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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF / SPECTRA /
2012-05-22 janielskAdded option for different binning of DCAxy axis in...
2012-05-18 rpreghenparticle-efficiency task added to spectra library
2012-05-17 lmilanoSqrt(2) added in the combined nsigma
2012-05-17 lmilanoDCA calculation aupdated
2012-05-17 lmilanotrack->DCA() intead of PropagateToDCA
2012-05-15 lmilanoupdate to the runGrid Macro
2012-05-15 lmilanobug fix in eta cut
2012-05-15 lmilanoeta cut on generated charged hadron added
2012-05-14 lmilano- processed events + QA plots on vtx and dndeta added...
2012-05-11 lmilanosmall fix, update of the postprocessing macro
2012-05-11 rpreghensimple analysis task for MC efficiency calculations...
2012-05-11 rpreghenTPC rdEdx analysis code, macros and more (P.Christiansen)
2012-05-08 janielskFixed bug in AddTask macro
2012-05-07 jotwinowtoo fast IR not yet in the AliESDHeader
2012-05-07 janielskAdded possibility to do cut on TPCnSigma and rapidity...
2012-05-07 mflorisPrintout
2012-05-05 jotwinowadditional functionality added
2012-05-04 lmilanoUpdate to the rusAODProof macro
2012-05-04 mflorisAdded missing histogram
2012-05-04 mflorisFixing bugs (removing a member from AliSpectraAODTrackC...
2012-05-03 lmilanoPostData() fix, runAODProof updated
2012-05-03 mfloris- New PID interface class, also taking care of QA histos
2012-04-30 lmilanotask update
2012-04-30 lmilanoprotection on ratios added
2012-04-30 lmilanoMacro to run on grid - update
2012-04-30 lmilanoMacro to run on grid
2012-04-27 mflorisFixed ranges for histo types, fixed printout in booking...
2012-04-27 mflorisImplemented handy getters + renamed some of the enums...
2012-04-26 lmilanoAdded missing brace (michele)
2012-04-26 mflorisGenerating histogram names automatically
2012-04-26 lmilanoPrimary charged tracks added
2012-04-25 lmilanoPrimary charged tracks added
2012-04-24 lmilanoTask update
2012-04-24 pluettigAdopted MyLibs
2012-04-17 lmilanoAxis and pr range fix
2012-04-12 lmilanoupdate to AOD analysis
2012-04-12 lmilanoupdate to AOD analysis
2012-04-05 janielskfixed bug for extracting pdg of mother (weak decays)
2012-04-04 janielskSave PDG code of mother for weak decays and misidentifi...
2012-04-03 janielskchanged name of function to filename
2012-04-03 rpreghenupdated + added macros
2012-04-02 janielskModifications to AddTaskMacro for LEGO train
2012-03-29 jotwinowcoverity fix
2012-03-14 rpreghenTOF pp spectra task added to PWGLFspectra lib
2012-03-14 rpreghenTOF PbPb utils macro update
2012-03-14 rpreghenspectra-utils update
2012-03-08 janielskSlight changes to TPCTOF task and added it to be compil...
2012-03-06 janielskUpdated version for TPConly tracks
2012-03-03 rpreghenHMPID spectra analysis code
2012-03-02 rpreghenadded TOF pp spectra macros (b.guerzoni)
2012-03-02 mflorisModifications for TPC only tracks (J. Anielski)
2012-03-01 jotwinowmake cuts streamable
2012-03-01 jotwinowmodification in task to filter events
2012-02-29 jotwinowmodified to filter events
2012-02-29 jotwinowLaser and dEdx trees added
2012-02-26 jotwinowcoverity fix
2012-02-26 jotwinowmacro to make high-pT track and V0s trees
2012-02-24 jotwinow- V0s tree added
2012-02-22 mflorisAnnotations
2012-02-21 jotwinowcomment slow function
2012-02-19 jotwinow- classes for pT spectra charged hadrons analysis added
2012-02-17 akalweitreducing memory consumption
2012-02-15 rpreghenPWGUD/dNdPt -> PWGLF/SPECTRA/ChargedHadrons/dNdPt
2012-02-09 rpreghenadded dN/dy -> dN/deta conversion functions
2012-02-01 mflorisWorking on the electron cut
2012-02-01 mflorisMoving to PWGLF
2012-01-31 rpreghenTOF pi/K/p spectra code - Pb-Pb 2010 analysis
2012-01-30 mflorisMoving PbPb multiplicity in the new directory structure
2012-01-30 mflorisMigrating PWG2/SPECTRA/Fit to new PWG structure
2012-01-30 rpreghentask for ESD kink analysis (Martha)
2012-01-27 rpreghenPWG2/KINK -> PWGLF/SPECTRA migration
2012-01-27 rpreghenPWG2/SPECTRA -> PWGLF/SPECTRA migration
2012-01-27 rpreghenPWG2/SPECTRA -> PWGLF/SPECTRA migration
2012-01-27 rpreghenPWG2/SPECTRA -> PWGLF/SPECTRA migration
2012-01-24 rpreghencreated directory for pi/K/p combined spectra code...
2012-01-23 rpreghencode migration for pi/K/p spectra analysis in TPCTOF
2012-01-23 rpreghencode migration for pi/K/p spectra analysis in ITSsa