TENDER becomes Tender
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF / totEt / macros / runCaloEt.C
2014-12-15 hristovTENDER becomes Tender
2014-07-04 cnattrasadding switches for 2011 data and so that PID doesnt...
2014-03-27 cnattrasupdating macros for running on compiled code
2014-03-19 cnattrasupdating macros for running on compiled code
2014-02-08 cnattrasUpdating macros for running ET code
2013-08-13 cnattrasUpdating macros for running code
2013-08-02 cnattrasAdding/updating PID info, adding histograms for neutron...
2013-03-27 cnattrasFixing implementation of centrality dependence for MC
2013-01-24 cnattrasfixing implementation of EMCal tender supply
2012-11-08 cnattrasAdding lines to compile new classes
2012-06-21 cnattrasUpdates to macros to get code working on grid
2012-06-19 odjuvsla- added selection classes to macro
2012-04-26 cnattrasupdating tender supply implementation
2012-04-18 cnattrasUpdating usage of tender supply
2012-01-25 hristovTransition PWG4/JetTasks -> PWGJE and PWG4/totET -...