remove dummy handler. Added functionality to AliDummyHandler in STEER
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF /
2014-02-12 xsanchezbin width was changed
2014-02-12 xsanchezmodified for systematic studies
2014-02-12 mchojnacAdding the flag not to make QA PID histograms. Adding...
2014-02-12 lramonaAdding a QA task in configuration files
2014-02-11 lramonaFixing a typo
2014-02-10 cnattrasCoverity fix
2014-02-10 xsanchezfixing coverity notification
2014-02-10 fbelliniFixed typo
2014-02-10 lramonaRename of QA tasks
2014-02-10 lramonaAdded descriptions lines
2014-02-10 fbelliniMacros for Phi analysis in pPb (Ajay)
2014-02-08 cnattrasenabling cross checks of em et
2014-02-08 cnattraschanging default trigger selection for MC
2014-02-08 cnattrasFixing bug in reconstructing pikp only et
2014-02-08 cnattrasAdding corrections for em et cross checks
2014-02-08 cnattrasChanging secondary definition
2014-02-08 cnattrasAdding histograms
2014-02-08 cnattrasAdding histograms
2014-02-08 cnattrasAdding histograms
2014-02-08 cnattrasAdding comments
2014-02-08 cnattrasUpdating macros for running ET code
2014-02-08 cnattrasUpdating macros for hadronic et
2014-02-08 cnattrasUpdating macros for electromagnetic et
2014-02-07 lramonaFix typo in definition
2014-02-06 xsanchezRemoving eta selection for daughters in MC
2014-02-06 mchojnaccorrecte the way of applinyg eta cut in normalization
2014-02-06 fbelliniUpdated macros for L* analysis (Neelima)
2014-02-06 fbelliniUpdated macros for Lambda* analysis (Anders)
2014-02-06 shahoianFor backward compatibility changed the method AliVTrack...
2014-02-05 lramonaUpdates for PWGLF-QA
2014-02-05 lramonaUpdates for Identified High Pt macros
2014-02-05 lramonaAdding task for the creation of nanoAOD for Nuclei...
2014-02-03 mflorisAdded Ncharged axis to event THn (Marco Tangaro)
2014-02-03 xsanchezAddTaskLambdaOverK0sJets.C was modified to run in the...
2014-02-03 xsanchezIt includes the histograms to obtain the efficiency...
2014-02-03 janielskChanged rapidity binning to fit y_CMS in pPb. Removed...
2014-02-02 lmilanoq vector axiz resized
2014-01-30 Manuel Colocciexploring eta simmetry and other parameterizations
2014-01-30 fbelliniFixed typo and pid cut (Neelima)
2014-01-30 pluettigbug fix: deletion of pointers, added: store cut settings
2014-01-30 hansenaAdded option to introduce a small rapidity gap between...
2014-01-30 fbelliniAdded analysis config macros for L* analysis in p-Pb...
2014-01-29 bdoeniguCoverity fix and added THnSparse
2014-01-29 fbelliniFix for warnings (Mihail)
2014-01-29 fbelliniAdding folder for utility macros for rsn analysis ...
2014-01-28 janielskAdded task for deuteron spectra in pPb.
2014-01-27 fbelliniAdded macros for Lambda(1520) analysis in PbPb (by...
2014-01-27 lmilanoID gen=3 for all ch
2014-01-24 lmilanotypo (all ch = 3 instead of 4)
2014-01-24 lmilanoflag for double counting
2014-01-24 hansenaFlow update. Since it looks like we will go with TPC...
2014-01-22 bdoeniguSwitch between online and offline V0finder
2014-01-22 pluettigMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-22 pluettigadded phi dependence checks, added histograms for pt...
2014-01-21 Marek ChojnackiAdding possibilty of storing the fits in the log file
2014-01-21 bdoeniguAdjusted the AddTask
2014-01-20 BenjaminDoenigusOpened V0 track cuts slightly, double counting removed
2014-01-20 hansenaVarious fixes and additions to forward flow tasks.
2014-01-20 fbelliniAdded rotational background plots (Subhash)
2014-01-17 lmilanosmall fix on the charge selection for the generated...
2014-01-17 lmilanoAll Charged at position 4 instead of -1
2014-01-17 Philipp LuettigAdded distributions in phi, updated AddTask accordingly
2014-01-17 agrigoraend-of-line normalization
2014-01-17 agrigoraend-of-line normalization
2014-01-16 Manuel Colocciexploring methods
2014-01-16 Manuel ColocciMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-16 Manuel Coloccinew exploring methods
2014-01-16 fbelliniAdded cut class for phi RAA analysis to rsn library
2014-01-16 fbelliniAdded macros for Phi RAA analysis (include configs...
2014-01-16 fbelliniAdded cut class for analysis pf Phi RAA
2014-01-16 fbelliniChanged to use official tender + order of tasks reshuffled
2014-01-16 fbelliniAdded option to lauch task for Phi RAA
2014-01-16 mflorisinclude added
2014-01-15 hristovFix for end-of-line style
2014-01-15 hristovCorrected end-of-line behavior
2014-01-15 hansenaAdded support for reading VZERO data when running on...
2014-01-15 Christian Holm Chr... Why the h*ll do we make a remote commit when pulling?
2014-01-15 Christian Holm Chr... Added histograms to track # consecutive strips above...
2014-01-13 hansenaBug fix.
2014-01-10 lmilanodouble counting for Nsigma
2014-01-09 hansenaCoverity fixes
2014-01-08 fbelliniFix typo (by Subhash)
2014-01-08 Leonardo Milanoadded setter
2014-01-08 Leonardo MilanoCharge + VZERO side selection added
2014-01-08 Christian Holm Chr... Fixed up eloss correction objects to allow caching...
2014-01-02 Alexander HansenFix to prevent seg. viol. when running on old productio...
2014-01-02 Francesca BelliniAdding new config macros for systematic studies for...
2013-12-23 Francesca BelliniEnable custom settings for track quality cut object...
2013-12-23 Francesca BelliniModified cut for using TOF veto on PID selection (A...
2013-12-20 Manuel Coloccitest git commit
2013-12-20 Manuel Coloccitest git commit
2013-12-19 Alexander HansenBug fix to yesterdays commit.
2013-12-19 Philipp Luettigadded new geometric cut, updated setters and getters...
2013-12-18 Alexander HansenBig update to forward flow tasks. Can run on VZERO...
2013-12-18 Alexander Hansenchanged name of add task macro. git test.
2013-12-17 hristov Fix for Coverity defect 21217
2013-12-17 xitzeltesting
2013-12-17 Leonardo Milanocontainer name with option
2013-12-17 Christian Holm Chr... Better layout of documentation pages
2013-12-17 Christian Holm Chr... :x