K0s code update (Matt Steinpreis)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF / FORWARD /
2013-12-09 Christian Holm Chr... - Update some documentation
2013-12-09 Christian Holm Chr... Added tasks and trains to investigate time-to-previous...
2013-12-09 Christian Holm Chr... - Added script to create a local index file (CreateIndex.C)
2013-11-20 cholmAttempt to enable monitor objects in Proof(Lite) -...
2013-11-20 cholmFixed wrong filename when finding PAR file
2013-11-20 cholmMinor fixes
2013-11-13 cholmAdded option to disable merging of shared signals compl...
2013-11-13 cholmConvert pattern to glob pattern when scanning directories
2013-11-12 cholmFix some documentation issues
2013-11-07 cholmAdded PWGLF/FORWARD library for investigating MC hit...
2013-11-07 cholmRefactoring for AliFMDEnergyFitter to allow sub-classing
2013-11-07 cholmProtection against re-initialization of histograms...
2013-10-30 hristovChanges for Root6: removing obsolete TH1 functions...
2013-10-10 cholmAddeded code to encode/decode dE/dx to/from track refer...
2013-10-09 cholmAdded possibility to only accumulate statistics for...
2013-10-09 cholmAdded user-callable check if we have an MC input handler
2013-10-09 cholmFix merge via JDL and make it compile again
2013-10-01 cholmAdded some classes to the build of PWGLF/forward2
2013-10-01 cholmMajor refactoring of the code.
2013-10-01 cholmAdded scripts for Casper/Valentina style P(N_{ch})...
2013-09-27 hansenaFix for getting beam energy correct in all cases. ...
2013-09-19 cholmA better way to specify the Nch axis for the MultDists...
2013-09-19 cholmSmall fixes
2013-09-19 cholmFixes for common options to SummaryDrawer.C
2013-09-19 cholmFixes for common options to SummaryDrawer.C
2013-09-19 cholmFixed up scripts to use same flags for Pause and Landscape.
2013-09-17 cholmVarious fixes
2013-09-17 cholmAdded correlation of MC triggers
2013-09-17 cholmAlso get stuff from directories
2013-09-17 cholmAdded stuff to be written to shell script after completion.
2013-09-17 cholmUpdates to the P(Nch) analysis.
2013-08-27 cholmadded proof analysis script
2013-08-27 cholm- For energy loss fits, add option to store residuals
2013-08-13 cholmRefactored common code of {lite,grid}Analysis.sh into
2013-07-19 cholmFixes for energy loss generation
2013-07-17 coppedisFixing trigg.class issue
2013-07-17 coppedisFixes for coverity
2013-07-17 cholmAdd possibility to override title on plots.
2013-07-17 cholmBetter defaults for split,merge,and ttl
2013-07-16 cholmFixes for coverity
2013-07-16 cholmRemoved final doc from SVN
2013-07-16 cholmrenamed all files for ALICE-INT-2012-040 with correspon...
2013-07-16 cholmUpdate with latest figures from the approved analysis...
2013-07-16 cholmRemoved the specific reference to Christian's source
2013-07-16 cholmVarious fixes
2013-07-16 cholmSee comments to revision 63514.
2013-07-16 cholmAdded possiblity to use fall-back queries against the
2013-07-16 cholmNow use gSystem->Exec("gbbox ps -Ax > tmpfile") to...
2013-07-15 cholmFixes for Coverity issues: 21876, 21795, 21786, 21782...
2013-07-15 hansenaSmall fixes to disp. vtx. selection and correct path...
2013-07-12 hristovBrute force fix for PWG-LF/Forward QA
2013-07-09 coppedisFixes for coverity
2013-07-05 cholmDrawdNdeta.C AliceLogo.C OtherData.C DrawdNDetaSummary
2013-07-04 cholmAchieved a factor 2-3 speed-up of the AOD filtering.
2013-07-03 cholmThis commit has two major parts:
2013-06-11 cholmCheck returned vertex bin for not-null
2013-06-11 cholmAlways recompile sub-classes - will fail otherwise...
2013-06-11 cholmMake sure we set the over- and underflow bins for accep...
2013-06-11 cholmSet some default values
2013-06-11 cholmCopy underflow to overflow bin for acceptance
2013-06-11 cholmSmall fixes
2013-06-11 cholmFix to properly calculate the phi acceptance from the
2013-06-11 cholmFix to store phi acceptance in overflow bin.
2013-06-11 cholmUse `#include <...>' instead of `#include "..."' for
2013-06-10 cholmRemoved safety back-up
2013-06-10 cholmMega commit of many changes to PWGLFforward
2013-06-06 coppedisUpdated task
2013-06-06 hansenasmall fix
2013-06-04 coppedisUpdating for a forgotten branch
2013-05-31 coppedisupdating task
2013-05-28 coppedisAnalysis tasks for photon analysis (by Sudipan)
2013-05-21 hansenaFix for excluding individual FMD rings in AOD productio...
2013-04-29 coppedisAdding ZN/ZP centralities
2013-04-29 cholmFixed check of returned pointer to AliStack object
2013-04-24 cholmFixed the -L option
2013-04-24 cholmAdded TTL, split, and merge options to URL
2013-04-24 cholmAliMCAuxHandler: A class to handle auxillary input...
2013-04-24 cholmGridHelper can now scan run-list files better:
2013-04-22 coppedisUpdated tasks
2013-04-22 mchojnacSwitch off the AOD production in case when in the ...
2013-03-14 hansenaFixing options of helpers to use the correct version...
2013-03-08 coppedisFixing bug
2013-03-06 mchojnacAdding addtional QA histogram to dNdeta task
2013-02-22 mchojnacChange in centrality selection in AliFMDEventInspectror...
2013-02-21 mchojnacAdding signal histograms per ring per vertex bin
2013-02-19 mchojnacAdding additional options including vertex selection...
2013-02-18 mchojnacUpdate of AddTaskForwardMult to make possible to run...
2013-02-15 mchojnacAdding new options and histograms: centrality cut in...
2013-02-13 mchojnacChange of container names for MC Correction tasks....
2013-02-11 coppedisCorrectly passing the input arg
2013-02-11 coppedisAdding correct name for AddTask macro
2013-02-11 coppedisIgnoring coverity to compile
2013-02-11 coppedisFixes for coverity
2013-02-07 coppedisUpdating task
2013-02-07 coppedisUpdating task
2013-02-07 cholmDoxygen updates
2013-02-06 coppedisTask for LEGO train
2013-01-26 cholmRemove code to dump Job IDs and stages until merged...
2013-01-26 mchojnacfix because trunk does not compile
2013-01-26 mchojnacAdding global empirical correction to the AliBaseddNdet...