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2014-03-27 fbelliniAdded config macro for MC analysis of L* (Neelima)
2014-03-26 xsanchez- Adding back the check whether the trigger particles...
2014-03-26 xsanchezIncluding h-h correlations analysis with hybrid tracks...
2014-03-24 xsanchezcoverity fix
2014-03-24 cnattrascoverity fix
2014-03-23 cnattrasAdding histograms with raw ET in sim vs reco
2014-03-23 cnattrasrefining systematic error propagation
2014-03-23 cnattrasfixing rare crash
2014-03-22 fbelliniModified axis ranges (Chitrasen)
2014-03-21 cnattrasfix crash on HIJING with added signals
2014-03-21 xsanchezIncluding h-Xi correlations and Xi-h correlations in MC
2014-03-20 cnattrasfix to be able to run on new productions
2014-03-20 lramonaSwapping charge of selected tracks
2014-03-20 fbelliniUpdate on cuts for L*, from Anders
2014-03-20 lramonaFixing a typo
2014-03-19 lramonaAdding Tasks to Read AOD for (3He,pi) analysis
2014-03-19 cnattrasupdating macros for running on compiled code
2014-03-19 cnattrasfixing compilation order for ET
2014-03-19 fbelliniModified Makefile for building resonance package par...
2014-03-19 cnattrasImplementing improved PHOS nonlinearity, changing geome...
2014-03-18 lramonaFixing Coverity Warnings
2014-03-18 lramonaAdding Tasks to create NuclexAOD from MC productions...
2014-03-17 fbelliniUpdate from Chitrasen
2014-03-17 fbelliniFix for compilation warning
2014-03-17 fbelliniFix for coverity:
2014-03-13 fbelliniUpdate from Massimo
2014-03-12 pluettigAdded Phi Distribution
2014-03-10 lramonaRemoving debug output
2014-03-10 ddobrigkITS refit booleans available for cross-checking cascade...
2014-03-10 ddobrigkITS refit booleans available for cross-checking cascade...
2014-03-10 hansenaAdded eta-gap option when using TPC tracks for referenc...
2014-03-10 lramonaFixing Coverity warnings
2014-03-09 ddobrigkTransverse Momentum Information for all Cascade Daughte...
2014-03-09 ddobrigkEvent Types For Debugging
2014-03-07 bdoeniguCommit for Simone - fix of issues with cuts
2014-03-07 mchojnacadding the macro for calculation of TOF correction...
2014-03-07 mchojnacAdding the correction for wrongly simulated pid TOF...
2014-03-07 lmilanoNch bins configurable
2014-03-07 lmilanoswitch to fill only events added
2014-03-06 mflorisAdded missing class definitins and includes
2014-03-06 mflorisFixed LaTeX label for hypertriton
2014-03-06 mflorisAdded function to write thermus input files
2014-03-06 mflorisAdded new library (libPWGLFthermalfits)
2014-03-05 fbelliniFrom Massimo: updated task and macros for D0 analysis
2014-03-05 mflorisFirst version of a class to process particle yields...
2014-03-03 lramonaAdding Merge option to AddFilterAOD + delete some debug...
2014-02-28 bdoeniguCommit for Simone
2014-02-28 fbelliniFrom Massimo:
2014-02-28 lramonaModifying AddTask for PhiQA
2014-02-27 mcoloccimc settings and fixed warning
2014-02-27 ddobrigkIntroduce Cascade meson daughter swap tests in MC
2014-02-27 fbelliniUpdated macros for D0 analysis (Massimo)
2014-02-27 fbelliniFrom Massimo:
2014-02-27 fbelliniFix for rotated background
2014-02-26 lramonaChanging the task and store some variable in a tree...
2014-02-26 ddobrigkMerge branch 'master' of
2014-02-26 ddobrigkAdded 'rerun V0+Cascade Vertexer' option back in again
2014-02-26 lramonaRemoving obsolete QA post process macro
2014-02-26 lramonaRemoving obsolete task and modifying Phi PostProcess...
2014-02-25 cnattrascoverity fix
2014-02-25 cnattrasadding histogram and removing obsolete code
2014-02-25 coppedisUpadting tasks
2014-02-24 lramonaModifying QA macro
2014-02-24 lramonaMerge branch 'master' of
2014-02-24 lramonaModifying AddTask and changing bin width
2014-02-24 hansenaAdding support for centrality info from event gen header.
2014-02-23 cnattrascoverity fix
2014-02-21 bdoeniguUpdate for classes of Simone
2014-02-20 lramonaUpdating Analysis Task
2014-02-20 mchojnacupdate of analysis macro
2014-02-20 fbelliniUpdated macros for D0 (Massimo) + new macros for L...
2014-02-20 pluettigmodified Task to reduce memory consumption, reduced...
2014-02-19 fbelliniAdded macros for D0 analysis config with rsn package...
2014-02-19 fbelliniAdded new class for D0 daughter cuts (Massimo)
2014-02-19 fbelliniAdded DCA of daughters and DCA product computation...
2014-02-19 fbelliniNew array for PDG code for K* and antiK* + added histos...
2014-02-17 fbelliniFix typo
2014-02-17 fbelliniFixed typo
2014-02-17 xsancheztrigger selection - crosscheck as a V0 daughter
2014-02-17 fbelliniAdded event cut set for MC
2014-02-17 fbelliniUpdted macros for K* in p-Pb + extended pT-axis range
2014-02-17 fbelliniExtended pT-axis range (Neelima)
2014-02-17 fbelliniCleaning of the method CheckAOD. Comments added (Enrico)
2014-02-17 fbelliniMerge ... the old ConfigSigmaStarPP.C and ConfigSigmaSt...
2014-02-17 lramonaFixing coverity bugs
2014-02-17 mchojnacfix coverity bug
2014-02-15 ddobrigkAdded IsPhsyicalPrimary Flag to Cascade task
2014-02-14 lramonaFixing the AddTask
2014-02-14 xsanchezcorrecting typo
2014-02-13 lramonaModification to classes to run on trains
2014-02-12 xsanchezbin width was changed
2014-02-12 xsanchezmodified for systematic studies
2014-02-12 mchojnacAdding the flag not to make QA PID histograms. Adding...
2014-02-12 lramonaAdding a QA task in configuration files
2014-02-11 lramonaFixing a typo
2014-02-10 cnattrasCoverity fix
2014-02-10 xsanchezfixing coverity notification
2014-02-10 fbelliniFixed typo
2014-02-10 lramonaRename of QA tasks
2014-02-10 lramonaAdded descriptions lines