Geometry for MFT (Brigitte)
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2014-04-10 mkrzewicmove the lock to working dir to better avoid conflicts...
2014-04-10 mkrzewicadd some safety features
2014-04-09 mkrzewicbe paranoid about timestamps
2014-04-08 mkrzewicif processing lego train output - add _lego${legoNumber...
2014-04-08 mkrzewicadd a MAILTO variable for notifications
2014-04-08 mkrzewicadd initial version html index for TPC
2014-04-08 mkrzewicbe more verbose
2014-04-08 mkrzewicwhen running with local OCDB - change the year accordin...
2014-04-08 mkrzewicemail about locking conflicts
2014-04-08 mkrzewicadditional safety mechanism: locking to protect against...
2014-04-08 mkrzewicimprove documentation
2014-04-08 mkrzewicstupid mistake
2014-04-07 mkrzewicby default print output to stdout
2014-04-07 mkrzewicimprove ad-hoc usability by defining an env var alienSy...
2014-04-07 mkrzewichandle bash args properly using arrays
2014-03-19 mkrzewiconly include errors in the email
2014-03-19 mkrzewicfix the default cdb storage
2014-03-18 mkrzewicmore comments
2014-03-18 mkrzewicadd timestamps to the log of
2014-03-14 mkrzewichack the alien env to make it work in all cases
2014-03-14 mkrzewicbe explicit about the alien user
2014-03-14 mkrzewicfix the executable bit
2014-03-14 mkrzewicchange the logic of creating a softlink - override...
2014-03-13 mkrzewicmake it work on lxplus
2014-03-12 mkrzewicdont process if detector container not present in the...
2014-03-11 mkrzewicremove debug message
2014-03-11 mkrzewicremove obsolete option to set aliroot environment,...
2014-03-11 mkrzewicmake the update of the period level QA safe (by running...
2014-03-10 mkrzewicupdate comments, add some possible TODOs
2014-03-10 mkrzewicadd some extra log insfo
2014-03-08 mkrzewicrename the script template to not trigger processing...
2014-03-08 allafiles for central QA
2014-03-06 mkrzewicfix treename and add a null pointer protection
2014-03-05 mkrzewic- add the possibility to process highPt trees as QA...
2014-03-04 mkrzewicadded the alien caching script with example config
2014-03-04 mkrzewicmake it work on MacOSX
2014-03-04 mkrzewicadd includeDetectors option, update documentation and...
2014-03-03 fbelliniUpdated TOF script for QA trending
2014-02-27 mkrzewicfix excluding of detectors
2014-02-27 mkrzewicdefault (empty) QA script for tracking. The expert...
2014-02-27 mkrzewicmake explicit the possibility to process the high pt...
2014-02-27 mkrzewicprotect agains null pointers
2014-02-26 mkrzewicadd the code to produce the expert QA
2014-02-26 mkrzewicmake a default trending tree if a detector does not...
2014-02-25 mkrzewicmacro to run standalone ESD filtering
2014-02-24 mkrzewicmake it play nice with the benchmark
2014-02-24 mkrzewicuse associative arrays for book-keeping + other small...
2014-02-23 mkrzewiccan run without a config file (with sane defaults)
2014-02-21 mkrzewicprettier output
2014-02-21 mkrzewicadded: log validation
2014-02-21 mkrzewicanother update, + TOF script, still expecting the TOF
2014-02-21 mkrzewicsome updates
2014-02-21 mkrzewicadd some extra protections and a locking mechanism
2014-02-21 mkrzewicinitial version if the central QA producing script
2014-01-14 fbelliniAdding new QA folder + README file containing detector...