[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGPP / EvTrkSelection /
2014-03-23 akalweitAdd INT7 for pA.# Please enter the commit message for...
2014-03-10 akalweitChanging output file name for LEGO trains.
2014-03-07 akalweitAdding Mareks task on fake tracks (misassigned ITS...
2014-03-07 akalweitUpdates in plot macros.
2014-03-06 zconesarefine files out name
2014-02-17 akalweitcoverity fix
2014-02-10 zconesaSecond trial to remove coverity warning
2014-02-09 akalweitMerged version with Olivers ITS->TPC matching. To be...
2014-02-03 akalweitUpdates..
2014-01-29 zconesacosmetics trial for coverity warning
2014-01-23 akalweitUpdates.
2013-11-25 akalweitWarning fix from coverity.
2013-11-19 akalweitcoverity fix
2013-11-19 zconesacoverity fixes
2013-11-17 zconesaAdd centrality as variable
2013-11-07 akalweitUpdates
2013-11-05 akalweitWarning fix.
2013-11-05 akalweitcoverity fix.
2013-11-04 zconesaUndo last non-voluntary commit, Comment the 'comments...
2013-11-04 zconesado not check filter bit on ESD analysis
2013-11-04 zconesaFix for ESD analysis
2013-11-04 zconesaFix for ESD analysis
2013-10-31 zconesaUpdate libraries to load + no longer needed to (re...
2013-10-28 akalweit Coverity fixes (Jitendra).
2013-10-28 akalweitCoverity fixes (Jitendra).
2013-10-25 zconesaminor fixes
2013-10-24 hristovAdding using::cout and using::endl
2013-10-24 akalweitAdding addTask macro for tracking uncertainty.
2013-10-24 akalweitbug fix
2013-10-23 akalweitPID updates from Markus Fasel.
2013-10-23 akalweitupdates from Emilia
2013-10-23 akalweitsmall bug fixes and improvements.
2013-10-22 akalweitAdding skeleton of a macro which extracts the sensitivi...
2013-10-17 akalweitAdding the task of Jitendra and Zaida for efficiency...
2013-10-17 akalweitAdding tracking efficiency uncertainty task.