restructure the output container for the TPC calib
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGPP / CalibMacros / CPass0 / AddTaskTPCCalib.C
2012-12-20 mkrzewicrestructure the output container for the TPC calib
2012-12-03 mivanovModifie the cut on the number of tracks per event
2012-05-12 marianChanges (Marian and Mikolaj):
2012-05-07 marianCPass0/AddTaskTPCCalib.C - adding higher level calibr...
2012-04-03 zampolliEnabling back TPC calib Mult component.
2012-04-02 zampolliUpdate for TPC (use of Qmax according to beam type...
2012-04-02 zampolliUpdating macros (Mikolaj).
2012-03-28 marianreplacing Pass- with CPass0 in C macros and scripts
2012-03-28 marian1. Renaming Pass0 --> CPass0