Installing GRP/CTP
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGPP / QA /
2014-12-05 mkrzewicunique processID for parallel processing of QA
2014-12-05 mgermainZDC automatic scripts updates (Marco Leoncino) + update...
2014-12-04 mkrzewicbug fixes
2014-12-04 mgermainadding det responsible mail adresses in case of failure...
2014-12-04 mgermainMerge branch 'master' of
2014-12-04 mgermainadding det responsible mail adresses in case of failure...
2014-12-04 mkrzewicoptionally mail the full prod summary log
2014-12-04 mkrzewicprovide better debug information and use the lib
2014-11-27 mkrzewicinit defaults in the body
2014-11-22 mkrzewicfix running with QAresults_barrel.root
2014-11-21 mkrzewicbetter log validation
2014-11-20 mivanovATO-91 Update in TPC-QA trending: MIPattach now part...
2014-11-19 mkrzewicprettier logs
2014-11-17 dstoccoDo not ask for physics selection in MC QA trending
2014-11-07 mkrzewicprocessing of event_stat_outer.root
2014-11-06 mkrzewicadd comment
2014-11-06 mkrzewicadd explicit processing of QAresults_outer.root
2014-11-06 mkrzewicnow it works. before - not so much.
2014-11-05 mkrzewicnow it works. before - not so much.
2014-10-30 ekryshenOCDB path added as a parameter plus other fixes
2014-10-30 ekryshencopy triggerInfo.C added
2014-10-30 ekryshenPhysics selection QA added in the QA framework
2014-10-29 mkrzewicadd a default runMap in parseConfig
2014-10-29 fbelliniTrending macros update: added match. eff. normalized...
2014-10-29 mkrzewicupdate docs
2014-10-29 mkrzewicdon't lie in the log!
2014-10-29 mkrzewicadd the possibility to process the event stat file
2014-10-21 mgermainadding scripts and macros for V0 automatic QA and trending
2014-10-21 mkrzewicRevert "make the sorting more robust by using natural...
2014-10-21 mkrzewicmake the sorting more robust by using natural sort
2014-10-18 mkrzewicassign blame
2014-10-18 dstoccoFix problems for automatic running
2014-10-18 mkrzewicsome cleanup, better documentation
2014-10-17 mkrzewicfix typos in the example
2014-10-17 mkrzewicoverride the container name if necessary
2014-10-14 mkrzewicexplicitly return a return code
2014-10-14 mkrzewicfailing detector in email subject
2014-10-14 mkrzewicavoid accumulating email addresses when constructing...
2014-10-14 mkrzewicadd possibility to add detectror expert email for per...
2014-10-09 mkrzewicsome more documentation
2014-10-09 mkrzewicexplicit return 0 on success in parseConfig()
2014-09-10 fbelliniAdded TRD script for automatic trending + change permis...
2014-09-08 mkrzewicset umask before the log file is created
2014-09-03 fbelliniAdded FMD script for QA trending (V. Zaccolo)
2014-07-22 shabetaiAdding scripts and macros for EMCAL automatic QA and...
2014-07-07 fbelliniAdded macros and scripts for ZDC QA automatic trending...
2014-06-27 mkrzewicupdate docs
2014-06-27 mkrzewicconcurrent running switchble by option + log directory...
2014-06-23 fbelliniAdded PHOS script for automatic trending (from B. Polis...
2014-06-21 mkrzewicoverwrite existing files when unzipping archives
2014-06-21 mkrzewicfix unzipping
2014-06-18 mivanovATO-1, ATO-47 added protection against incomplete input...
2014-06-13 mkrzewicupdates form Jan Wagner
2014-06-12 mkrzewictoo many brackets
2014-06-12 mkrzewicfix run range for 2010
2014-06-10 mkrzewicsome afterfixes
2014-06-10 mkrzewicfix the anchor year guessing
2014-06-09 mkrzewicprotect against non existent files
2014-06-09 mkrzewicone more mac fix
2014-06-09 mkrzewicmake it work on a mac
2014-06-05 mkrzewicraise an error if the anchor year for a production...
2014-05-30 mkrzewicadd a protection and a warning against running with...
2014-05-30 mkrzewicPWGPP-53 fix run data extraction during the period...
2014-05-28 mkrzewicfrom Jan Wagner:
2014-05-27 pcrochetMUON trending scripts (Diego)
2014-05-06 mkrzewicform Jan Wagner: some fixes
2014-04-23 mivanovMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/master...
2014-04-23 mkrzewicfix the use of the anchorYear map
2014-04-16 mkrzewicforce a local variable to avoid clashes in the global...
2014-04-16 mkrzewicimprove index.html file to include runs list
2014-04-16 mkrzewicadditional protection for MC anchor parsing
2014-04-16 mkrzewicproperly parse the anchor year of the MC production...
2014-04-16 mkrzewicpossibility to use local ocdb storage for TOF qa
2014-04-16 mkrzewicadd docs on settable ocdbStorage + modify T0 script...
2014-04-13 mivanovMerge branch 'master' into TPCdev
2014-04-10 mkrzewicmove the lock to working dir to better avoid conflicts...
2014-04-10 mkrzewicadd some safety features
2014-04-09 mkrzewicbe paranoid about timestamps
2014-04-08 mkrzewicif processing lego train output - add _lego${legoNumber...
2014-04-08 mkrzewicadd a MAILTO variable for notifications
2014-04-08 mkrzewicadd initial version html index for TPC
2014-04-08 mkrzewicbe more verbose
2014-04-08 mkrzewicwhen running with local OCDB - change the year accordin...
2014-04-08 mkrzewicemail about locking conflicts
2014-04-08 mkrzewicadditional safety mechanism: locking to protect against...
2014-04-08 mkrzewicimprove documentation
2014-04-08 mkrzewicstupid mistake
2014-04-07 mkrzewicby default print output to stdout
2014-04-07 mkrzewicimprove ad-hoc usability by defining an env var alienSy...
2014-04-07 mkrzewichandle bash args properly using arrays
2014-03-27 mkrzewiconly include errors in the email
2014-03-27 mkrzewicfix the default cdb storage
2014-03-27 mkrzewicmore comments
2014-03-27 mkrzewicadd timestamps to the log of
2014-03-27 mkrzewichack the alien env to make it work in all cases
2014-03-27 mkrzewicbe explicit about the alien user
2014-03-27 mkrzewicfix the executable bit
2014-03-27 mkrzewicchange the logic of creating a softlink - override...
2014-03-27 mkrzewicmake it work on lxplus
2014-03-27 mkrzewicdont process if detector container not present in the...