Updates to Trains. create a job-script to help
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF / FORWARD /
2012-05-24 cholmUpdates to Trains. create a job-script to help
2012-05-24 cholmFixed DebugGuard
2012-05-24 cholmClean-up
2012-05-24 cholmUpdates for Grid analysis.
2012-05-24 cholmUpdates to DebugGuard
2012-05-24 cholmAdded missing DTOR
2012-05-24 cholmMoved calculations of flow weights (after burner) into a
2012-05-23 coppedisUnique container name for each task
2012-05-22 cholmMore debug guard stuff for tracing execution.
2012-05-22 cholmFix some problems with PAR file generation.
2012-05-18 cholmRefactored Ali{SPD,FMD}MCTrackDensity into a common...
2012-05-14 cholmFixes for auto-PAR generation
2012-05-11 coppedisAdding histos to model fragment prod. from data
2012-05-10 coppedisHistos for ZN vs. ZP correlations
2012-05-10 coppedisAdding histos to control single PMT stability
2012-05-09 cholmFix version number
2012-05-09 cholmFixed up for better look
2012-05-03 hdalsgaaAllowing FMD rings to be excluded and reduce the amount...
2012-05-02 coppedisUpdated histos
2012-05-02 coppedisError fixed in output folder name
2012-04-27 coppedisCoverities
2012-04-26 coppedisAdding task to libraries
2012-04-26 hristovCoverity 19696
2012-04-23 coppedisAdding plots weighted with v0 centrality perc.
2012-04-20 coppedisIncreasing histo clu. lay.1 upper lim.
2012-04-20 coppedisAdding histos for the LEGO train
2012-04-16 coppedisAdding histos
2012-04-14 coppedisMissing comma inserted
2012-04-14 coppedisUpdating macros for LEGO train
2012-04-12 coppedisTaking into account ZEM calibration
2012-04-12 hdalsgaaUpdated text and figures from HHD thesis
2012-04-12 coppedisParameters set for centrality selection
2012-04-12 coppedisTask for GEO Lego train
2012-04-12 coppedisTask for GEO Lego train
2012-03-22 hansenaLots of small improvements and optimizations to flow...
2012-03-20 hdalsgaaCoverity fix
2012-03-19 hdalsgaaBetter eta bins for displaced vertices
2012-03-08 hansenaSmall bug fix in density calc with missing if statement...
2012-03-07 hdalsgaaMC upgrades to displaced vertices
2012-03-06 hdalsgaaCoverity fix
2012-03-05 hdalsgaaEvent selection for displaced vertices, second half
2012-03-05 hdalsgaaFirst half of changes for displaced vertices - second...
2012-02-23 hansenaBug fixes. Mostly for diagnostics in FillHists function.
2012-02-22 hansenaAdding AOD task for FMDEventPlaneFinder
2012-02-17 hansenaCoverity fixes
2012-02-14 hansenaMega-commit by Alexander - added Event plane to analysi...
2012-02-13 hansenaUpdating FMDEventInspector to get trigger strings from...
2012-02-08 cholmFixed references from PWG2 -> PWGLF - very efficiently...
2012-02-08 cholmSync from old structure
2012-02-01 hristovTransition PWG2/FORWARD -> PWGLF