Fixing file after rebasing master
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGPP /
2014-12-15 mgermainUddate from ZDC Marco- Chiara
2014-12-13 mivanovPWGPP-41 - function to generate pwd for QA
2014-12-10 cblumeCoverity fixes
2014-12-09 mkrzewicinitial (empty) version of the unit test
2014-12-09 mkrzewiccleanup+small fixes
2014-12-09 mkrzewicchange to #!/usr/bin/env bash for flexibility
2014-12-09 mkrzewicavoid infinite recursion
2014-12-09 mkrzewiccovering our asses by including the MIT license
2014-12-09 mkrzewicadd a bash log library
2014-12-09 mkrzewicremove old function
2014-12-09 mkrzewicblame Dario for copyFileToLocal()
2014-12-08 mkrzewicexecute commands in modified environment
2014-12-08 mkrzewicsmarter regex
2014-12-08 mkrzewicbetter documentation
2014-12-08 mkrzewicmore functionality + fix get_realpath()
2014-12-08 cblumeAdd TRD-PID code (Yvonne)
2014-12-08 mkrzewicmake guessRunNumber robuster by using guessRunData
2014-12-07 mkrzewicexport the runNumber into the env
2014-12-06 mkrzewicmake paranoidCp robust
2014-12-06 mkrzewicbugfix: do nothing if destination==source in copy
2014-12-06 mivanovATO-98 more verbose output for benchmark
2014-12-06 mivanovATO-98 Example config file to run /u/miranov/AliRoot...
2014-12-06 mivanovATO-96 - function to make a diff file between *.C...
2014-12-05 mkrzewicbetter warning when no input available
2014-12-05 mkrzewicunique processID for parallel processing of QA
2014-12-05 mgermainZDC automatic scripts updates (Marco Leoncino) + update...
2014-12-04 fbelliniAdded plots fpr PID qa from PIDqa task + addedd mean...
2014-12-04 mkrzewicbug fixes
2014-12-04 mgermainadding det responsible mail adresses in case of failure...
2014-12-04 mgermainMerge branch 'master' of
2014-12-04 mgermainadding det responsible mail adresses in case of failure...
2014-12-04 mkrzewicoptionally mail the full prod summary log
2014-12-04 mkrzewicfix: parse the delimiter correctly
2014-12-04 mkrzewicbeautify the debugging output
2014-12-04 mkrzewicprovide better debug information and use the lib
2014-12-04 mkrzewicupdates. add basic stack trace plot func
2014-12-02 dstoccoProtection to avoid crash when no input is found
2014-12-02 ppillotcoverity fix
2014-12-02 ppillotcoverity fix
2014-12-02 shahoianSuppressed Sumw2 in ITS QA and Calib tasks to reduce...
2014-12-01 dstoccoCheck aliroot environmental variables before including...
2014-11-28 agrigoraMerge branch 'TPCdev' into master
2014-11-27 mkrzewicfirst version of a bash utilities lib
2014-11-27 mkrzewicinit defaults in the body
2014-11-26 zconesaInitialize track counter and produce trending plots...
2014-11-24 ppillotnew version to compute trk eff from output of AliAnalys...
2014-11-24 ppillotnew version to measure efficiency at pad/MANU/BP/DE...
2014-11-22 mivanovMerge branch 'master' into TPCdev
2014-11-22 mkrzewicfix running with QAresults_barrel.root
2014-11-21 mkrzewicbetter log validation
2014-11-20 mivanovMerge branch 'master' into TPCdev
2014-11-20 mivanovATO-91 Update in TPC-QA trending: MIPattach now part...
2014-11-20 ekryshenUpdated macros for physics selection QA
2014-11-19 mkrzewicprettier logs
2014-11-18 zampolliRemoving left-over "return".
2014-11-18 zampolliRemoving leftover return
2014-11-17 dstoccoDo not ask for physics selection in MC QA trending
2014-11-08 mivanovMerge branch 'master' into TPCdev
2014-11-07 mkrzewicprocessing of event_stat_outer.root
2014-11-06 mkrzewicadd comment
2014-11-06 mkrzewicsometimes histograms are empty, don't crash
2014-11-06 mkrzewicadd explicit processing of QAresults_outer.root
2014-11-06 dkeijdenCorrection of the Labelling of Hybrid Tracks in process...
2014-11-06 dkeijdenQA processing macros update to prevent floating point...
2014-11-06 mkrzewicnow it works. before - not so much.
2014-11-05 mkrzewicnow it works. before - not so much.
2014-11-03 zampolliAdding new TOF and T0 tasks to CPass1 (output in separa...
2014-11-03 zampolliAdding T0 task to CPass1 macros
2014-10-31 ekryshenRun-by-run QA plots added in PS QA framework
2014-10-30 ekryshenOCDB path added as a parameter plus other fixes
2014-10-30 ekryshencopy triggerInfo.C added
2014-10-30 ekryshenPhysics selection QA added in the QA framework
2014-10-29 mkrzewicadd a default runMap in parseConfig
2014-10-29 fbelliniTrending macros update: added match. eff. normalized...
2014-10-29 maseranew QA macro for the upgraded ITS
2014-10-29 mkrzewicupdate docs
2014-10-29 mkrzewicdon't lie in the log!
2014-10-29 mkrzewicadd the possibility to process the event stat file
2014-10-28 alibitsMoving required CMake version from 2.8.4 to 2.8.8
2014-10-28 zconesafix run number when no run list is provided (C.Hadjidakis)
2014-10-28 alibitsMoving required CMake version from 2.8.4 to 2.8.8
2014-10-28 zconesafix run number when no run list is provided (C.Hadjidakis)
2014-10-28 mivanovMerge branch 'master' into TPCdev
2014-10-27 fnoferinMerge branch 'master' of
2014-10-27 fnoferinfine tuning of TOF tail (developing task)
2014-10-27 mflorisCompleted changes needed because of previous commit
2014-10-27 mflorisAliAODEvent::GetHeader() returns AliVHeader
2014-10-27 rirussochanges for Vertex and Tracks classes
2014-10-24 fnoferinadd tuning of TOF TOF tail for MC (under deveolping)
2014-10-23 fbelliniAdded macro for local merging of the QA output
2014-10-23 sjenaNew macro for Femto QA: sjena
2014-10-23 sjenaUpdate analysis qa GA macro: sjena
2014-10-22 hristovMerge branch 'master' of
2014-10-22 hristovAdding using std::... (Root6)
2014-10-22 fnoferinMerge branch 'master' of
2014-10-22 fnoferinimprove fit procedure (err estimates)
2014-10-22 hristovAdding PWG/muon to EINCLUDE
2014-10-21 zampolliFix for TOF new calib task for CPass
2014-10-21 zampolliAdding macro to be able to run TOF calib tree task...
2014-10-21 hristovFixed end-of-line format