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2012-10-10 belikovRe-drawing the data points on top of previously drawn...
2012-10-10 belikovA few changes neeeded for the calculations of new effic...
2012-10-10 fbelliniAdded DCA variables to AliRsnValueDaughter (mvala)
2012-10-02 fbelliniAdded event QA histograms to TOF analysis
2012-10-02 fbelliniAdded event QA histograms (A. Knospe)
2012-10-02 fbelliniAdded ITS,TPC nclusters and chi2 variables to daughter...
2012-10-01 ddobrigkBug fix in AddTask macro.
2012-10-01 ddobrigkAddTask modification for trigger mask selection.
2012-10-01 ddobrigkAdded daughter eta pre-selection for filling tree to...
2012-10-01 ddobrigkAdded trigger mask selection for options other than...
2012-09-30 ddobrigkModifications to allow for multiplicity-dependent trans...
2012-09-27 cholmMore fixes for compatibility with CAF.
2012-09-26 cholmVarious fixes to not free output memory
2012-09-25 cholmSmall fix
2012-09-25 cholmfixes for running jobs on CAF, and possibility to have...
2012-09-25 cholmRemove extra V0 check in pA
2012-09-25 cholmFixes for running this code in PROOF - all output objec...
2012-09-25 cholmAdded debug option
2012-09-25 cholmFix up a warning about casts
2012-09-25 cholmMinor fix
2012-09-25 cholmMinor things for testing
2012-09-25 cholmScript to download data from the grid
2012-09-25 cholmNew corrections for pA
2012-09-25 cholmWorker classes for TrainSetup - in progress
2012-09-25 cholmFix script output
2012-09-25 cholmFirst shot at module definitions
2012-09-25 cholmAdded some notes
2012-09-24 cholmNew emperical correction based on nominal vtx using...
2012-09-20 ddobrigkLinked to AOD V0 task in LinkDef.h and pkg file.
2012-09-20 ddobrigkAdded AddTask Macro for AOD version of V0 grid analysis...
2012-09-20 mflorisAdded mean pt
2012-09-18 cholmUpdated corrections for pA based on anchor run
2012-09-17 belikovadding parameters to AddTask (Xitzel)
2012-09-17 pluettigSmall change in binning to take higer pT reach into...
2012-09-17 pluettigChange in binning to take into account higher pT reach
2012-09-17 fbelliniAdded macro for TPC K* analysis (S. Singha)
2012-09-14 cholmAdded correction for unknown material. This is based
2012-09-14 cholmAlso store final MC correction if used
2012-09-14 cholmUpdates for final MC and empirical corrections
2012-09-14 cholmFixes for V0 condition in pA
2012-09-14 hanrattyDifferent tasknames for injection removal on/off
2012-09-14 cholmUpdated for better labels
2012-09-13 hanrattyadded option to remove injected particles from MC,...
2012-09-12 cholmFixes for CAF
2012-09-12 cholmPossiblity to launch with PROOF GUI - doesn't work yet
2012-09-12 cholmFix warnings
2012-09-12 cholmSet branches
2012-09-12 cholmUse TParameter to store information rather than TNamed...
2012-09-12 cholmReduce messages
2012-09-12 cholmSet branches
2012-09-12 cholmCorrection objects for pA at sqrt{sNN}=5023GeV
2012-09-12 cholmUpdates for better drawings
2012-09-12 cholmUpdates for better drawings
2012-09-10 ddobrigkChanges to do:
2012-09-06 janielskAdded AlidNdPtAnalysisPbPb2011 to libPWGLFspectra....
2012-09-06 deliaMinor fix (changed container names)
2012-09-05 pluettigAdded AlidNdPtAnalysisPbPb2011.h,cxx
2012-09-04 hristovForward declaration
2012-09-04 deliaMinor modifications
2012-09-04 deliaLinking to AliAnalysisTaskLambdaOverK0sJets for first...
2012-09-03 cholmUpdates for pA and new flags:
2012-09-03 cholmUpdates for pA
2012-09-03 cholmBetter debug message
2012-09-03 cholmUpdate for pA
2012-08-31 hdalsgaaFix for previous commit
2012-08-31 hdalsgaaThe code and scripts to do multiplicity distributions...
2012-08-31 hdalsgaaThe code and scripts to do multiplicity distributions...
2012-08-29 hristovFixes for the trunk: compilation on Lion (Yves)
2012-08-29 pluettigAdded AddTaskdNdPt.C
2012-08-28 cholmFixes for pA indenfication of events
2012-08-27 cholmFix histogram names in central corrections task.
2012-08-27 ddobrigkModifications to cascade code so that it re-runs the...
2012-08-27 fbelliniUpdated macros for K* analysis with TOF PID
2012-08-25 deliaPossibility to cut on cascade daughter track pseudorapi...
2012-08-21 cholmFix when the event inspector is initialized in the MC
2012-08-16 fbelliniAdded mother histo to Kstar config for TOF analysis...
2012-08-16 ddobrigkAdd Cascade tasks to aliroot linkdefs after re-testing
2012-08-16 ddobrigkMinor changes: change default options for AddTask macro...
2012-08-15 ddobrigkUpdates for "Strangeness vs Multiplicity" initiative...
2012-08-10 xsanchezfirst time committed to AliRoot
2012-08-10 xsanchezdeleting previous files
2012-08-10 xsanchezfirst time commited to AliRoot
2012-08-10 bhippolyfirst time commited to AliRoot
2012-08-09 bhippolydeleting test files
2012-08-09 bhippolyfirst version
2012-08-09 bhippolythis one is empty
2012-08-08 fbelliniUpdate macros for lego_train and datasets (mvala)
2012-08-07 fbelliniUpdated lego_train macros (mvala)
2012-08-07 fbelliniModified configuration for lego train (fbellini)
2012-08-06 fbelliniAdded macro for cut monitoring + fix for macro paths
2012-08-06 fbelliniAdded macros for K* analysis with TOF
2012-08-06 fbelliniAdded member quality cut object and getters
2012-08-03 cholmFixes from Marek to bring the secondary correction...
2012-08-02 fbelliniRemoved obsolete classes + added cut set for kstar...
2012-08-02 fbelliniAdded cut set for kstar analysis (fbellini)
2012-08-01 shahoianBringing CMakeLists under svn maintenance
2012-07-30 akalweitAdding Benjamins analysis for QM, because he has not...
2012-07-24 belikovIntroducing the systematic uncertainties for the pT...
2012-07-23 cnattrasFixing minor typo
2012-07-23 hanrattytask now only selects pure-hijing part of injected MC