Updated D0 macros from Massimo
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF / ThermalFits /
2014-06-03 mflorisAdded possibility to plot fit results from Becattini...
2014-06-03 mflorisAdded some plots
2014-05-13 mflorisChanges for final plots
2014-05-13 mflorisAdded method to recompute chi2 and stddev + cosmetics
2014-05-13 mflorisDisabled subtraction of correlated uncertainties
2014-05-13 mflorisAdded interpolation for the 20-40% bin
2014-05-13 mflorisAdded averages for the 20-40 centrality bin
2014-05-13 mflorisVersion used for the plots shown in the QM14 approval...
2014-05-13 mflorisTrying to fix missing particles in GSI input file creation
2014-05-13 mflorisModifications to plot thermal fits vs data comparisons...
2014-05-13 mflorisImproved drawing of ratios
2014-05-13 mflorisImproving style and export of GSI input files
2014-05-13 mflorisBetter printout and helper method for averages
2014-05-13 mflorisAdded bit for average of particle and antiparticle
2014-04-28 mflorisAdded K* in pPb fit
2014-04-28 mflorisImprovements to macros
2014-04-28 mflorisFix in metadata when combining 2 particles
2014-04-28 mflorisImproved computation of ratios for part+antipart
2014-04-28 mflorisAdded option to compute worst case extrapolation uncert...
2014-04-28 mflorisAdded possibility to average p-Pb data
2014-04-28 mflorisImproved plotting and readibility of PlotRatiosForQM14
2014-04-28 mflorisFixing typo in warining
2014-04-28 mflorisMacro used to extrapolate yields
2014-04-14 mflorisMacros improvements
2014-04-14 mflorisAliParticleYield Metadata fixes
2014-04-14 mflorisImproved printing in AliParticleYield and added new...
2014-04-14 mflorisImproved searching helpers in AliParticleYield
2014-04-14 mflorisFixed bug in AliParticleYield constructors
2014-04-14 mflorisAdded macros for ratios and yields
2014-04-14 mflorisAdded type for averaged values
2014-04-14 mflorisFixes to particle find methods
2014-04-14 mflorisAdded machinery to find and manipulate particles\n...
2014-04-10 hristovChanges to compile with Root6
2014-04-01 mflorisFixed THERMUS output format
2014-04-01 mflorisComments from input ASCII files are printed
2014-04-01 mflorisAdded Support for asymmetric normalization uncertainties
2014-03-06 mflorisFixed LaTeX label for hypertriton
2014-03-06 mflorisAdded function to write thermus input files
2014-03-06 mflorisAdded new library (libPWGLFthermalfits)
2014-03-05 mflorisFirst version of a class to process particle yields...