code cleanup: renaming functions; adding prototype code for later development; no...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF /
2012-12-27 belikovBug fix
2012-12-27 belikovMore convenient file names
2012-12-26 belikovLittle fix
2012-12-26 belikovA bit more automatisation for generating V0 spectra...
2012-12-24 belikovCommenting out the TPC cluster related cuts. A new...
2012-12-24 belikovAdding a centrality setter
2012-12-22 cnattraschanges to make Et code run over EMCal on grid
2012-12-22 belikovBranching is now included in efficiency
2012-12-22 belikovSelecting the best primary vertex, removing the cuts...
2012-12-21 belikovBug fix
2012-12-21 xsanchezFORWARD_NULL fixed
2012-12-20 dsilvermminor fixes to avoid compilation warnings
2012-12-20 cnattrasGetting code working on grid, adding histograms for...
2012-12-20 deliaTwo defects solved (as from
2012-12-19 belikovAdding the Armenteros cut
2012-12-18 hansenaBug fixes for rapidity gap in flow code, changes to...
2012-12-18 hansenaAdded ttl option to GridHelper and fixed possible seg...
2012-12-18 cholmCoverity fixes etc.
2012-12-18 eserradiinclude B2 analysis task
2012-12-17 mchojnacCoverity fix
2012-12-17 pkalinakRemoving proglem with null dereference
2012-12-17 akalweitAdding Eulogios analysis
2012-12-17 xsanchezsprintf->snprintf
2012-12-17 belikovDirectory name fixed
2012-12-17 belikovSelecting pure Hijing particles from injected MC produc...
2012-12-14 hanrattyCoverity Fixes
2012-12-13 ddobrigkModifications to run over Injected MC: Ability to separ...
2012-12-12 mchojnacsmall changes in analysing macros
2012-12-11 hristovRemoving some meaningless const (coverity)
2012-12-10 fbelliniUpdate for centrality patch flag
2012-12-10 fbelliniModified macros for lego_train and K* systematic checks
2012-12-10 mchojnacAdding macros needed by the task AliAnalysisTaskSpectr...
2012-12-07 mbombara Changes related to V0 cuts tunning and Pt_trig depen...
2012-12-07 hanrattyCoverity Fixes
2012-12-07 odjuvslaChanging storage of correction functions to fix crash...
2012-12-07 mchojnacAdding the code for a spectra task which can run on...
2012-12-06 ddobrigkChanges to optionally disable some track quality cuts
2012-12-06 ddobrigkModifications in addtask to allow for optional release...
2012-12-06 ddobrigkModifications to optionally release some track cuts
2012-12-06 lmilanoCoverity fix 20210
2012-12-03 belikovPossibility to run over David's trees on Proof
2012-12-03 lmilanoCoverity fix 20238 - DeadCode - Qvec distribution was...
2012-12-03 lmilanoCoverity fix 20214
2012-12-03 lmilanoCoverity fix 20210
2012-12-03 lmilanoCoverity fix 20211
2012-12-03 lmilanoCoverity fix 20212
2012-11-30 mflorisCoverity fix
2012-11-30 lmilanoCoverity fix
2012-11-29 xsanchezchanging limits in resolution
2012-11-29 fbelliniMinor change to histo range
2012-11-29 ddobrigkChanges for decay length debugging.
2012-11-29 fbelliniFix typo in AddRsnDaughterCuts*NSigma + changed binning...
2012-11-28 xsanchezMCResPhi for future reference
2012-11-27 xsanchezAdd phi resolution in MC
2012-11-26 ddobrigkModifications in the MC macros to adequately get inform...
2012-11-26 ddobrigkReal data task modifications for c*tau problem investig...
2012-11-26 spyropo AddTask mods
2012-11-26 spyropo new AddTask
2012-11-26 spyropoAddTask and minor changes
2012-11-23 spyropoAnalysis files for kaon spectra analysis from kinks...
2012-11-23 cholmChanged scripts for new TrainSetup
2012-11-23 cholmChanged scripts for new TrainSetup
2012-11-23 cholmAdded a README file
2012-11-23 cholmRemoved old runTrain and replaced it with what used...
2012-11-23 cholmMoved Forward specific trains to PWGLF/FORWARD/analysis...
2012-11-23 cholmMoved Forward specific trains to PWGLF/FORWARD/analysis...
2012-11-23 cholmRemoved obsolete TrainSetup stuff
2012-11-23 cholmVarious minor fixes
2012-11-23 cholmVarious minor fixes
2012-11-22 xsanchezAdding QA histograms
2012-11-22 cholmUpdates
2012-11-22 fbelliniFix for MC in AddTask for Sigma* pp analysis (M.Venaruzzo)
2012-11-22 fbelliniUpdated macros for lego train (mavala)
2012-11-20 fbelliniBug fix
2012-11-19 cnattrasFixing some memory issues
2012-11-19 belikovPossibility to vary the boundaries of the fiducial...
2012-11-19 pluettigChanged task to update Trigger settings
2012-11-19 fbelliniMinor fixes for style (mvala)
2012-11-19 fbelliniUpdated macros for lego_train (mvala)
2012-11-19 fbelliniFix - disabled event plane information in pp analysis
2012-11-15 fbelliniUpdated macros for Sigma* analysis (M. Venaruzzo)
2012-11-15 fbelliniUpdated macros for lego train and train manager (mvala)
2012-11-15 deliaVariable names for the task output
2012-11-13 coppedisAdding analysis task
2012-11-12 fbelliniAdded macro for systematics study for K* (S.Singha...
2012-11-10 deliaMods for running with different Z-vertex cuts
2012-11-09 hansenaUpdate of forward flow tasks to include the option...
2012-11-08 cnattrasAdding lines to compile new classes
2012-11-08 fbelliniModified macros for lego train (M.Vala+M.Venaruzzo)
2012-11-08 pluettigM dNdPt/macros/AddTaskdNdPt.C
2012-11-07 pluettigM dNdPt/AlidNdPtAnalysisPbPb2011.h
2012-11-07 deliastd::cout std::endl declarations added
2012-11-06 cholmUpdates
2012-11-06 cholmMoved MC option to Helper - as common option. TrainSet...
2012-11-06 cholmRenamed some member functions for more logical names
2012-11-06 odjuvslaMacro to calculate track matching efficiency
2012-11-06 odjuvslaMoving EMCAL track matching functionality to selection...
2012-11-06 odjuvslaFixing memory leak.
2012-11-06 odjuvslaAdding selection on cluster type
2012-11-06 odjuvslaMoving some functionality to selection base class.