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2014-11-04 lramonaModified Multistrange QA tasks and macros (Domenico C.)
2014-10-27 mflorisCompleted changes needed because of previous commit
2014-07-11 hristovCompilation with Root6
2014-06-25 lramonaUpdated version of Multristrage QA task and post process
2014-06-05 lramonaImproved QA task for Multistrange
2014-02-28 lramonaModifying AddTask for PhiQA
2014-02-26 lramonaRemoving obsolete QA post process macro
2014-02-26 lramonaRemoving obsolete task and modifying Phi PostProcess...
2014-02-24 lramonaModifying QA macro
2014-02-10 lramonaRename of QA tasks
2014-02-10 lramonaAdded descriptions lines
2014-02-05 lramonaUpdates for PWGLF-QA
2014-01-15 hristovFix for end-of-line style
2014-01-15 hristovCorrected end-of-line behavior
2013-11-22 deliaDefects fixed
2013-11-16 deliaA few defects and warnings fixed
2013-11-14 deliaMacro QAphi.C moved to post-processing folder
2013-11-14 deliaFirst commit of multistrange QA post-processing macro
2013-11-11 deliaFirst commit of post-processing macro for phi QA
2013-11-11 ddobrigkRemoved unnecessary data members from header.
2013-11-11 ddobrigkAdded QA Task for V0s, AOD version.
2013-11-11 ddobrigkMinor rebinning adjustment.
2013-11-11 ddobrigkFirst commit of post-processing macro for V0 QA. Refine...
2013-11-07 deliaMinor fix to QA task macro
2013-11-04 ddobrigkFine tuning of V0 QA task: histogram binning for better...
2013-10-29 deliaFurther update of PWGLF QA macro
2013-10-28 deliaFixed defect 22129 from alicoverity
2013-10-28 deliaFurther update of PWGLF QA macro
2013-10-26 ddobrigkFirst commit of V0 QA Task. A long way from perfect...
2013-10-23 deliaMinor mods to QA AddTask macro
2013-10-17 deliaFirst preliminary tasks for PWGLF production QA (cont'd)
2013-10-17 deliaFirst preliminary tasks for PWGLF production QA