Modified parameters (Chiara)
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2013-01-22 ddobrigk-> Trigger configuration for p-Pb: modifications to...
2013-01-22 ddobrigk-> Changes to triggering scheme for p-Pb
2013-01-22 mbombaraAdded pt_assoc dependence. Calculation of the trigger...
2013-01-22 mbombaraAdding two other arguments (for V0 selection) to AddTas...
2013-01-21 janielskBugfix for vertex cut in MC - important for efficiencys.
2013-01-21 coppedisTask for analysis train on p-A data
2013-01-21 xsanchezfixing coverity warnings
2013-01-20 fbelliniModified macro for SigmaStar analysis and obsolete...
2013-01-20 eserradifix config name
2013-01-20 eserradiAdd deuteron TPC config example and some minor fixes
2013-01-20 eserradiAdd default macro path
2013-01-20 eserradichange DCA templates
2013-01-19 belikovA little macro to combine non-injected and injected...
2013-01-19 belikovAdding a loop over centralities
2013-01-18 belikovNot including anymore the systematics associated with...
2013-01-18 belikovWhen applying PID, use the momentum of Lambda
2013-01-17 cholmFixed permissions
2013-01-16 cnattrasMacro for calculating gamma reconstruction efficiency
2013-01-16 cnattrasUseful macro for opening output files
2013-01-16 cnattrasAdding comments on usage and a switch for EMCal or...
2013-01-15 amaireJan, 15th, 2013 : Coverity fix - defect 11329
2013-01-15 mchojnacAdding option to select on the trigger class
2013-01-14 janielskCompile task for pA identified TPCTOF spectra with...
2013-01-14 eserradiimprovement on error estimation
2013-01-14 janielskModified TPCTOFpA spectra task to work with LEGO framework.
2013-01-12 akalweitAdding high level QA from John Groh. Maybe a bit outdat...
2013-01-11 eserradiB2 analysis code
2013-01-11 eserradiremove cerr
2013-01-11 deliaOne more defect solved (as from https://alicoverity...
2013-01-11 janielskAdded TPCTOF identified spectra task for pPb
2013-01-10 cholmTokenize runs on both `,' and `+', to work around probl...
2013-01-10 belikovDrawing also the L/K ratios
2013-01-10 belikovAdding a basic drawing function
2013-01-09 belikovAn effective FD corretion
2013-01-09 amaireFix coverity : CID 19655 - Forward Null
2013-01-09 belikovFix in histogram integrations (thanks to Luke)
2013-01-09 belikovReducing the number of global variables
2013-01-09 belikovLuke's prescription for mass peak widths
2013-01-08 cholmFix division by almost-zero value
2013-01-08 cholmAddd script to generate summary documents
2013-01-08 cholmFixed coverity issues
2013-01-08 belikovA new version of the FD correction
2013-01-08 xsanchezadding AntiLambda analysis
2013-01-08 eserradicoverity fixes
2013-01-08 mchojnaccoverity fix
2013-01-07 eserradisome fixes for A>2
2013-01-04 hansenaFixed bug with declaring dead areas in sharing filter...
2012-12-27 belikovBug fix
2012-12-27 belikovMore convenient file names
2012-12-26 belikovLittle fix
2012-12-26 belikovA bit more automatisation for generating V0 spectra...
2012-12-24 belikovCommenting out the TPC cluster related cuts. A new...
2012-12-24 belikovAdding a centrality setter
2012-12-22 cnattraschanges to make Et code run over EMCal on grid
2012-12-22 belikovBranching is now included in efficiency
2012-12-22 belikovSelecting the best primary vertex, removing the cuts...
2012-12-21 belikovBug fix
2012-12-21 xsanchezFORWARD_NULL fixed
2012-12-20 dsilvermminor fixes to avoid compilation warnings
2012-12-20 cnattrasGetting code working on grid, adding histograms for...
2012-12-20 deliaTwo defects solved (as from
2012-12-19 belikovAdding the Armenteros cut
2012-12-18 hansenaBug fixes for rapidity gap in flow code, changes to...
2012-12-18 hansenaAdded ttl option to GridHelper and fixed possible seg...
2012-12-18 cholmCoverity fixes etc.
2012-12-18 eserradiinclude B2 analysis task
2012-12-17 mchojnacCoverity fix
2012-12-17 pkalinakRemoving proglem with null dereference
2012-12-17 akalweitAdding Eulogios analysis
2012-12-17 xsanchezsprintf->snprintf
2012-12-17 belikovDirectory name fixed
2012-12-17 belikovSelecting pure Hijing particles from injected MC produc...
2012-12-14 hanrattyCoverity Fixes
2012-12-13 ddobrigkModifications to run over Injected MC: Ability to separ...
2012-12-12 mchojnacsmall changes in analysing macros
2012-12-11 hristovRemoving some meaningless const (coverity)
2012-12-10 fbelliniUpdate for centrality patch flag
2012-12-10 fbelliniModified macros for lego_train and K* systematic checks
2012-12-10 mchojnacAdding macros needed by the task AliAnalysisTaskSpectr...
2012-12-07 mbombara Changes related to V0 cuts tunning and Pt_trig depen...
2012-12-07 hanrattyCoverity Fixes
2012-12-07 odjuvslaChanging storage of correction functions to fix crash...
2012-12-07 mchojnacAdding the code for a spectra task which can run on...
2012-12-06 ddobrigkChanges to optionally disable some track quality cuts
2012-12-06 ddobrigkModifications in addtask to allow for optional release...
2012-12-06 ddobrigkModifications to optionally release some track cuts
2012-12-06 lmilanoCoverity fix 20210
2012-12-03 belikovPossibility to run over David's trees on Proof
2012-12-03 lmilanoCoverity fix 20238 - DeadCode - Qvec distribution was...
2012-12-03 lmilanoCoverity fix 20214
2012-12-03 lmilanoCoverity fix 20210
2012-12-03 lmilanoCoverity fix 20211
2012-12-03 lmilanoCoverity fix 20212
2012-11-30 mflorisCoverity fix
2012-11-30 lmilanoCoverity fix
2012-11-29 xsanchezchanging limits in resolution
2012-11-29 fbelliniMinor change to histo range
2012-11-29 ddobrigkChanges for decay length debugging.
2012-11-29 fbelliniFix typo in AddRsnDaughterCuts*NSigma + changed binning...
2012-11-28 xsanchezMCResPhi for future reference