next50 trigger mask in AliHLTGlobalEsdConverterComponent
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF /
2014-05-27 xsanchezreturning to vAN-20140515 version of the anlsyis task...
2014-05-26 cnattrasAnother fix to run over pPb
2014-05-26 cnattrasAnother fix to run over pPb
2014-05-26 cnattrassmall fix for running over pPb
2014-05-26 lmilanoincreased pt axis
2014-05-24 hristovRemoving wrong and useless declaration
2014-05-22 cnattrasFilling histograms that were missed
2014-05-22 cnattrasfixing implementation of jet method for hadronic correc...
2014-05-19 cnattrasadding comment
2014-05-19 cnattrasimplementing jet analysis method of hadronic correction
2014-05-19 cnattrasadding function to calculate total et with systematic...
2014-05-16 xsanchezAnalysisTask of AliRoot vAN-20140404
2014-05-15 cholmSome fixes
2014-05-15 cholmMerge branch 'master' of
2014-05-15 cholmAdd drawing of ESD fixer.
2014-05-15 cholmMore options for DrawdNdeta.C:
2014-05-15 cholmIn case sigma=0, then return 0 early from SigmaShift
2014-05-15 cholmFor diagnostics purposes, do not fill ESD values into...
2014-05-15 cholmFix warning
2014-05-15 cholmTemporary fix if running with STEER not up to date
2014-05-14 fbelliniMacro to rebin spectra (thanks to Anders!)
2014-05-13 mflorisChanges for final plots
2014-05-13 mflorisAdded method to recompute chi2 and stddev + cosmetics
2014-05-13 mflorisDisabled subtraction of correlated uncertainties
2014-05-13 mflorisAdded interpolation for the 20-40% bin
2014-05-13 mflorisAdded averages for the 20-40 centrality bin
2014-05-13 mflorisVersion used for the plots shown in the QM14 approval...
2014-05-13 mflorisTrying to fix missing particles in GSI input file creation
2014-05-13 mflorisModifications to plot thermal fits vs data comparisons...
2014-05-13 mflorisImproved drawing of ratios
2014-05-13 mflorisImproving style and export of GSI input files
2014-05-13 mflorisBetter printout and helper method for averages
2014-05-13 mflorisAdded bit for average of particle and antiparticle
2014-05-09 cholmAdded
2014-05-09 cholmUpdates for cleaning database and fixes for making...
2014-05-08 fbelliniUpdated macros from Massimo
2014-05-07 cholmFixed a potential problem when ALIROOT_BRANCH isn't...
2014-05-07 cholmWhoops, perhaps a little fast on previous commit. ...
2014-05-07 cholmImportant bug fixes for the PWGLF/FORWARD directory
2014-05-07 cholmScript to extract noise gain corrections
2014-05-07 cholmA class that find noise-gain corrections
2014-05-03 hristovChanges to compile with Root6 on macosx64
2014-05-01 fbelliniFix triggering for ESDs (Enrico)
2014-05-01 fbelliniUsing defaults2011 cuts for pions from SigmaStar +...
2014-05-01 fbelliniNew types added (kV0Radius, kV0Mass, kV0P, kV0Pt) neede...
2014-05-01 fbelliniAdded cut on fiducial volume + fix cosine pointing...
2014-05-01 fbelliniMacros update (by Massimo)
2014-05-01 fbelliniFrom Massimo:added check on feed-down for MC for low...
2014-04-30 hristovFixes for wrong use of const causing PW.CAST_TO_QUALIFI...
2014-04-29 xsanchezadding variable fUseEtaCut to switch between rapidity...
2014-04-28 ddobrigkExtra cross-checks for cascade analysis: technicalities...
2014-04-28 xsanchezremoving h-Xi correlations (in MC) and h-h correlations...
2014-04-28 mflorisAdded K* in pPb fit
2014-04-28 mflorisImprovements to macros
2014-04-28 mflorisFix in metadata when combining 2 particles
2014-04-28 mflorisImproved computation of ratios for part+antipart
2014-04-28 mflorisAdded option to compute worst case extrapolation uncert...
2014-04-28 mflorisAdded possibility to average p-Pb data
2014-04-28 mflorisImproved plotting and readibility of PlotRatiosForQM14
2014-04-28 mflorisFixing typo in warining
2014-04-28 mflorisMacro used to extrapolate yields
2014-04-27 akalweitupdates for absorption study.
2014-04-24 hristovCompilation with Root6
2014-04-23 pluettigadded selector for ep determination
2014-04-17 akalweitAdding centrality to tree.
2014-04-17 cnattrasFixes for coverity bugs 22665 22664 and 22663
2014-04-17 mcoloccirebinning TH1
2014-04-17 hristovCompilation with Root6
2014-04-15 akalweitupdates of anti-alpha task.
2014-04-14 bdoeniguMerge branch 'master' of
2014-04-14 bdoeniguCommit for Simone - changes in AddTask for systematic...
2014-04-14 mchojnaccorrect a typo
2014-04-14 fbelliniModified axis ranges (Massimo)
2014-04-14 mflorisMacros improvements
2014-04-14 mflorisAliParticleYield Metadata fixes
2014-04-14 mflorisImproved printing in AliParticleYield and added new...
2014-04-14 mflorisImproved searching helpers in AliParticleYield
2014-04-14 mflorisFixed bug in AliParticleYield constructors
2014-04-14 mflorisAdded macros for ratios and yields
2014-04-14 mflorisAdded type for averaged values
2014-04-14 mflorisFixes to particle find methods
2014-04-14 mflorisAdded machinery to find and manipulate particles\n...
2014-04-14 lmilanoeta selection fixed
2014-04-13 cholmRename for annoying HFS+ - sigh.
2014-04-13 cholmDeleted
2014-04-13 cholmRenamed to because MacOSX apparent...
2014-04-11 cholmDoc on landau+gaus
2014-04-11 cholmTesting Delta shift
2014-04-11 cholmWrap a TGRaph
2014-04-11 cholmTesting Delta shift
2014-04-11 cholmReference Landau+Gaus
2014-04-11 cholmTest ROOT's landau parameterization
2014-04-11 cholmTest of outliers
2014-04-11 cholmSegregated the Landau+Gaus function from the AliForward...
2014-04-11 cholmSegregated the Landau+Gaus function from the AliForward...
2014-04-11 cholmSegregated the Landau+Gaus function from the AliForward...
2014-04-11 cholmUpdates to cut scannign framework
2014-04-11 cholmUpdates for cut scanning framework
2014-04-11 cholmSome new script (ROOT and shell) for new centralized QA
2014-04-11 cholmImprovements