Changing the selected particle
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2014-04-02 lramonaChanging the selected particle
2014-03-20 lramonaSwapping charge of selected tracks
2014-03-20 lramonaFixing a typo
2014-03-19 lramonaAdding Tasks to Read AOD for (3He,pi) analysis
2014-03-18 lramonaFixing Coverity Warnings
2014-03-18 lramonaAdding Tasks to create NuclexAOD from MC productions...
2014-03-10 lramonaRemoving debug output
2014-03-10 lramonaFixing Coverity warnings
2014-03-03 lramonaAdding Merge option to AddFilterAOD + delete some debug...
2014-02-26 lramonaChanging the task and store some variable in a tree...
2014-02-24 lramonaModifying AddTask and changing bin width
2014-02-20 lramonaUpdating Analysis Task
2014-02-17 lramonaFixing coverity bugs
2014-02-14 lramonaFixing the AddTask
2014-02-13 lramonaModification to classes to run on trains
2014-02-11 lramonaFixing a typo
2014-02-07 lramonaFix typo in definition
2014-02-05 lramonaAdding task for the creation of nanoAOD for Nuclei...
2014-01-29 bdoeniguCoverity fix and added THnSparse
2014-01-22 bdoeniguSwitch between online and offline V0finder
2014-01-21 bdoeniguAdjusted the AddTask
2014-01-20 BenjaminDoenigusOpened V0 track cuts slightly, double counting removed
2014-01-15 hristovFix for end-of-line style
2014-01-15 hristovCorrected end-of-line behavior
2013-10-09 cholmAdded missing 'using std::...' declarations
2013-09-26 bdoenigucommit for Ramona: all warnings fixed
2013-09-26 bdoeniguCode commit for Ramona, fix of warnings, add of AddTask...
2013-09-19 nmartinimproved parameter for deuteron PID
2013-09-19 nmartinopen deuteron PID cut to 4sigma for systematics
2013-09-18 nmartinbug fix for pion PID in systematics
2013-09-15 bdoeniguCommit of Hypertriton task for Ramona
2013-08-25 nmartinbug fix for systematics
2013-08-22 nmartinopne chi2 cut for systematics
2013-08-19 nmartinopen cuts for systematics
2013-08-19 bdoeniguSystematics test
2013-08-15 nmartinnew variables in tree for systemactics
2013-07-23 bdoeniguAdded THnSparse for Systematics
2013-07-08 bdoeniguMinor bugfix for histogram filling
2013-06-24 nmartinchanged centrality method
2013-06-20 nmartinnew centrality class in the tree
2013-06-19 bdoeniguTighter cuts
2013-06-10 bdoeniguMinor Bugfix
2013-06-06 bdoeniguAdded RefMuliplicity
2013-06-06 bdoeniguAdded some QA histograms
2013-06-03 bdoeniguMinor bugfix
2013-06-03 nmartinadd centrality and multiplicity to the tree
2013-05-27 nmartinbug fix for tree fill and new histo to count events...
2013-05-27 bdoeniguminor bugfix
2013-05-23 nmartinbug fix for momenta in the tree, now innerParam
2013-05-21 bdoeniguAdded AddTask and minor code update
2013-05-16 nmartinreduced size of the tree
2013-04-25 nmartinremoved warnings
2013-04-22 bdoeniguFix
2013-04-15 pluettigAdded Nicoles Task
2012-07-30 akalweitAdding Benjamins analysis for QM, because he has not...