K0s code update (Matt Steinpreis)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF /
2013-12-09 Christian Holm Chr... Fixes for Git
2013-12-09 Christian Holm Chr... - Update some documentation
2013-12-09 Christian Holm Chr... Merge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2013-12-09 Christian Holm Chr... Added tasks and trains to investigate time-to-previous...
2013-12-09 Christian Holm Chr... - Added script to create a local index file (CreateIndex.C)
2013-12-09 Leonardo Milanogetter for x and y component
2013-12-06 Leonardo MilanoDefault TPC priors
2013-12-05 Leonardo Milanonbins added as data member + axes renamed
2013-12-03 lmilanoPID + q vector selection added
2013-12-03 lmilanorapidity cut according to the mass and not using AliSpe...
2013-12-02 lmilanoVZERO-A default selection for LHC10h
2013-12-02 fbelliniAdded config macro for K* analysis with TPC (S.Singha)
2013-11-29 mchojnacPrtinting some info during the calculation
2013-11-28 fbelliniUpdated macros for K* in pA analysis and QA monitoring
2013-11-28 fbelliniAdded TPC crossed rows customizable cuts and values...
2013-11-27 fbelliniModified lego train macro for Lambda(1520) analysis
2013-11-27 lmilanoTOF matching from PIDResponse task
2013-11-26 spyropokinks in MC new binning
2013-11-26 lmilanocode cleaning + kTOFpid added to check TPOF matching
2013-11-26 lmilanopt axis extended
2013-11-26 lmilanosmall fix
2013-11-25 lmilanocoverity fix
2013-11-25 lmilanodefault vertex cut at 10 cm
2013-11-25 spyropo data kinks new binning
2013-11-24 spyropokinks new binning
2013-11-22 eserradifix index typo
2013-11-22 eserradiAdded support for He3 and BA
2013-11-22 deliaDefects fixed
2013-11-21 ddobrigkExploratory commit to compare DCA of V0 to PV versus...
2013-11-21 mcolocciAdded some plots in order to further investigate the...
2013-11-21 lmilanoadded task for the unidentified spectra vs q vector...
2013-11-21 fbelliniAdded optimal cuts on vertex position for pPb analyses
2013-11-21 xsanchezmodifying AddTaskLambdaOverK0sJets to perform systemati...
2013-11-20 ddobrigkModification to allow for checking cosPA of v0 wrt...
2013-11-20 ddobrigkAdded extra branch containing cosine of PA of V0 wrt...
2013-11-20 cholmMake sure current dir is in load path, so that we do...
2013-11-20 cholmAttempt to enable monitor objects in Proof(Lite) -...
2013-11-20 cholmFixed wrong filename when finding PAR file
2013-11-20 cholmMinor fixes
2013-11-20 eserradiadd bin size for t/He3 in pp
2013-11-20 eserradichange momentum correction and AOD track cuts
2013-11-20 eserradiadd momentum correction for tritons and He3
2013-11-20 eserradiFix rapidity member function
2013-11-19 lmilanocoverity fix
2013-11-18 fbelliniUpdated macro for K* pA analysis
2013-11-18 fbelliniNew (compact) macro for K* pA analysis - to replace...
2013-11-18 fbelliniAdded trigger selection for ESD analysis in mini task...
2013-11-18 lmilanoQA histos for VZERO detector
2013-11-16 deliaA few defects and warnings fixed
2013-11-15 lmilanoVZERO on-line calibration and recentering + cleanup...
2013-11-14 deliaMacro QAphi.C moved to post-processing folder
2013-11-14 deliaFirst commit of multistrange QA post-processing macro
2013-11-13 rpreghenadding code for TOF pPb502 spectra analysis
2013-11-13 rpreghenadded UTILS dir with first macros
2013-11-13 cholmAdded option to disable merging of shared signals compl...
2013-11-13 cholmConvert pattern to glob pattern when scanning directories
2013-11-12 cholmFix some documentation issues
2013-11-12 fbelliniFixing wrong commit (v.64906): Macros for Phi QA +...
2013-11-11 deliaFirst commit of post-processing macro for phi QA
2013-11-11 ddobrigkAdded V0 QA task in AOD to the list of compiled tasks.
2013-11-11 ddobrigkRemoved unnecessary data members from header.
2013-11-11 ddobrigkAdded QA Task for V0s, AOD version.
2013-11-11 ddobrigkMinor rebinning adjustment.
2013-11-11 ddobrigkFirst commit of post-processing macro for V0 QA. Refine...
2013-11-11 fbelliniMacros for Phi QA + option for BigOutput added to mini...
2013-11-11 hristovChange for Root6
2013-11-07 akalweitAdding postprocessing macros.
2013-11-07 deliaMinor fix to QA task macro
2013-11-07 cholmAdded PWGLF/FORWARD library for investigating MC hit...
2013-11-07 cholmRefactoring for AliFMDEnergyFitter to allow sub-classing
2013-11-07 cholmProtection against re-initialization of histograms...
2013-11-06 mchojnacUpdate of analysis macro
2013-11-04 ddobrigkFine tuning of V0 QA task: histogram binning for better...
2013-11-04 xsanchezadding correlation as function of the invariant mass...
2013-11-01 bdoeniguCommit for Simone
2013-10-30 hristovChanges for Root6: removing obsolete TH1 functions...
2013-10-29 deliaFurther update of PWGLF QA macro
2013-10-28 cnattrasmacros for calculating corrections and plotting final...
2013-10-28 cnattrasmaking calculation of raw Et slightly more straightforward
2013-10-28 cnattrasfixing histogram range
2013-10-28 deliaFixed defect 22129 from alicoverity
2013-10-28 deliaFurther update of PWGLF QA macro
2013-10-27 mcolocciMeasurement of the masses from the expected times with...
2013-10-26 ddobrigkFirst commit of V0 QA Task. A long way from perfect...
2013-10-23 deliaMinor mods to QA AddTask macro
2013-10-22 hristovCorrected EINCLUDE, compilation with Root6
2013-10-17 deliaFirst preliminary tasks for PWGLF production QA (cont'd)
2013-10-17 deliaFirst preliminary tasks for PWGLF production QA
2013-10-14 xsanchezremoving injected MC selection that was added in Rev...
2013-10-12 cnattrasFixing stupid typo bug
2013-10-10 cholmAddeded code to encode/decode dE/dx to/from track refer...
2013-10-09 pluettigModified task
2013-10-09 cholmRestored dictionary generation for private sub-classes.
2013-10-09 cholmAdded missing 'using std::...' declarations
2013-10-09 cholmAdded possibility to only accumulate statistics for...
2013-10-09 cholmAdded user-callable check if we have an MC input handler
2013-10-09 cholmFix merge via JDL and make it compile again
2013-10-08 eserradiInitial port of the analysis task to AODs
2013-10-08 eserradimove MeanNtrk to an external macro to be reused
2013-10-08 eserradimove momentum correction to track candidates and code...