do not delete fGeom object in ~AliPHOSReconstructor, since it is owned by the AliPHOS...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF /
2014-09-23 cholmMerge branch 'master' of
2014-09-23 fbelliniUpdated macros for D0 analysis (Massimo)
2014-09-22 cholmSmall things
2014-09-22 cholmSmall fixes
2014-09-22 cholmVarious small things
2014-09-22 cholmChanges for new automatized QA framework
2014-09-22 cholmConfiguration script for energy loss fitter task
2014-09-22 cholmNewer empirical correction
2014-09-19 fbelliniAdded computation of mothers in acceptance (Massimo...
2014-09-19 fbelliniImplementation of std quality cuts from AliESDtrackCuts...
2014-09-19 fbelliniFix for compilation warning
2014-09-18 lramonaAddendum to previous commit
2014-09-18 lramonaChange in particle selection (t-->3He)
2014-09-18 lramonaMinor change in container name definition (Domenico C.)
2014-09-15 lramonaImproved particle selection in TOF
2014-09-15 pluettigmodified deltaphi calculation and supporting binning
2014-09-11 pluettigmodified eventplane selection and deltaphi calculation
2014-09-10 akalweitadding ct analysis to package
2014-09-10 akalweitadding ct analysis
2014-09-10 lmilanoreco efficiency added
2014-09-09 fbelliniReverting to version of the cuts of 06/02/2014
2014-09-08 pluettigadded histogram for cross check of delta phi vs centrality
2014-09-08 lramonaChange in particle selection (d-->t)
2014-09-05 xsanchezadding back line 4526
2014-09-05 xsanchezadding shred tpc clusters cut for the mixed events
2014-09-05 xsanchezadding mixed events
2014-09-05 xsanchezcommenting line 2125
2014-09-04 lmilanotrack cuts updated
2014-09-03 lramonaModified tasks to run also on p-Pb data (D.Colella)
2014-09-02 mcoloccifix abs
2014-09-02 lmilanoupdate from Marco
2014-08-29 xsanchezweighting correlations depending on centrality, adding...
2014-08-29 mcoloccifix coverity and rebinning
2014-08-28 fbelliniSome updates + 1 bug fix (thanks to Massimo):
2014-08-28 hristovMerge branch 'master' of
2014-08-28 hristovCompilation with Root6: TH1::GetXaxis returns now const...
2014-08-27 lmilanoQ vector selection in MC
2014-08-26 fbelliniNew from Ayben:
2014-08-26 lmilanoreco efficiency
2014-08-25 ddobrigkRelocation of AliPPVSMultUtils to ANALYSIS
2014-08-25 ddobrigkLogic Fix
2014-08-21 fbelliniUpdated config macro for L*: modified cuts for systemat...
2014-08-20 fbelliniFix for coverity 24399, 24400, 24401
2014-08-20 fbelliniFix for coverity #23900
2014-08-20 hristovRevert accidental changes
2014-08-20 bdoeniguCommit for Nicole - added static cast for compatibility...
2014-08-20 xsancheztrack splitting studies with injected particles in MC
2014-08-20 bdoeniguCommit for Nicole - Added sigma(q/pt) in tree
2014-08-15 xsanchezremoving initialization of fracTrigTPCSharedMap in...
2014-08-15 shahoiantechnical fix: removed extra semicolon
2014-08-15 shahoianprotection for 0 TObjString pointers in parsing of...
2014-08-15 mchojnacBug fix , problem was with pile-up tagging
2014-08-15 pluettigadded run-by-run histo for EP distribution
2014-08-14 ddobrigkVar type fix
2014-08-14 ddobrigkdelta(DCA) check for V0 daughters -> MC too
2014-08-14 ddobrigkdelta(DCA) comparison between V0 daughters
2014-08-14 ddobrigkN(clusters), N(shared clusters) investigation in cascad...
2014-08-14 ddobrigkExtra var stored for MC
2014-08-14 mchojnacclaening the code and adding pile-up cut
2014-08-13 xsanchezfixing bin width in the DCA to primary vertex; moving...
2014-08-12 ddobrigkCustom multiplicity percentile cross-check
2014-08-11 ddobrigkBug Fix
2014-08-11 ddobrigkDefault value change to correct location
2014-08-11 ddobrigkAliESDEvent declared const in helper class
2014-08-11 fprinoMacro to compite pion, kaon and proton spectra with...
2014-08-11 xsanchezselecting hybrid tracks as trigger particles
2014-08-11 mchojnacAdding tof cut as function of pt to the macro
2014-08-10 xsanchezAdding single track rejection for the fraction of share...
2014-08-08 fprinoFix in nSigmaZ cut check
2014-08-08 hristovtrack splitting studies with injected particles in MC
2014-08-08 bdoeniguCommit for Nicole - added static cast for compatibility...
2014-08-08 xsancheztrack splitting studies with injected particles in MC
2014-08-08 bdoeniguCommit for Nicole - Added sigma(q/pt) in tree
2014-08-07 mcolocciDCAxy vs DCAz plots added
2014-08-06 fprinoUpdates in ITSsa pi,kp task: new multiplicity estimator...
2014-08-06 xsanchezadding dca to prim vtx for the fake correlations studies
2014-08-05 ddobrigkTiny Typo Fix
2014-08-04 ddobrigkbug fixes
2014-08-04 ddobrigkpp multiplicity quantiles also in AODs
2014-08-04 ddobrigkEvent type (ND, SD, DD) for VZERO trig eff study
2014-08-04 lmilanofiles for Geant/Fluka correction in the ITS
2014-08-03 cnattrasbug fix for 2.5% wide centrality bins
2014-08-01 cholmMerge branch 'master' of
2014-08-01 lmilanoMC closure test
2014-08-01 cholmMerge branch 'master' of
2014-08-01 cholmA script to automatically extract the job URL from...
2014-08-01 cholmAdded new options
2014-08-01 cholmAdded new options
2014-08-01 cholmFix compilation warnings
2014-08-01 cholmFixes for bad data input
2014-08-01 cholmAdded a few more flags to the trigger bits:
2014-08-01 cholmFix compilation warning
2014-08-01 cholmExpand . paths before scanning
2014-08-01 cholmFix compilation warning
2014-08-01 cholmBetter handling of centrality bins
2014-08-01 cholmFixes for QA
2014-08-01 cholmFix compilation warning
2014-08-01 cholmdN/deta tasks no longer make symmetric extensions, nor
2014-08-01 cholmMinor updates
2014-08-01 cholmAdded scripts to copy corrections. Modified CopySec...