Fixes for c++11
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF / FORWARD /
2015-01-08 cholmMerge branch 'master' of
2015-01-08 cholmAdded SPD outlier trigger bit
2015-01-08 cholmAlternative SD and DD for DPMJet
2015-01-08 cholmTest of using NSD events only
2015-01-07 cholmMinor updates and add participant information to output...
2014-12-17 hansenaChristmas update to forward flow. Final fixes before...
2014-12-15 cleanup: removed .so in some log messages
2014-12-15 cleanup: no .so ext to GetLibraries()
2014-12-15 cleanup: more gSystem->Load()
2014-12-15 cleanup: removed from gSystem->Load()
2014-12-15 agrigoraMissing macros for PWGCF, PWGDQ and PWGLF
2014-12-15 hristovTENDER becomes Tender
2014-12-15 agrigoraMissing macros
2014-12-15 hristovDummy implementations to avoid unresolved symbols
2014-12-15 hristovPWGLFforward2 is converted to native cmake- The custom...
2014-12-04 cholm* Config.C: use proper setting for EMCAL based on run...
2014-12-01 cholmShell script library for downloading from AliEn
2014-12-01 cholmVarious small fixes:
2014-12-01 cholmOption for base libraries
2014-11-18 cholmScript to extract ROOT file from ZIP archive in case...
2014-11-18 cholmWrite some scripts
2014-11-18 cholmAdded monitoring
2014-11-13 cholmMerge branch 'master' of
2014-11-13 cholmExplicit merging in rings
2014-11-13 cholmAlso generate download script
2014-11-13 cholmFix
2014-11-13 cholmDocumentation and scale to entries in MCTrack drawer
2014-11-13 cholmOverride base class scaling function to also smoothen...
2014-11-13 cholmNothing really
2014-11-13 cholmNew selector to analyse tree from AliFMDMCTrackELoss
2014-11-13 cholmNEw script to re-fit MC track elosses
2014-11-13 cholmNew scale function
2014-11-13 cholmProtect against double counting of MC track references
2014-11-13 hristovRingHistos has to be public if we use Root6
2014-11-11 cholmRename of base classes and methods there.
2014-11-11 cholmRenamed "Helper" to "Railway" to make the analogy of...
2014-11-11 cholmAdded option to Grid railway to allow adding additional...
2014-11-11 cholmUpdated selection on Single Diffractive events. Only...
2014-11-11 cholmBetter centrality defaults
2014-11-11 cholmBetter centrality defaults
2014-11-11 cholmAcceptance correction disabled by default
2014-11-11 cholmUpdate docs.
2014-11-11 cholmProtection against divide-by-zero
2014-11-11 cholmSuppress epsilon_T when unity
2014-11-11 cholmFix up log axis
2014-11-11 cholmSome new options
2014-11-11 cholmNew default for corrEmpty
2014-11-11 cholmMore sane centrality defaults
2014-11-11 cholmAdd max-strips option for MC
2014-11-11 cholmAdd max-strips option for MC
2014-11-11 cholmNew code to do investigations on MC output:
2014-11-03 cholmDisable secondary corrrection by default, allow overrid...
2014-10-31 cholmMerged changes from LXPLUS
2014-10-31 cholmA set of minor updates and fixes
2014-10-31 cholmAllow up to 7 peaks to be fitted - needed by PbPb simul...
2014-10-29 cholmFix
2014-10-28 cholmFix
2014-10-28 cholmAdd drawer of empirical
2014-10-28 cholmIn fall-back ,try to ignore field query
2014-10-28 cholmEnable OADB fall-back
2014-10-28 cholmTook out L3 field from ELoss selector
2014-10-28 cholmFixes
2014-10-28 cholmMerge branch 'master' of
2014-10-28 cholmBackward compatibilities
2014-10-28 cholmVarious updates, and prep for Train base class
2014-10-27 mflorisAliAODEvent::GetHeader() returns AliVHeader
2014-10-27 rirussochanges for Vertex and Tracks classes
2014-10-16 cholmVarious updates:
2014-10-15 cholmUpdates
2014-10-14 cholmVarious updates for the production scripts
2014-10-06 cholmFixes, AOD merge now uses AODConfig
2014-10-02 cholmConfigurable when to add internally
2014-09-29 cholmFiles for simulation jobs
2014-09-29 cholmSpecialized drawing
2014-09-29 cholmAdded member function IsMC
2014-09-29 cholmUpdate for newer package name
2014-09-29 cholmAdd member function IsMC
2014-09-29 cholmUse configuration script
2014-09-29 cholmBetter scheme setup
2014-09-29 cholmVarious small improvements
2014-09-29 cholmVarious small improvements
2014-09-29 cholmVarious small improvements
2014-09-29 cholmSpelling
2014-09-29 cholmAdd period stuff
2014-09-29 cholmWhitepace
2014-09-29 cholmSpelling
2014-09-29 cholmUse AliErrorF instead of AliError(Form(...))
2014-09-29 cholmFill status histogram
2014-09-29 cholmTask and sub-task status histogram
2014-09-29 cholmOnly add to diagnostics if passing filter
2014-09-29 cholmMake clones of cut histos, and flag as scaled
2014-09-29 cholmOnly add to diagnostics if passing filter
2014-09-29 cholmAdd extra empty event class, better handling of >0...
2014-09-29 cholmConfiguration script
2014-09-29 cholmPrint regularization cut
2014-09-29 cholmPrinting fix
2014-09-29 cholmSpelling
2014-09-29 cholmMinor things
2014-09-29 cholmHandling of configuration scripts
2014-09-29 cholmHandling of configuration scripts