Fix some documentation issues
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF / FORWARD / analysis2 / AliForwardUtil.cxx
2013-11-12 cholmFix some documentation issues
2013-11-07 cholmProtection against re-initialization of histograms...
2013-10-01 cholmMajor refactoring of the code.
2013-09-27 hansenaFix for getting beam energy correct in all cases. ...
2013-08-27 cholm- For energy loss fits, add option to store residuals
2013-07-19 cholmFixes for energy loss generation
2013-07-04 cholmAchieved a factor 2-3 speed-up of the AOD filtering.
2013-06-10 cholmMega commit of many changes to PWGLFforward
2013-04-24 cholmAliMCAuxHandler: A class to handle auxillary input...
2012-11-23 cholmVarious minor fixes
2012-10-31 cholmMany changes in one.
2012-10-19 cholmBetter decoding of the Center of Mass collision energy...
2012-09-26 cholmVarious fixes to not free output memory
2012-09-25 cholmFix up a warning about casts
2012-08-28 cholmFixes for pA indenfication of events
2012-08-21 cholmFix when the event inspector is initialized in the MC
2012-07-12 cholmMultiple fixes:
2012-06-07 cholmMaker scripts now use TrainSetup exclusively.
2012-05-24 cholmFixed DebugGuard
2012-05-22 cholmFix some problems with PAR file generation.
2012-05-18 cholmRefactored Ali{SPD,FMD}MCTrackDensity into a common...
2012-03-05 hdalsgaaFirst half of changes for displaced vertices - second...
2012-02-01 hristovTransition PWG2/FORWARD -> PWGLF