new trending DB based on LHC12[a-d]/cpass1
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2012-08-08 fbelliniUpdate macros for lego_train and datasets (mvala)
2012-08-07 fbelliniUpdated lego_train macros (mvala)
2012-08-07 fbelliniModified configuration for lego train (fbellini)
2012-08-06 fbelliniAdded macro for cut monitoring + fix for macro paths
2012-08-06 fbelliniAdded macros for K* analysis with TOF
2012-08-06 fbelliniAdded member quality cut object and getters
2012-08-03 cholmFixes from Marek to bring the secondary correction...
2012-08-02 fbelliniRemoved obsolete classes + added cut set for kstar...
2012-08-02 fbelliniAdded cut set for kstar analysis (fbellini)
2012-08-01 shahoianBringing CMakeLists under svn maintenance
2012-07-30 akalweitAdding Benjamins analysis for QM, because he has not...
2012-07-24 belikovIntroducing the systematic uncertainties for the pT...
2012-07-23 cnattrasFixing minor typo
2012-07-23 hanrattytask now only selects pure-hijing part of injected MC
2012-07-23 coppedis Updating analysis task
2012-07-20 deliaOutput containers renamed
2012-07-19 ddobrigk---> Modified AddTask macro to go with new performance...
2012-07-19 ddobrigk---> Added Cascade information to the histograms acquired:
2012-07-19 deliaAdded centrality axis to 3D histo of generated particle...
2012-07-19 lmilanodefault centrality cut using TRK. Setter to use V0M...
2012-07-19 deliaMin pt cut on cascade daughter tracks added (parameter...
2012-07-18 hanrattyFixed bug with half-and-half v0s identified as whole...
2012-07-18 belikovImplementing Physics Forum's suggestions
2012-07-18 cnattrasAdding histos to look at MB trigger efficiency
2012-07-16 simonesadd name extention and default y range
2012-07-16 simoneschange foldername
2012-07-13 belikovUsing a conservative 3% estimate for the K0s signal...
2012-07-13 hanrattyReintroduced Generated AntiLambda Spectrum
2012-07-13 belikovBug fix in combining the systematic errors
2012-07-12 hdalsgaaversion for PWGLF approval
2012-07-12 cholmMultiple fixes:
2012-07-12 cholmThe train setup can now find the available packages
2012-07-10 belikovFix in combining the systematic errors. Drawing the...
2012-07-10 ddobrigkAdded task to perform V0 extraction in AODs. For now...
2012-07-10 mflorisadding BW for 1/pt dNdpt
2012-07-09 cholmFixed some compilation problems.
2012-07-09 cholmUse `test' rather than `[' - portable across SH shells...
2012-07-09 cholmIn case of missing energy loss fits, the sub-algorithms...
2012-07-09 cholmClean-up of code to conform with the style used
2012-07-09 cholmPrint-out of high cuts conditional on debug level > 3
2012-07-09 cholmUse TAxis::Set rather than TAxis::operator= for backwar...
2012-07-09 cholmClean-up
2012-07-09 cholmUse TAxis::Set instead of assignment operator. Backwar...
2012-07-07 cnattrasChanges to enable trigger efficiency studies
2012-07-06 belikovAn additional label
2012-07-06 jotwinowremove obsolate functinality
2012-07-06 belikovAdding Luke's signal extraction systematics
2012-07-05 jotwinow- cosmics added
2012-07-05 ddobrigkFix bug in m*L/p calculation introduced by one of the...
2012-07-04 ddobrigkModifications to keep track of run number, event number...
2012-07-04 ddobrigkCommitted additional histograms with particle creation...
2012-07-04 simonessmall bug fix in histogramm adding to TList
2012-07-04 hansenafinal version of flow tasks for qm. (hopefully)
2012-07-03 hdalsgaaupdates to run FMD QA without correction objects and...
2012-07-03 jotwinowchanged the name of output file and switch off ITS...
2012-07-01 belikovUpdating the overall systematics with the systematics...
2012-06-29 cnattrasFixing minor issue stopping running on the grid
2012-06-28 lmilanoupdate for the new file structure
2012-06-27 belikovSeparated systematic error bands for Lambda and K0s.
2012-06-27 belikovCombining the already estimated systematic uncertainties
2012-06-26 dsilvermfixes for rulechecker - mostly comments
2012-06-26 belikovA messy macro to generate preliminary plots with K0s...
2012-06-26 dsilvermaddressing issues reported from coverity
2012-06-26 belikovA pilot piece of code for varying the topological cuts...
2012-06-25 simoneschange order of histo and remove one from constructor
2012-06-25 ddobrigkAdded extra protection to avoid zero division to comple...
2012-06-22 lmilanomacro to run on CAF updated
2012-06-22 lmilanorunning macros updated
2012-06-21 cnattrasUpdates to macros to get code working on grid
2012-06-21 lmilanopost processing macros updated
2012-06-21 lmilanocommit for the new tag
2012-06-21 simonessetowner, remove histo delete in destructor
2012-06-21 lmilanocharged hadrons up to 10 GeV/c
2012-06-21 ddobrigkFixed typo in armenteros-podolanski selection introduce...
2012-06-21 hristovCompatibility with the Root trunk
2012-06-21 lmilanorebinning added as data mamber - setters for vertex...
2012-06-20 ddobrigkChanges for PbPb data analysis to the main analysis...
2012-06-20 odjuvslaFixed absolute include path
2012-06-20 odjuvslaFixed a warning
2012-06-20 odjuvslaAdding EMCAL selection class to build system
2012-06-20 odjuvslaFixing warnings
2012-06-20 odjuvslaAdding selection classes for EMCAL
2012-06-20 odjuvslaReintroducing previously removed variables
2012-06-20 odjuvslaUpdates in analysis code for EMCAL
2012-06-20 odjuvslaAdding classes to build system that were removed
2012-06-20 lmilanorunAODProof updated
2012-06-19 lmilanorunGrid macro updated
2012-06-19 lmilanoupdate of the running macros
2012-06-19 cnattrasTweaks to destructors and getting code working with...
2012-06-19 odjuvsla- adding refined bad channel map
2012-06-19 odjuvsla- added selection classes to macro
2012-06-19 odjuvsla- Removing alot of histograms, replaced with trees...
2012-06-18 lmilanotypo fix
2012-06-18 lmilanofix to join the LEGO train
2012-06-18 mflorisNeeded for compilation
2012-06-18 mflorisFixes for compilation
2012-06-18 simonesset owner for tlist
2012-06-18 mflorisCompiling AOD analysis
2012-06-18 mflorisFixes for compilation
2012-06-18 lmilano- v2 selection using VZERO