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2014-11-06 dkeijdenCorrection of the Labelling of Hybrid Tracks in process...
2014-11-06 dkeijdenQA processing macros update to prevent floating point...
2014-10-23 sjenaNew macro for Femto QA: sjena
2014-10-23 sjenaUpdate analysis qa GA macro: sjena
2014-10-17 sjenaFix in analysis QA Flow macro to process pp
2014-06-27 sjenaUpdate for LF
2014-06-02 dkeijdenJet task updated in readme for QA AOD plot macro's
2014-03-31 sjenaREADME Update
2014-03-31 sjenaREADME Update
2014-03-31 dkeijdenAdded MB trigger to the processJETrackQA.C macro
2014-03-31 sjenaNew version of JETriggerQA Macro
2014-02-19 sjenafixing output type
2014-01-29 sjenaAnalysis QA post-processing macros and script
2014-01-22 morschnew directory