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2014-03-14 mivanovempty commit
2014-02-28 mkrzewicroot has sometimes problems parsing the arguments to...
2012-07-23 zampolliUpdating steering macros according to latest changes...
2012-07-05 zampolliadditional protection
2012-07-05 zampolliSteering macros and scripts: updated and merged with...
2012-07-01 marianChanges for task:
2012-05-12 marianChanges (Marian and Mikolaj):
2012-04-21 marianUsing trigger selection as an optional argument for the
2012-04-16 zampolliFix for run number for QA train (Mikolaj).
2012-04-03 zampolliRemoving AddTaskXXX, LoadLibraries, ConfigCalibTrain...
2012-03-28 marianreplacing Pass- with CPass0 in C macros and scripts
2012-03-28 marianRename all of macros/jdl from *Pass0* CPass0