rho invariance tests
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF /
2014-07-18 mchojnacchange of histograms layout
2014-07-18 agrigoraFixing new line ending
2014-07-17 xsanchezadding code for delta(phi)star and delta(eta)star calcu...
2014-07-17 fbellini- Added method for centrality flattening in 2011 PbPb...
2014-07-17 lmilanosmall fix
2014-07-17 lmilanocoverity fix + NUA
2014-07-15 pluettigUpdated cut settings on ActiveLengthInTPCVolume
2014-07-15 lmilanoAliPIDCombined as transient data member
2014-07-14 cnattrasslightly reducing PHOS acceptance used
2014-07-14 cnattrasincreasing scale of histograms for calculation of contr...
2014-07-14 cnattrasupdating PHOS nonlinearity systematic error propagation
2014-07-14 lmilanoAliPIDCombined not transient + AddTaskSpectraAllChAOD...
2014-07-13 cnattrasAdding option for TTree which tracks events for PHOS...
2014-07-12 lmilanoAliPIDCombined transient data member in AliHelperPID...
2014-07-11 lmilanonew pt binning
2014-07-11 hristovCompilation with Root6
2014-07-11 lmilanoadded task to calculate the v2{SP} with the ESE
2014-07-10 cnattrasFixing bug in gamma efficiency and adding histograms...
2014-07-10 mchojnacAdding monitor for double counts in PID selection
2014-07-10 ddobrigkCorrection to calibration maps (obj names fixed)
2014-07-09 lramonaAdded external customization possibility via addtask
2014-07-09 xsanchezcorrelating different methods for track splitting and...
2014-07-09 xsanchez'deleting AliAnalysisTaskLambdaOverK0sJets.cxx and...
2014-07-09 lmilanoDCAz cut + primary axis changed
2014-07-08 bdoeniguCommit for Simone - Small change in AddTask
2014-07-08 cnattrasFixing Oysteins old cross check histograms
2014-07-08 ddobrigkAdaptive high resolution correction/calibration histo
2014-07-08 ddobrigkInitialization per-event added
2014-07-08 cnattrasadding switch for 2011 data
2014-07-08 cnattrasfixing cross check histograms
2014-07-08 cnattrasfixing cross check histograms
2014-07-08 cnattrasfixing cross check histograms
2014-07-07 ddobrigkMC changes to evsel for debugging
2014-07-07 ddobrigksave extra vtx info
2014-07-07 pluettigModified AddTask
2014-07-07 lramonaAdded the possibility to choose the analysed particle
2014-07-05 ddobrigkSwitch added for debugging
2014-07-04 cnattraschanging to centrality binning instead of multiplicity...
2014-07-04 cnattrasfixing minor bug in printing latex table
2014-07-04 cnattrasadding switches for different data sets and unfolding...
2014-07-04 cnattrascommenting out use of Oysteins ttree so code will run...
2014-07-04 cnattrasadding switches for looking at 2011 data
2014-07-04 cnattrasadding switches for 2011 data and so that PID doesnt...
2014-07-04 cnattrasadding switches for 2011 data and running over differen...
2014-07-04 cnattrasadding switches for 2011 data and running over differen...
2014-07-04 cnattrasincluding more switches for running with different...
2014-07-04 cnattrasupdating macro to have larger tracking efficiency error...
2014-07-04 cnattrasupdating calculation of secondary correction to include...
2014-07-04 cnattrasupdating calculation of neutron correction to include...
2014-07-04 cnattrasadding statements to print in latex format
2014-07-04 cnattrasUpdating em et plotting macro with various fixes and...
2014-07-04 xsanchezAdding some checks for track splitting
2014-07-04 fbelliniFixed number of arguments in macro (Massimo)
2014-07-03 fbelliniAdded transverse-momentum dependency features to AliRsn...
2014-07-03 fbelliniUpdated macros for D0 analysis (Massimo)
2014-07-03 fbelliniAdded config. macros for K* and L* in pp
2014-07-02 lramonaFix for a wrong commit (84bef463eca6bf35428e7fe1082f3ac...
2014-07-02 lramonaAdded three new histograms for resolution + modified...
2014-07-02 mcoloccirebining histo
2014-07-01 ddobrigkFinal bugfix... I think
2014-07-01 ddobrigksmall bugfix
2014-07-01 ddobrigkMV-pileup test
2014-07-01 bdoeniguCommit for Simone - Temorarily removal of some histos
2014-07-01 fbelliniAdded cut set for L* analysis (Rama)
2014-06-30 ddobrigkbugfix
2014-06-30 ddobrigksmall fix
2014-06-30 bdoeniguCommit for Simone - Added phi-eta histos
2014-06-30 lmilanoAdddTask update from Marco
2014-06-30 ddobrigkHelper class, final tuning for first test
2014-06-30 ddobrigkHelper class: extra info commit
2014-06-29 ddobrigkHelper class for debugging/testing pp vs mult
2014-06-29 ddobrigkAdded helper class for testing pp vs multiplicity
2014-06-26 cnattrasfix for cross check histograms for 2011 data
2014-06-26 lmilanoupdate from Marco
2014-06-26 pluettigModified Crosscheck Histograms for Eventplane
2014-06-25 xsanchezfixing Coverity notifications
2014-06-25 xsanchezfixing Coverity notifications
2014-06-25 lramonaUpdated version of Multristrage QA task and post process
2014-06-24 ddobrigkExtra event info added to str. vs. mult. task
2014-06-24 bdoeniguMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-06-24 bdoeniguCommit for Simone - Change ClassDef
2014-06-24 cnattrasfixing switches for 2011 data
2014-06-24 rgrossoALIROOT-5488 Remove build/include from the include...
2014-06-24 bdoeniguMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-06-24 bdoeniguCommit for Simone - Changed bin size and phi calculation
2014-06-24 mflorisFixed bin size bug
2014-06-24 cnattrasfixing streamer problems
2014-06-24 cnattrasadding switches for 2011 data
2014-06-23 lramonaMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-06-23 lramonaCoverity Fix (warning: unused variable 'mumpdgNeg')
2014-06-23 ddobrigkAdd 3D position info for casc, V0 decays - debugging
2014-06-23 lramonaCoverity Fix + Fix to resolution histograms definition
2014-06-23 lramonaAdded classes to perform deuteron v2 with Scalar Product
2014-06-22 ddobrigkBug fix in debug mode - cascade task
2014-06-22 cnattrasChanging range of histograms for 2011 data and making...
2014-06-21 cnattrasanother fix to implementation of 2011 geometry
2014-06-21 cnattrasremoving debugging statement
2014-06-21 ddobrigkExtra variables for cascade task: exploration/debugging
2014-06-20 cholmMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-06-20 cholmSmall changes