K0s code update (Matt Steinpreis)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF / totEt /
2013-10-28 cnattrasmacros for calculating corrections and plotting final...
2013-10-28 cnattrasmaking calculation of raw Et slightly more straightforward
2013-10-28 cnattrasfixing histogram range
2013-10-12 cnattrasFixing stupid typo bug
2013-09-23 cnattrasFixing the dumbest coverity bug ever.
2013-09-22 cnattrasAdding a couple histograms for secondary correction...
2013-09-22 cnattrasAdding a couple histograms for proton correction
2013-09-16 cnattrasAdding infrastructure for pPb and 8 TeV pp analyses
2013-09-03 dsilvermremaining coverity fixes
2013-08-27 cnattrasfixing code so it works on LHC11h
2013-08-27 dsilvermfixes for possible issues reported by coverity
2013-08-26 cnattrasAdding fix for PHOS clusters and adding a couple diagno...
2013-08-15 cnattrasFixing spelling error in function name
2013-08-15 cnattrasAdding histo to see secondary vertex position
2013-08-13 cnattrasUpdating macros for running code
2013-08-02 cnattrasAdding/updating PID info, adding histograms for neutron...
2013-06-21 cnattrasFixing issues with the reconstruction efficiency, addin...
2013-06-10 cnattrasApplying data driven corrections
2013-06-10 cnattraspartially adding 500 MeV cluster cut off cross check
2013-06-10 cnattrasChanging to centrality dependent corrections
2013-06-10 cnattrasChanging from multiplicity to centrality dependent...
2013-06-10 cnattrasFixing event selection
2013-06-10 cnattrasChanging multiplicity dependent cuts to centrality...
2013-06-10 cnattrasAdding 500 MeV cross check, changing multiplicity depen...
2013-06-04 cnattrasexplicitly removing charged kaon MIPs and showers from...
2013-06-04 cnattrasFixing profoundly stupid bug
2013-06-04 cnattrasChanging eta cut for the EMCal since we arent getting...
2013-06-04 cnattrasTweaking logistics of calculating final ET
2013-05-25 cnattrasAdding histograms for crosschecking hadronic correction...
2013-05-24 cnattrasMacro for calculating hadronic deposits from data
2013-05-24 cnattrasOysteins plotting macro
2013-05-20 cnattrasfixing a bug in the track matching logic
2013-05-18 cnattraschanging hadronic correction to centrality not multipli...
2013-05-15 cnattrasImplementing multiplicity dependent efficiency corrections
2013-05-08 cnattrasAdding histograms for gamma efficiency as a function...
2013-04-02 cnattrasMaking corrections second order in cluster multiplicity
2013-03-29 cnattrasUpdating run numbers and MC productions
2013-03-29 cnattrasAdding protection against a rare crash
2013-03-28 cnattrasAdding framework for calculating nonlinearity and effic...
2013-03-27 cnattrasFixing implementation of centrality dependence for MC
2013-03-25 cnattrasMacros for calculating em et correction for hadronic...
2013-03-25 cnattrasMacros for calculating em et correction for kaon deposits
2013-03-24 cnattrasAdding lots of track matching histos and cutting on...
2013-03-24 cnattrasPutting momentum cut on tracks to cut
2013-03-24 cnattrasadding track matching histograms
2013-03-22 cnattrasUpdating histograms for kaon correction and adding...
2013-03-19 odjuvslaFixing issue in identifying true photons
2013-02-28 odjuvslaFixing warnings
2013-02-28 odjuvslaChanges to the definition and check of signal/background
2013-02-28 odjuvslaFixing coverity bugs
2013-02-28 odjuvslaFixed bad tagging of photons in eff. calc.
2013-02-27 cnattrasChanging default EMCal cluster energy cut
2013-02-27 cnattrasAdding cluster energy distribution histograms
2013-02-27 cnattrasAdding cluster energy distribution histograms
2013-02-27 cnattrasUpdating track matching
2013-01-25 cnattrasSwitching off reclustering in tender supply for ET...
2013-01-24 cnattrasfixing implementation of EMCal tender supply
2013-01-24 cnattrasChanging cluster E cut to cluster ET cut and changing...
2013-01-16 cnattrasMacro for calculating gamma reconstruction efficiency
2013-01-16 cnattrasUseful macro for opening output files
2013-01-16 cnattrasAdding comments on usage and a switch for EMCal or...
2012-12-22 cnattraschanges to make Et code run over EMCal on grid
2012-12-20 dsilvermminor fixes to avoid compilation warnings
2012-12-20 cnattrasGetting code working on grid, adding histograms for...
2012-12-11 hristovRemoving some meaningless const (coverity)
2012-12-07 odjuvslaChanging storage of correction functions to fix crash...
2012-11-19 cnattrasFixing some memory issues
2012-11-08 cnattrasAdding lines to compile new classes
2012-11-06 odjuvslaMacro to calculate track matching efficiency
2012-11-06 odjuvslaMoving EMCAL track matching functionality to selection...
2012-11-06 odjuvslaFixing memory leak.
2012-11-06 odjuvslaAdding selection on cluster type
2012-11-06 odjuvslaMoving some functionality to selection base class.
2012-11-06 odjuvslaAdding construction of selection class for EMCAL. Movin...
2012-11-06 odjuvslaChanging method names to be more intuitive
2012-11-01 odjuvslaAdding macro to calculate correction factors
2012-11-01 odjuvslaFixing warnings
2012-11-01 odjuvslaLoading correction factors from root files / Simplifica...
2012-07-23 cnattrasFixing minor typo
2012-07-18 cnattrasAdding histos to look at MB trigger efficiency
2012-07-07 cnattrasChanges to enable trigger efficiency studies
2012-06-29 cnattrasFixing minor issue stopping running on the grid
2012-06-26 dsilvermfixes for rulechecker - mostly comments
2012-06-26 dsilvermaddressing issues reported from coverity
2012-06-21 cnattrasUpdates to macros to get code working on grid
2012-06-20 odjuvslaFixed absolute include path
2012-06-20 odjuvslaFixed a warning
2012-06-20 odjuvslaFixing warnings
2012-06-20 odjuvslaAdding selection classes for EMCAL
2012-06-20 odjuvslaReintroducing previously removed variables
2012-06-20 odjuvslaUpdates in analysis code for EMCAL
2012-06-19 cnattrasTweaks to destructors and getting code working with...
2012-06-19 odjuvsla- adding refined bad channel map
2012-06-19 odjuvsla- added selection classes to macro
2012-06-19 odjuvsla- Removing alot of histograms, replaced with trees...
2012-06-14 odjuvsla- restructuring the cuts in the PHOS E_T code.
2012-06-12 cnattrasUpdated version of unfolding macro
2012-04-29 cnattrasFully removing last variable from old physics selection...
2012-04-27 cnattrasEliminating obsolete physics selection implementation
2012-04-27 cnattrasFixing minor bug recognizing diffractive events in...