trigger class added (M.Ivanov)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF /
2012-10-24 cholmAdded dependencies to target runTrain2
2012-10-24 cholmSome more train stuff
2012-10-24 xsanchezChange in AddTaskLambdaOverK0sJets.C
2012-10-23 cholmVarious things
2012-10-23 cholmClean-up
2012-10-23 cholmupdates
2012-10-23 cholmFixed some errors
2012-10-23 cholmCan now specify URI in an optional way using --where...
2012-10-23 cholmFlag options can take values
2012-10-23 cholmAdded option to write aux script as part of saving...
2012-10-22 fbelliniUpdated macros for lego train (mvala) + added scripts...
2012-10-19 cholmBetter installation target
2012-10-19 cholmFix up generated trigger histogram to make more sense...
2012-10-19 cholmFix some minor problems and add output string that...
2012-10-19 cholmFix some potentially bad things
2012-10-19 cholmAdded Rubens points for pPb
2012-10-19 cholmBetter handling of various things
2012-10-19 cholmBetter decoding of the Center of Mass collision energy...
2012-10-19 cholmCoverity fixes
2012-10-19 cholmSmal fixes
2012-10-19 cholmFix coverity complaints for Alexander
2012-10-19 cholmVarious fixes
2012-10-19 jotwinowChange TLIST to TREE in the task and macro (M.Krzewicki)
2012-10-18 mbombaraAdded directory PWGLF/STRANGENESS/Correlations to CMake...
2012-10-18 mbombaraAdded AliV0ChBasicParticle class
2012-10-18 fbelliniFixed typo in macros/lego_train/AddRsnTaskTrain.C ...
2012-10-18 fbelliniUpdated macros for LEGO train (mvala)
2012-10-17 cholmAdded OADB_INCLUDE if set
2012-10-17 cholmAdded some more installation stuff
2012-10-17 cholmUpdates
2012-10-17 cholmAdded ignores
2012-10-17 cholmAdded ignores
2012-10-17 cholmAdded ignores
2012-10-17 cholmFix printout
2012-10-17 cholmFix how the trigger histogram is filled
2012-10-17 cholmUpdated for new TrainSetup
2012-10-17 cholmAdded Rubens points for pPb
2012-10-17 cholmMore fixes for QA
2012-10-17 cholmVarious fixes for QA handling
2012-10-16 fbelliniFixed variable name in AliRsnValueDaughter
2012-10-16 cholmVarious fixes, and possibility to set trigger efficiency
2012-10-16 cholmFixes for CAF, etc
2012-10-15 fbelliniAdded monitoring histos for DCA, chi2, track clusters...
2012-10-15 mbombaraAddTask macro required for LEGO train
2012-10-15 fbelliniAdded AliRsnTrainManager to PWGLFresonancesLinkDef.h
2012-10-14 fbelliniAdded class for LEGO train manager
2012-10-14 fbelliniFix for adding lego train path and removed unused macro
2012-10-14 fbelliniAdded cut set for K* with TOF analysis
2012-10-14 fbelliniAdded new macros for LEGO train (mvala)
2012-10-14 fbelliniMoved old macros for lego_train into lego_train/old...
2012-10-14 fbelliniUpdated cut classes and macro for Sigma* analysis ...
2012-10-14 fbelliniRemoval of absolute value for PDG of true pairs - bug fix
2012-10-13 mbombaraMarek: added AliAnalysisTaskV0ChCorrelations
2012-10-13 mbombaraMarek: first commit test of V0Ch correlations task
2012-10-10 belikovRe-drawing the data points on top of previously drawn...
2012-10-10 belikovA few changes neeeded for the calculations of new effic...
2012-10-10 fbelliniAdded DCA variables to AliRsnValueDaughter (mvala)
2012-10-02 fbelliniAdded event QA histograms to TOF analysis
2012-10-02 fbelliniAdded event QA histograms (A. Knospe)
2012-10-02 fbelliniAdded ITS,TPC nclusters and chi2 variables to daughter...
2012-10-01 ddobrigkBug fix in AddTask macro.
2012-10-01 ddobrigkAddTask modification for trigger mask selection.
2012-10-01 ddobrigkAdded daughter eta pre-selection for filling tree to...
2012-10-01 ddobrigkAdded trigger mask selection for options other than...
2012-09-30 ddobrigkModifications to allow for multiplicity-dependent trans...
2012-09-27 cholmMore fixes for compatibility with CAF.
2012-09-26 cholmVarious fixes to not free output memory
2012-09-25 cholmSmall fix
2012-09-25 cholmfixes for running jobs on CAF, and possibility to have...
2012-09-25 cholmRemove extra V0 check in pA
2012-09-25 cholmFixes for running this code in PROOF - all output objec...
2012-09-25 cholmAdded debug option
2012-09-25 cholmFix up a warning about casts
2012-09-25 cholmMinor fix
2012-09-25 cholmMinor things for testing
2012-09-25 cholmScript to download data from the grid
2012-09-25 cholmNew corrections for pA
2012-09-25 cholmWorker classes for TrainSetup - in progress
2012-09-25 cholmFix script output
2012-09-25 cholmFirst shot at module definitions
2012-09-25 cholmAdded some notes
2012-09-24 cholmNew emperical correction based on nominal vtx using...
2012-09-20 ddobrigkLinked to AOD V0 task in LinkDef.h and pkg file.
2012-09-20 ddobrigkAdded AddTask Macro for AOD version of V0 grid analysis...
2012-09-20 mflorisAdded mean pt
2012-09-18 cholmUpdated corrections for pA based on anchor run
2012-09-17 belikovadding parameters to AddTask (Xitzel)
2012-09-17 pluettigSmall change in binning to take higer pT reach into...
2012-09-17 pluettigChange in binning to take into account higher pT reach
2012-09-17 fbelliniAdded macro for TPC K* analysis (S. Singha)
2012-09-14 cholmAdded correction for unknown material. This is based
2012-09-14 cholmAlso store final MC correction if used
2012-09-14 cholmUpdates for final MC and empirical corrections
2012-09-14 cholmFixes for V0 condition in pA
2012-09-14 hanrattyDifferent tasknames for injection removal on/off
2012-09-14 cholmUpdated for better labels
2012-09-13 hanrattyadded option to remove injected particles from MC,...
2012-09-12 cholmFixes for CAF
2012-09-12 cholmPossiblity to launch with PROOF GUI - doesn't work yet
2012-09-12 cholmFix warnings