Added event cut set for MC
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF / RESONANCES / AliRsnMiniAnalysisTask.h
2013-11-18 fbelliniAdded trigger selection for ESD analysis in mini task...
2013-11-12 fbelliniFixing wrong commit (v.64906): Macros for Phi QA +...
2013-11-11 fbelliniMacros for Phi QA + option for BigOutput added to mini...
2012-11-19 fbelliniMinor fixes for style (mvala)
2012-10-02 fbelliniAdded event QA histograms (A. Knospe)
2012-06-07 fbelliniAdded centrality histo for accepted events
2012-02-08 fbelliniAdded patch for centrality in AOD049
2012-01-27 fbelliniMigration of PWG2/RESONANCES -> PWGLF/RESONANCES