mvlUpdate from Tomas
2014-11-29 lcunqueibug:histo was copied twice to the output list
2014-11-29 lcunqueiMultiple high pT triggers study
2014-11-29 lcunqueiStore the pythia weight in a branch
2014-11-29 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Jet cut changed
2014-11-28 mfaselAllow usage of old bit configuration via the add macros
2014-11-27 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Enhanced macro
2014-11-27 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Enhanced macro
2014-11-27 cbianchimethod 3 to add pt missing
2014-11-27 cbianchiFix position of declaration of mass histo
2014-11-27 mverweijadd flexibility for main trigger
2014-11-27 mverweijadd class to analyze mock-up trigger
2014-11-27 fkrizekTrigger associated to 15-20 and 20-50 tracks
2014-11-26 mverweijextend axis range
2014-11-26 mfaselAdd task writing EMCAL trigger information into a tree
2014-11-26 mvlAdd histograms with VZERO signal for PbPb trigger check...
2014-11-26 mvlAdd histograms with VZERO signal for PbPb trigger checks
2014-11-25 mverweijremove obsolete class
2014-11-24 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Updates for pp analysis
2014-11-22 lcunqueiPythia Event Weight modifications
2014-11-22 mverweijbug fix
2014-11-21 mfaselCreate wrapper for JSON macro that calls traditional...
2014-11-21 mfaselChanges relative to restructuring of the JSON core
2014-11-21 mvlAdd JT task from Tomas Snellman
2014-11-21 mverweijuse leading track unsubtracted jet for data only
2014-11-20 mverweijAdd correlation with EP
2014-11-19 mverweijhjet mass ana update + bug fix
2014-11-19 rbertens fix minor inconsistency in book histogram functions
2014-11-19 rbertens add pt leading axis to dijet matching histos
2014-11-18 mverweijfetch correct max track pt for constituent subtracted...
2014-11-18 mverweijadd h-jet jet mass analysis class
2014-11-18 rbertens patch for mistake in bitwise comparison for trigger...
2014-11-18 mfaselLoop only over MC true tracks in case of MC information
2014-11-18 fkrizekTrigger Associated with tracks 15<pT<100
2014-11-18 mverweijcalc match fraction from unsubtracted jet
2014-11-18 lcunqueiMultiple high pT trigger study
2014-11-18 jmazermissed part for Semi-good runs
2014-11-17 jmazerupdated efficiency function..
2014-11-17 rbertens cleanup of deprecated code
2014-11-17 rbertens fix inconsistency in bitwise operations
2014-11-15 lcunqueicalculate jet shapes for the true jet in kSubDeriv...
2014-11-15 lcunqueiChanged task flags and running options
2014-11-14 saiolaRead scale factor functions from a root file
2014-11-14 lcunqueiSave constituent subtracted track and cluster branches...
2014-11-14 fkrizekMultiple trigger with 5 and 10 percent parton eloss
2014-11-14 rbertens add data driven method to evaluate trigger efficiencie...
2014-11-14 bhess- Added parameter for MC pT_hard cut (forgot to commit...
2014-11-13 mverweijbug fix fast simulation
2014-11-13 mverweijupdates for toy grid maker
2014-11-13 lcunqueiAdded event printout
2014-11-13 rbertens remove redundant code, finalize code for ep weighting
2014-11-12 cbianchiAdd histograms imppar and massB