remove the setting of the maximum number of super modules from the class, recover...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF /
2014-04-17 mcoloccirebinning TH1
2014-04-17 hristovCompilation with Root6
2014-04-15 akalweitupdates of anti-alpha task.
2014-04-14 bdoeniguMerge branch 'master' of
2014-04-14 bdoeniguCommit for Simone - changes in AddTask for systematic...
2014-04-14 mchojnaccorrect a typo
2014-04-14 fbelliniModified axis ranges (Massimo)
2014-04-14 mflorisMacros improvements
2014-04-14 mflorisAliParticleYield Metadata fixes
2014-04-14 mflorisImproved printing in AliParticleYield and added new...
2014-04-14 mflorisImproved searching helpers in AliParticleYield
2014-04-14 mflorisFixed bug in AliParticleYield constructors
2014-04-14 mflorisAdded macros for ratios and yields
2014-04-14 mflorisAdded type for averaged values
2014-04-14 mflorisFixes to particle find methods
2014-04-14 mflorisAdded machinery to find and manipulate particles\n...
2014-04-14 lmilanoeta selection fixed
2014-04-13 cholmRename for annoying HFS+ - sigh.
2014-04-13 cholmDeleted
2014-04-13 cholmRenamed to because MacOSX apparent...
2014-04-11 cholmDoc on landau+gaus
2014-04-11 cholmTesting Delta shift
2014-04-11 cholmWrap a TGRaph
2014-04-11 cholmTesting Delta shift
2014-04-11 cholmReference Landau+Gaus
2014-04-11 cholmTest ROOT's landau parameterization
2014-04-11 cholmTest of outliers
2014-04-11 cholmSegregated the Landau+Gaus function from the AliForward...
2014-04-11 cholmSegregated the Landau+Gaus function from the AliForward...
2014-04-11 cholmSegregated the Landau+Gaus function from the AliForward...
2014-04-11 cholmUpdates to cut scannign framework
2014-04-11 cholmUpdates for cut scanning framework
2014-04-11 cholmSome new script (ROOT and shell) for new centralized QA
2014-04-11 cholmImprovements
2014-04-11 cholmNew defaults and better explanations
2014-04-11 cholmDebugging code
2014-04-11 cholmNew multiplicity cut framework. Allows for more dynami...
2014-04-11 cholmNew script to generate overview index. Javascript...
2014-04-11 cholmVarious small fixes and improvements
2014-04-11 cholmUpdates to correction drawer, improvements to secondary
2014-04-11 cholmVarious small fixes for proper detection of MC input...
2014-04-11 cholmAdded possiblity to only draw used fit parameters,...
2014-04-11 cholmChanged data member names to adher to guidelines, and...
2014-04-11 cholmDrop the 80-90% and 90-100% centrality bins and put...
2014-04-11 hansenaFix to AliForwardUtil to prevent crash when running...
2014-04-10 hristovChanges to compile with Root6
2014-04-10 hristovMerge branch 'master' of
2014-04-10 hristovChanges to compile with Root6
2014-04-09 fbelliniFrom Enrico: Solve bugs related to trigger and centrali...
2014-04-09 hansenaFix to FMD sharing filter to ignore angle correction...
2014-04-08 pluettigMerge branch 'master' of
2014-04-08 pluettigModified AddTask according to task
2014-04-08 akalweitupdate: rejection of EMCAL triggers.
2014-04-08 lmilanoswitch for Qvetor + variable axis limit + eta axis...
2014-04-07 lramonaModifying selected particle
2014-04-04 ddobrigkModification of VZERO-mult-binning test task
2014-04-04 ddobrigkRun number added for tests
2014-04-04 akalweitbug fix.
2014-04-04 xsanchezcomenting h-V0 correlations in or der to do h-h correla...
2014-04-04 ddobrigkMinor Bug Fix
2014-04-03 pluettigadded calculation on angle
2014-04-03 akalweitAdding anti-alpha task (N. Martin).
2014-04-03 mchojnacUpdate of the macro
2014-04-02 ddobrigkFirst commit of experimental task to test VZERO percent...
2014-04-02 lramonaChanging the selected particle
2014-04-01 mflorisFixed THERMUS output format
2014-04-01 mflorisComments from input ASCII files are printed
2014-04-01 mflorisAdded Support for asymmetric normalization uncertainties
2014-04-01 lmilanocommented cout
2014-04-01 lmilanoq vector percentile
2014-04-01 lmilanocxx file
2014-04-01 lmilanoPWGLF/SPECTRA/PiKaPr/TestAOD/AliSpectraAODEventCuts.cxx
2014-03-31 lmilanoeta cut on generated removed
2014-03-27 fbelliniAdded config macro for MC analysis of L* (Neelima)
2014-03-26 xsanchez- Adding back the check whether the trigger particles...
2014-03-26 xsanchezIncluding h-h correlations analysis with hybrid tracks...
2014-03-24 xsanchezcoverity fix
2014-03-24 cnattrascoverity fix
2014-03-23 cnattrasAdding histograms with raw ET in sim vs reco
2014-03-23 cnattrasrefining systematic error propagation
2014-03-23 cnattrasfixing rare crash
2014-03-22 fbelliniModified axis ranges (Chitrasen)
2014-03-21 cnattrasfix crash on HIJING with added signals
2014-03-21 xsanchezIncluding h-Xi correlations and Xi-h correlations in MC
2014-03-20 cnattrasfix to be able to run on new productions
2014-03-20 lramonaSwapping charge of selected tracks
2014-03-20 fbelliniUpdate on cuts for L*, from Anders
2014-03-20 lramonaFixing a typo
2014-03-19 lramonaAdding Tasks to Read AOD for (3He,pi) analysis
2014-03-19 cnattrasupdating macros for running on compiled code
2014-03-19 cnattrasfixing compilation order for ET
2014-03-19 fbelliniModified Makefile for building resonance package par...
2014-03-19 cnattrasImplementing improved PHOS nonlinearity, changing geome...
2014-03-18 lramonaFixing Coverity Warnings
2014-03-18 lramonaAdding Tasks to create NuclexAOD from MC productions...
2014-03-17 fbelliniUpdate from Chitrasen
2014-03-17 fbelliniFix for compilation warning
2014-03-17 fbelliniFix for coverity:
2014-03-13 fbelliniUpdate from Massimo
2014-03-12 pluettigAdded Phi Distribution