PWGPP-3, ATO-19 - Reduce size of the space points for alignment (Laser calibration...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGPP /
2014-06-28 mivanovPWGPP-3, ATO-19 - Reduce size of the space points for...
2014-06-27 sjenaUpdate for LF
2014-06-27 mkrzewicupdate docs
2014-06-27 mkrzewicconcurrent running switchble by option + log directory...
2014-06-26 dberzanoRelVal: name GNU screen after session
2014-06-26 dberzanoRelVal: recycling existing virtual machines
2014-06-26 mkrzewicclean up the log summary creation
2014-06-26 mkrzewicimprove the summary log
2014-06-26 mkrzewicfix summary.log creation:
2014-06-26 dberzanoRelVal: support different workdirs on the same VM
2014-06-26 dberzanoRelVal: small error message fix
2014-06-25 jklein- coverity fixes for unused but set variables in variou...
2014-06-24 rgrossoALIROOT-5488 Remove build/include from the include...
2014-06-24 dberzanoRelVal: support for overriding opts from cmdline
2014-06-23 bhess- Fixed coverity warnings
2014-06-23 fbelliniAdded PHOS script for automatic trending (from B. Polis...
2014-06-21 mkrzewicoverwrite existing files when unzipping archives
2014-06-21 mkrzewicfix unzipping
2014-06-19 dberzanoRelVal: defaults now to a non-volatile directory
2014-06-18 mivanovATO-1, ATO-47 added protection against incomplete input...
2014-06-16 bhess- Storage of multiplicity now controlled by a parameter
2014-06-16 bhess- Removed dependence on environmental variables to...
2014-06-16 bhess- Fixed name problem of output containers
2014-06-16 bhess- Fixed setting of cuts (was still old convention)
2014-06-16 bhess- Fixed compiler warnings/errors
2014-06-16 bhess- Added TPC PID calibration and QA classes to PWGPP...
2014-06-16 bhess- Added classes and macros for TPC PID calibration
2014-06-16 mkrzewicchange process sync to shell job control instead of...
2014-06-15 mkrzewicadd filename to the stacktracetree
2014-06-13 mivanovMerge branch 'TPCdev' of
2014-06-13 mivanovmaking script executable
2014-06-13 mivanovMerge branch 'master' into TPCdev
2014-06-13 dberzanoCloud RelVal more verbose and using temp dirs
2014-06-13 dberzanoScript to control Release Validation on the cloud
2014-06-13 mkrzewicupdates form Jan Wagner
2014-06-13 mivanovPWGPP-4 Code clean-up
2014-06-13 mivanovPWGPP-3, PWGPP-4, ATO-52 - switch to configure the...
2014-06-12 mkrzewicoption to run in current directory
2014-06-12 mkrzewictoo many brackets
2014-06-12 mkrzewicfix run range for 2010
2014-06-12 mivanovPWGPP-3, PWGPP-4 - Reducing the size of the output...
2014-06-11 mivanovPWGPP-3, ATO-19 AliAnalysisTaskFilteredTree.{h,cxx...
2014-06-10 mkrzewicsome afterfixes
2014-06-10 mkrzewicfix the anchor year guessing
2014-06-09 mkrzewicprotect against non existent files
2014-06-09 mkrzewicone more mac fix
2014-06-09 mkrzewicmake it work on a mac
2014-06-05 mkrzewicraise an error if the anchor year for a production...
2014-06-03 zconesafix warning with last clang version (D.Stocco)
2014-06-03 mkrzewicbe paranoid about copying files to the target filesystem
2014-06-02 zampolliRemoving printout (Davide)
2014-06-02 zampolliRemoving printout (Davide)
2014-06-02 dkeijdenJet task updated in readme for QA AOD plot macro's
2014-05-30 mkrzewicadd a protection and a warning against running with...
2014-05-30 mkrzewicPWGPP-53 fix run data extraction during the period...
2014-05-29 hristovMerge with TRDdev.2.0
2014-05-29 mivanovATO-37 - STEER/CDB/ - catch exceptio...
2014-05-29 mivanovPWGPP-55, ATO-36, ATO-35 Process ITS standalone tracks...
2014-05-29 mivanovPWGPP-4 Functionality to make a program snapshot ...
2014-05-29 shahoianadapted to new version of FitRobust
2014-05-28 mkrzewicfrom Jan Wagner:
2014-05-28 hristovMerge branch 'master' into TPCdev
2014-05-27 pcrochetMUON trending scripts (Diego)
2014-05-27 pcrochetModification for new trending scripts (Diego)
2014-05-26 mkrzewicmerge trending into current dir instead of terget dir
2014-05-26 mivanovMerge branch 'master' into TPCdev
2014-05-26 mivanovATO-37 - STEER/CDB/ - catch exceptio...
2014-05-26 mkrzewicimprove logging of the aliroot command line
2014-05-26 mivanovPWGPP-55, ATO-36, ATO-35 Process ITS standalone tracks...
2014-05-25 mkrzewicbugfix - wrong delimiters
2014-05-25 mkrzewicthis contains the fixes by Dario to workaround some...
2014-05-23 mkrzewicdont create any files in place to avoid problems with eos
2014-05-21 pcrochettrigger input file not mandatory anymore, remove few...
2014-05-19 mivanovATO-35
2014-05-19 mivanovMerge branch 'TRDdev' into TPCdev
2014-05-19 mivanovMerge branch master into TRDdev
2014-05-19 mkrzewicATO-35
2014-05-19 mivanovMerge branch 'master' into TPCdev
2014-05-19 mkrzewicsplit the production of the stacktrace summary to a...
2014-05-17 mkrzewicpass the default OCDB storage to QA plot creation
2014-05-17 mkrzewicsome more updates
2014-05-17 mkrzewicmore verbose logging + one minor but fix
2014-05-16 mkrzewicchange default to a more general one
2014-05-16 mkrzewicsome cleanup
2014-05-16 mkrzewicbe smarter about the metafile naming
2014-05-16 mkrzewicmake log prettier
2014-05-16 mkrzewicsmall fix
2014-05-16 mkrzewicquoting, again
2014-05-16 mkrzewicfix quoting
2014-05-16 mkrzewicre-add the ocdb storage to the QAtrain_duo.C - why...
2014-05-16 mkrzewicwhen will it end??
2014-05-16 mkrzewici am never touching this file again
2014-05-14 mkrzewicalso on a batch farm encode spaces to avoid problems...
2014-05-13 mkrzewicmany small bug fixes:
2014-05-10 mivanovPWGPP-4 Functionality to make a program snapshot ...
2014-05-06 mkrzewicform Jan Wagner: some fixes
2014-05-05 hristovMerge branch 'master' into TPCdev
2014-05-03 hristovChanges to compile with Root6 on macosx64
2014-05-02 shahoianMerge branch 'master' into TRDdev
2014-05-02 mkrzewicfix file location for distributed computing