o First Version of TRDnSigma implementation (Xianguo) o still requires some catching...
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2014-02-25 coppedisUpadting tasks
2013-07-17 coppedisFixing trigg.class issue
2013-07-09 coppedisFixes for coverity
2013-06-06 coppedisUpdated task
2013-06-04 coppedisUpdating for a forgotten branch
2013-05-31 coppedisupdating task
2013-04-29 coppedisAdding ZN/ZP centralities
2013-04-22 coppedisUpdated tasks
2013-03-08 coppedisFixing bug
2013-02-11 coppedisIgnoring coverity to compile
2013-02-11 coppedisFixes for coverity
2013-02-07 coppedisUpdating task
2013-02-07 coppedisUpdating task
2013-02-06 coppedisTask for LEGO train
2013-01-21 coppedisTask for analysis train on p-A data
2012-11-13 coppedisAdding analysis task
2012-07-23 coppedis Updating analysis task
2012-06-07 coppedis Fixing the wrongly fixed warnings
2012-06-07 cholmFixed some warnings
2012-05-31 coppedisTaking correctly into account centrality range settings
2012-05-11 coppedisAdding histos to model fragment prod. from data
2012-05-10 coppedisHistos for ZN vs. ZP correlations
2012-05-10 coppedisAdding histos to control single PMT stability
2012-05-02 coppedisUpdated histos
2012-04-27 coppedisCoverities
2012-04-23 coppedisAdding plots weighted with v0 centrality perc.
2012-04-20 coppedisIncreasing histo clu. lay.1 upper lim.
2012-04-20 coppedisAdding histos for the LEGO train
2012-04-16 coppedisAdding histos
2012-04-12 coppedisTaking into account ZEM calibration
2012-04-12 coppedisTask for GEO Lego train