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[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGPP /
2014-03-08 mkrzewicrename the script template to not trigger processing...
2014-03-08 allafiles for central QA
2014-03-07 akalweitAdding Mareks task on fake tracks (misassigned ITS...
2014-03-07 akalweitUpdates in plot macros.
2014-03-06 zconesarefine files out name
2014-03-06 mkrzewicsome fixes for running with makeflow
2014-03-06 mkrzewicfix treename and add a null pointer protection
2014-03-05 fbelliniFixed warning + added protection for non-existing TOF...
2014-03-05 mkrzewicupdate to latest version, possibly still not the final one
2014-03-05 mkrzewic- add the possibility to process highPt trees as QA...
2014-03-04 mkrzewicadded the alien caching script with example config
2014-03-04 mkrzewicmake it work on MacOSX
2014-03-04 mkrzewicadd includeDetectors option, update documentation and...
2014-03-03 fbelliniUpdated TOF script for QA trending
2014-03-03 pcrochetDo not write tmp files in /tmp (Diego)
2014-03-03 pcrochetBug fix in checking file existence (Diego)
2014-02-28 mkrzewicroot has sometimes problems parsing the arguments to...
2014-02-27 mkrzewicfix excluding of detectors
2014-02-27 fbelliniAdded folder for trending macros for TOF QA + new macro...
2014-02-27 mkrzewicdefault (empty) QA script for tracking. The expert...
2014-02-27 mkrzewicmake explicit the possibility to process the high pt...
2014-02-27 mkrzewicfollow the old and nasty naming for consistency: Filter...
2014-02-27 mkrzewicprotect agains null pointers
2014-02-26 mkrzewicadd the code to produce the expert QA
2014-02-26 mkrzewicmake a default trending tree if a detector does not...
2014-02-26 mkrzewicthe default trendinf macro:
2014-02-25 mkrzewicmacro to run standalone ESD filtering
2014-02-24 mkrzewicmake it play nice with the benchmark
2014-02-24 mkrzewicuse associative arrays for book-keeping + other small...
2014-02-23 mkrzewiccan run without a config file (with sane defaults)
2014-02-21 mkrzewicprettier output
2014-02-21 mkrzewicadded: log validation
2014-02-21 mkrzewicanother update, + TOF script, still expecting the TOF
2014-02-21 mkrzewicsome updates
2014-02-21 mkrzewicadd some extra protections and a locking mechanism
2014-02-21 mkrzewicinitial version if the central QA producing script
2014-02-20 mkrzewicremove calls to Clone() and add a standalone macro...
2014-02-19 sjenafixing output type
2014-02-18 pcrochetUse trigger tracks to estimate efficiencies in QA ...
2014-02-17 akalweitcoverity fix
2014-02-17 fnoferinMerge branch 'master' of
2014-02-17 fnoferinsome coverity fixes
2014-02-15 pcrochetImprove plotted histograms in Terminate (Diego)
2014-02-13 fnoferinMerge branch 'master' of
2014-02-13 fnoferinfix bug when evaluating contamination for postive particles
2014-02-13 cvetanAdding directory for p-A centrality studies and dNdeta...
2014-02-10 zconesaSecond trial to remove coverity warning
2014-02-10 hristovMerge branch 'TPCdev'
2014-02-09 akalweitMerged version with Olivers ITS->TPC matching. To be...
2014-02-06 mkrzewicfix a stupid mistake that sneake in during merge
2014-02-06 mkrzewicMerge branch 'master', remote branch 'origin' into...
2014-02-06 shahoianFor backward compatibility changed the method AliVTrack...
2014-02-04 mkrzewicMerge branch 'master', remote branch 'origin' into...
2014-02-04 antoniolAdded macro for iterative computationn of priors
2014-02-03 mkrzewicMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into TPCdev
2014-02-03 akalweitUpdates..
2014-02-03 fnoferinMerge branch 'master' of
2014-02-03 fnoferinadded nsigma analysis
2014-01-31 Mikolaj KrzewickiRevert "update comment"
2014-01-31 Mikolaj Krzewickiupdate comment
2014-01-30 Mikolaj KrzewickiMerge branch 'master' into TPCdev
2014-01-29 zconesacosmetics trial for coverity warning
2014-01-29 sjenaAnalysis QA post-processing macros and script
2014-01-23 akalweitUpdates.
2014-01-22 morschnew directory
2014-01-21 hristovMFT clean-up (Antonio)
2014-01-17 agrigoraend-of-line normalization
2014-01-17 agrigoraend-of-line normalization
2014-01-16 Francesco Noferinibug fix in post analysis macro
2014-01-15 hristovFix for end-of-line style
2014-01-15 hristovCorrected end-of-line behavior
2014-01-14 fbelliniAdding new QA folder + README file containing detector...
2014-01-10 hristovTypo
2014-01-10 fnoferin@cern.chMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-10 fnoferin@cern.chmacro to extract efficiency: small fix
2014-01-10 hristovFrom the CMake manual: We do not recommend using GLOB...
2014-01-09 hristovPossibility to set specific storage, i.e. for GRP
2014-01-09 hristovFrom CMake manual:
2014-01-09 fnoferin@cern.chmacro to extract results tuned
2014-01-08 fnoferin@cern.chAdded possibility to estimate contamination
2014-01-08 fnoferin@cern.chAdded possibility to estimate contamination
2013-12-18 Mikolaj Krzewickiupdate the CDB connect task from master
2013-12-17 hristov Fix for Coverity defect 22014
2013-12-17 hristov Fix for Coverity defect 21918
2013-12-12 Francesca BelliniAdded flag to select track quality cuts
2013-12-12 Michael WeberRevert "- test commit"
2013-12-11 mweberMerge branch 'master' of
2013-12-11 Ruben ShahoyanMerge branch 'master' of
2013-12-11 Ruben ShahoyanSet default cut on DCA to 10 sigma
2013-12-11 Alexandru BercuciFix coverity issues
2013-12-10 mweberMerge branch 'master' of
2013-12-09 mivanov //
2013-12-09 Alexandru Bercuci/home/abercuci/usr/AliRoot/REF/.git/COMMIT_EDITMSG
2013-12-08 Mikolaj Krzewickiupdates:
2013-12-02 fbelliniFix for TRD/noTRD related histos + cleanup of comments
2013-12-02 shahoianFix to make sure that the run number is set to CDB...
2013-12-02 fbelliniFix for coverity + improved beta version
2013-11-29 mkrzewicfix: use SETTER instead of GETTER
2013-11-26 shahoianInit raw cdb path if the storage is not initialized
2013-11-25 akalweitWarning fix from coverity.