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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGLF /
2012-04-26 cnattrasupdating tender supply implementation
2012-04-26 lmilanoAdded missing brace (michele)
2012-04-26 mflorisGenerating histogram names automatically
2012-04-26 lmilanoPrimary charged tracks added
2012-04-26 coppedisAdding task to libraries
2012-04-26 hristovCoverity 19696
2012-04-26 fbelliniFix for TOF matching + lego_train update
2012-04-25 lmilanoPrimary charged tracks added
2012-04-24 lmilanoTask update
2012-04-24 cnattrasRemoving event selection from compiled code
2012-04-24 pluettigAdopted MyLibs
2012-04-23 coppedisAdding plots weighted with v0 centrality perc.
2012-04-21 cnattrasChanging default data set to PbPb
2012-04-21 cnattrasAdding centrality to EmEt code
2012-04-21 cnattrasadding switches to run compiled version
2012-04-21 cnattrasChanges in efficiency to use ITS standalone tracks...
2012-04-21 cnattrasChanges in efficiency to use ITS standalone tracks...
2012-04-21 cnattrasMacros from Marcelo for calculating EMCal corrections
2012-04-20 coppedisIncreasing histo clu. lay.1 upper lim.
2012-04-20 coppedisAdding histos for the LEGO train
2012-04-20 cnattrasThis should have been removed a long time ago
2012-04-18 cnattrasUpdating usage of tender supply
2012-04-18 cnattrasEliminating functions which are now performed by the...
2012-04-18 cnattrasAdding an extra post data to avoid an error message
2012-04-18 cnattraseliminating harmless error messages
2012-04-18 cnattraseliminating harmless error messages, eliminating stupid...
2012-04-18 cnattrasCorrecting use of ITS standalone tracks, eliminating...
2012-04-18 fbelliniRemoved executable flag
2012-04-18 fbelliniRemoved unused obsolete classes
2012-04-18 fbelliniFixed warnings and coverity + added option to control...
2012-04-17 lmilanoAxis and pr range fix
2012-04-16 fbelliniAdded AliESDtrackCuts object to quality cuts
2012-04-16 coppedisAdding histos
2012-04-14 coppedisMissing comma inserted
2012-04-14 coppedisUpdating macros for LEGO train
2012-04-13 cnattrasAdding ability to use multiple test functions
2012-04-13 fbelliniBug fix for MC mother label
2012-04-12 coppedisTaking into account ZEM calibration
2012-04-12 lmilanoupdate to AOD analysis
2012-04-12 lmilanoupdate to AOD analysis
2012-04-12 hdalsgaaUpdated text and figures from HHD thesis
2012-04-12 coppedisParameters set for centrality selection
2012-04-12 coppedisTask for GEO Lego train
2012-04-12 coppedisTask for GEO Lego train
2012-04-11 cnattrasAdding macro for unfolding in pp
2012-04-11 fbelliniFix for K0 pdg code (F.Blanco) + option for filling...
2012-04-11 deliaWrong array dimension fixed
2012-04-10 deliaOption to exclude cut on vertex in centrality selection...
2012-04-07 cnattrasRemoving unused variable
2012-04-06 fbelliniFix for coverity
2012-04-05 janielskfixed bug for extracting pdg of mother (weak decays)
2012-04-05 cnattrasCoverity fix and changes to data processing
2012-04-04 janielskSave PDG code of mother for weak decays and misidentifi...
2012-04-04 fbelliniAdded macros for new tasks in rsn lego_train (M.Vala)
2012-04-04 fbelliniUpdate in cuts for Sigma* and update for lego_train...
2012-04-03 janielskchanged name of function to filename
2012-04-03 rpreghenupdated + added macros
2012-04-02 janielskModifications to AddTaskMacro for LEGO train
2012-04-02 cnattrasFixing minor problem with running over data
2012-03-29 jotwinowcoverity fix
2012-03-28 deliaMin number of TPC clusters as parameter
2012-03-24 cnattrasUpdating so jobs run on the grid
2012-03-23 belikovPossibility to vary the cut on DCA between V0 daughters
2012-03-23 fbelliniAdded MC flag for centrality in AnalysisSetupRsnMini...
2012-03-22 hansenaLots of small improvements and optimizations to flow...
2012-03-21 fbelliniAdded AliRsnAction, AliRsnPIDRange
2012-03-21 fbelliniAdded AliRsnAction, fix for AliRsnPIDRange, lego_train...
2012-03-20 hdalsgaaCoverity fix
2012-03-19 cnattrasReducing the range of pikp histograms
2012-03-19 hdalsgaaBetter eta bins for displaced vertices
2012-03-16 cnattrasChanging binning on pikp histos to match the pikp resol...
2012-03-15 lbarnbyFix bug in signal extraction (limits of integration...
2012-03-15 deliaChanges in the output container (multiplicity and cosV0...
2012-03-14 cnattrasAdding PiKP-only histograms and eliminating a number...
2012-03-14 cnattrasAdding PiKP-only resolution histograms and switch to...
2012-03-14 cnattrasAdding PiKP-only resolution histograms
2012-03-14 cnattrasAdding PiKP-only correction factor
2012-03-14 cnattrasChanging loaded library to PWGUD from PWG0
2012-03-14 cnattrasAdded switch to turn off many histograms needed for...
2012-03-14 rpreghenTOF pp spectra task added to PWGLFspectra lib
2012-03-14 rpreghenTOF PbPb utils macro update
2012-03-14 rpreghenspectra-utils update
2012-03-13 deliaNew subfolder Cascades included
2012-03-13 deliaCascade analysis code moved in Cascades folder
2012-03-13 deliaMinor fixes (AOD running)
2012-03-13 deliaCoverity + minor fixes (AOD running)
2012-03-13 deliaCoverity + minor fixes (AOD running)
2012-03-08 janielskSlight changes to TPCTOF task and added it to be compil...
2012-03-08 hansenaSmall bug fix in density calc with missing if statement...
2012-03-07 hdalsgaaMC upgrades to displaced vertices
2012-03-06 pkalinakAOD version of main-stream AliAnalysisTaskPerformanceSt...
2012-03-06 hdalsgaamissing from last commit
2012-03-06 janielskUpdated version for TPConly tracks
2012-03-06 hdalsgaaCoverity fix
2012-03-05 hdalsgaaEvent selection for displaced vertices, second half
2012-03-05 hdalsgaaFirst half of changes for displaced vertices - second...
2012-03-03 rpreghenHMPID spectra analysis code
2012-03-02 rpreghenadded TOF pp spectra macros (b.guerzoni)
2012-03-02 mflorisModifications for TPC only tracks (J. Anielski)
2012-03-01 jotwinowmake cuts streamable