Update in cuts for Sigma* and update for lego_train macros (M.Vala)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF / STRANGENESS /
2012-03-28 deliaMin number of TPC clusters as parameter
2012-03-23 belikovPossibility to vary the cut on DCA between V0 daughters
2012-03-15 lbarnbyFix bug in signal extraction (limits of integration...
2012-03-15 deliaChanges in the output container (multiplicity and cosV0...
2012-03-13 deliaCascade analysis code moved in Cascades folder
2012-03-13 deliaMinor fixes (AOD running)
2012-03-13 deliaCoverity + minor fixes (AOD running)
2012-03-13 deliaCoverity + minor fixes (AOD running)
2012-03-06 pkalinakAOD version of main-stream AliAnalysisTaskPerformanceSt...
2012-03-01 belikovPossibility to vary the cos(PA) cut
2012-02-23 deliaMinor fix macro for Grid running
2012-02-23 belikovProducing (if uncommented) the 1D efficiency histograms
2012-02-23 deliaUpdated macros for Grid/AAF + new macros for trains
2012-02-22 fcaCoverity 19415
2012-02-22 deliaMinor fixes connected to ESD/AOD running option
2012-02-22 belikovOptional possibility to correct in 1D and a more stable...
2012-02-21 belikovRestoring the symmetry between these ESD and AOD orient...
2012-02-21 lbarnbyRenaming subdirectory
2012-02-21 belikovRemoving the files generated by the alien plugin
2012-02-20 belikovFix: Correcting the feeddown for the efficiency
2012-02-20 lbarnbyRemove files automatically generated when running plugin
2012-02-20 lbarnbyRemove unnecessary .d files which are result of compilation
2012-02-19 belikovConsistent pT binning for Xi's
2012-02-18 belikovAdding anti-Lambdas
2012-02-18 belikovAdding the feeddown correction
2012-02-18 belikovPrototype of the post-processing for the c*tau analysis
2012-02-18 belikovImproving the style
2012-02-16 belikovA new version of UserExec()
2012-02-16 hanrattyMainstream Analysis task for data 16/02/12, Luke
2012-02-16 belikovFixes in MC PID selection
2012-02-15 lmilanoAnalysis code update for ESDs + AOD part developed
2012-02-14 belikovBug fix
2012-02-14 belikovFix in the Monte Carlo PID
2012-02-13 belikovAdding anti-Lambda and anti-Xi
2012-02-13 belikovAdding anti-Lambda and anti-Xi
2012-02-10 belikovThe number of bins is now the same as in the equivalent...
2012-02-07 belikovCoverity fixes
2012-02-03 belikovUsing the "perfect PID" when running on Monte Carlo
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity
2012-02-02 hanrattyChoice of injected/pure, BB cut not applied to MC,...
2012-02-02 belikovApplying the |eta|<0.8 cut for the daughter tracks
2012-02-02 hanrattyChoice of injected/pure, BB cut not applied to MC
2012-02-02 belikovCoverity fixes
2012-02-01 hristovTransition PWG2/spectra -> PWGLF/STRANGENESS