updated for the photonic background tagging
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF /
2013-05-06 janielskRemoved unused variables. Initial value for centrality...
2013-05-06 mchojnacAdding the new histograms in merging of Event cuts...
2013-05-02 mcolocciupdate task
2013-05-01 fbelliniAdded quantities for V0 daughters + modified cuts for...
2013-04-30 mcolocciupdate task
2013-04-29 jotwinowadded pt vs N for MC truth (M.Knichel)
2013-04-29 fbelliniBug fix in cut settings for check with/without TRD
2013-04-29 fbelliniAdded cut for K* checks with/without TRD
2013-04-29 coppedisAdding ZN/ZP centralities
2013-04-29 cholmFixed check of returned pointer to AliStack object
2013-04-27 spyropoUpdates for MC kinks
2013-04-25 fbelliniUpdated macros for lego_train phi analysis (mvala)
2013-04-25 mchojnaccleaning up an analysis macro and adding GF correction...
2013-04-25 ddobrigkUpdates for cross-checking results
2013-04-25 nmartinremoved warnings
2013-04-25 eserradichange mult. binning
2013-04-25 pluettigAdded AddTask for pPb Task by M. Knichel
2013-04-25 pluettigadded bug fixes by M. Knichel
2013-04-24 cholmFixed the -L option
2013-04-24 spyropoUpdates
2013-04-24 cholmAdded TTL, split, and merge options to URL
2013-04-24 cholmAdded new classes AliMCAuxHandler and AliFMDMCHitHandler
2013-04-24 cholmAliMCAuxHandler: A class to handle auxillary input...
2013-04-24 cholmGridHelper can now scan run-list files better:
2013-04-23 hanrattyimproved feeddown paramaterisation
2013-04-22 bdoeniguFix
2013-04-22 coppedisUpdated tasks
2013-04-22 simonesAdded Hypernuclei path and enabled compilation
2013-04-22 mchojnacSwitch off the AOD production in case when in the ...
2013-04-19 mchojnacChange the way how TPC pv veretx is rejected
2013-04-18 mchojnaccoverity fix, plus adding some debug info to the analys...
2013-04-18 eserradi<Ntrk> values for more periods
2013-04-18 pkalinakCoverity fixes
2013-04-17 ddobrigkRemoved AliAnalysisUtils-based PV selection for Cascade...
2013-04-17 ddobrigkRemoved AliAnalysisUtils-based PV selection, moved...
2013-04-16 pkalinakcoverity fix
2013-04-15 pluettigAdded Nicoles Task
2013-04-15 fbelliniList of cuts for TOF K* analysis modified to include...
2013-04-15 fbelliniAdded new class for azimuthal angle cut in Rsn package
2013-04-15 eserradiadd mult. priors and histograms
2013-04-15 pkalinakcoverity fix,
2013-04-13 pkalinakCoverity fix,
2013-04-11 fbelliniAdded implementation for phi at the TPC ouer radius...
2013-04-11 fbelliniAdded charge, phi and phi at TPC outer radius variables...
2013-04-11 eserradichange some histograms and fix for pid in PWGLF train
2013-04-10 mchojnacPut the fraction of primiary histogram to output and...
2013-04-09 janielskNewest version of analysis code from GSI.
2013-04-05 eserradifixes for PWG-LF train: disable custom streaming and...
2013-04-04 eserradifix for PWG-LF train
2013-04-04 fbelliniUpdated macro for Sigma* analysis: modified DCA and...
2013-04-03 pluettigmodified AddTask_dNdPtPbPb2011.C
2013-04-02 cnattrasMaking corrections second order in cluster multiplicity
2013-04-01 eserradifix eta in mult. and changes for running with LF-train
2013-03-29 cnattrasUpdating run numbers and MC productions
2013-03-29 cnattrasAdding protection against a rare crash
2013-03-28 mcoloccitask update
2013-03-28 cnattrasAdding framework for calculating nonlinearity and effic...
2013-03-27 cnattrasFixing implementation of centrality dependence for MC
2013-03-26 mchojnacAdding addtional histograms for z vertex QA and option...
2013-03-25 cnattrasMacros for calculating em et correction for hadronic...
2013-03-25 cnattrasMacros for calculating em et correction for kaon deposits
2013-03-25 lmilanoHybrid BB as default
2013-03-25 ddobrigkAdded a few extra execution options.
2013-03-25 ddobrigkAdded trigger skipping (for ::SetCollisionCandidates...
2013-03-25 fbelliniupdated macros for Sigma* analysis (M- Venaruzzo)
2013-03-24 cnattrasAdding lots of track matching histos and cutting on...
2013-03-24 cnattrasPutting momentum cut on tracks to cut
2013-03-24 cnattrasadding track matching histograms
2013-03-22 cnattrasUpdating histograms for kaon correction and adding...
2013-03-21 xsanchezcorrecting fAssocPartMC in line 3275
2013-03-21 mbombaraSetting some default values
2013-03-21 mbombaraImplemented MC part for V0 trigger particles in order...
2013-03-21 xsanchezchanging bin width in correlations and adding more...
2013-03-21 pluettigModified AddTask_dNdPtPbPb2011 for correct centrality...
2013-03-20 mcolocciAdd Task file update
2013-03-19 odjuvslaFixing issue in identifying true photons
2013-03-19 mcolocciadded some histos
2013-03-19 mcolocciadded some histos
2013-03-19 ddobrigkDebugging mode, vertexer re-run extra selections
2013-03-18 mcolocciadded a new class/task for light nuclei
2013-03-18 mcolocciadd new file with tasks
2013-03-18 mcoloccinew file
2013-03-18 ddobrigkModifications for ::SetCollisionCandidates usage with...
2013-03-18 ddobrigkCoverity fix, minor debug changes
2013-03-18 mbombaraChange the name of the output file to default one.
2013-03-18 mbombaraImplemented MC part for charged associated particles...
2013-03-14 eserradiAdd missing initialization in constructor
2013-03-14 eserradiAdd additional histograms
2013-03-14 eserradiAdd linear to logarithmic bins
2013-03-14 eserradiFix charge dependence for A>2
2013-03-14 hansenaFixing options of helpers to use the correct version...
2013-03-13 mflorisAdding mean ranges
2013-03-12 fbelliniModified macros for phi analysis: improved pseudorapidi...
2013-03-12 mchojnacAdding histogram of Z veretx for all events passing...
2013-03-11 pkalinakmoving parameters for the task into the AddTask macro
2013-03-11 pkalinakcoverity fix
2013-03-11 belikovAdding new fitting curves to Lambda spectra
2013-03-09 belikovNew fitting curves for K0s spectra and other cosmetic...
2013-03-08 fprinoFix (Leonardo, Yasser)
2013-03-08 coppedisFixing bug