Improved merging.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGPP /
2013-08-09 jotwinowmult bug fix and updated selection JO
2013-08-06 pcrochetBetter use of TFileMerger to remove intermediate files...
2013-08-01 mivanovChange of logic:
2013-08-01 zampolliUpdate for Mean Vertex calibration in CPass - possibili...
2013-07-29 mkrzewicadd the possibility to use an OCDB snapshot. Just put...
2013-07-29 agheatacoverity fix
2013-07-29 mkrzewicadded the benchmark script + example config
2013-07-28 mkrzewicadditional protections for MC particles: label out...
2013-07-28 mkrzewiccheck that the label does not exceed the stack size
2013-07-26 mkrzewicfrom Attilio Tarantola:
2013-07-24 fnoferinrefined kaon fits
2013-07-23 fnoferinMC bug fixed in kaon macro
2013-07-23 fnoferinadded a check for TPC gaussianity
2013-07-23 fnoferinsmall bug fixed
2013-07-22 fnoferincontamination also computed for user PID
2013-07-22 fnoferinAdded the possibility to the user to manage own PID
2013-07-19 fnoferinadded a rough definition of centrality also for pp...
2013-07-19 fnoferinmismatch parameterization changed for MC
2013-07-18 fnoferinminor fix
2013-07-18 fnoferinimproved fit for V0s at high momenta
2013-07-17 fnoferintuned fit to V0s
2013-07-17 agheataInitialization of the MC event fMC moved in UserExec...
2013-07-17 jotwinowcorrected pt range in Analyse function
2013-07-17 fnoferinimproved the macro to extract PID perf (automaticly...
2013-07-16 fnoferinupdate: macro to extract pid results on performance
2013-07-16 fnoferincoverity fix
2013-07-15 fnoferinBetter tuning of the PIDperf task, minor bug fixed
2013-07-15 fnoferinAdd flag to define collision system
2013-07-12 fnoferinwarning fix
2013-07-12 fnoferinadd a library for pid code
2013-07-12 fnoferinadd pid dir with some task to run PID performance
2013-07-08 mkrzewiccoverity fixes (removed dead code)
2013-07-08 jotwinowcoverity fix
2013-07-02 agheataLoad geometry from local geometry.root if this is available
2013-06-20 mkrzewicconstrain fit to prevent crashes
2013-06-11 mkrzewicadd optional localOCDBaccessConfig.C similar to cpass1...
2013-06-10 daineseacoverity
2013-06-07 hristovFixed forward declaration TH3 -> TH3D
2013-06-06 jotwinowadd control histograms (Jacek Otwinowski)
2013-06-03 jotwinowcoverity fix (Jacek Otwinowski)
2013-05-29 mivanovAdding the TPCOut, TRD and TOF refeences
2013-05-27 daineseacoverity
2013-05-16 mkrzewicfix a bug where the tree remains empty for data
2013-05-15 daineseaadapt for ITS upgrade
2013-04-30 svnbits#101318: Patch for various problems in AliROOT
2013-04-23 mkrzewicautomatically write MC info into the trees when MC...
2013-04-19 pcrochetFix bug in graph plotting (keep boards with no track...
2013-04-17 jotwinowcorrected ranges fix by M. Nicassio
2013-04-17 fbelliniAdded histograms for dx and dz residuals vs TOF channel...
2013-04-11 jotwinowcome back to pT ranges
2013-04-11 jotwinowfixes of the range (M. Nicassio)
2013-04-03 loizidescoverty
2013-03-26 scomparCoverity fix (Diego)
2013-03-26 abercuciadd ITS cuts in info gen (Ionut)
2013-03-25 jotwinowchange pT threshold and fix projection on pT
2013-03-18 jotwinowcoverity fix
2013-03-18 mivanovModifications:
2013-03-06 zampolliUpdate from Davide - removing explicit setting of the...
2013-03-06 jotwinowcoverity + TPC label (David Rohr)
2013-03-05 jthaeder2 coverity fixes and 1 compilation warning
2013-03-02 jthaederPrepare for the new TPC layout
2013-02-26 jthaeder- Add Include of TPC/Base
2013-02-25 mkrzewicadd filename as a branch in the highPt tree, it is...
2013-02-17 scomparUse only one function to set the trigger classes: patte...
2013-02-17 scomparAdd T0 and SPD pile up and SPD background flag to count...
2013-02-15 mkrzewicAddTask macro for the tender to apply the 1/pt correcti...
2013-02-13 abercucireset usage of the first THnSparse dimension to layer...
2013-02-12 daineseapossibility to read AODs and use AliESDtrackCuts (A...
2013-02-11 coppedisUpdated task
2013-02-11 coppedisFixes for coverity
2013-02-04 mkrzewicadded explicit parameter range limits to the fit to...
2013-02-04 mkrzewicupdate to production version
2013-02-01 mkrzewicupdate to a version used in production
2013-02-01 coppedisQaing also the corrected ZN TDC values
2013-01-28 coppedisUpdating task for p-A
2013-01-25 atoiaupdate glauber ntuple
2013-01-25 atoiaupdate for pA
2013-01-25 atoiaupdate for pA
2013-01-25 shahoianStat. for all events was filled after the centrality cut
2013-01-23 mkrzewicuse the analysis framework for creating the output...
2013-01-23 hristovCorrected delete of TObjArrays created by TString:...
2013-01-22 svnbitsAlways delete TObjArrays created by TString::Tokenize...
2013-01-22 mkrzewicreduced default max entries for merging to avoid proble...
2013-01-21 coppedisEnlarging scale for ZNs and ZEMs
2013-01-18 scomparImprove L0 trigger inputs determination. Allow to use...
2013-01-16 svnbitsFixed cmake files (Constantin)
2013-01-16 coppedisFilling QA histos without PS
2013-01-15 abercuciadd protection for backward data compatibility
2013-01-15 abercucifix coverity
2013-01-14 daineseaAdded protection (bug 99780 + fixed bug from prev commit
2013-01-11 cvetanPreparing for new trigger names for p-Pb
2013-01-10 daineseaITS QA task with check for SDD in trigger cluster ...
2013-01-09 pcrochetAdd centrality dependence in pA for muon tracking QA...
2013-01-09 hristovAdditions change for #99698: Porting request for ZDC...
2013-01-08 coppedisNew QA tasks for p-A
2013-01-08 hristovAdditional protection for #99666: Crash in Stage5 mergi...
2013-01-08 abercucifix coverity
2013-01-07 fbelliniAdded plots for matching efficiency vs phi at outer...
2013-01-03 mkrzewiccope with the new CalibObjects.root file structure...