Adding extra check for GPU_FORCE_64BIT_PTR env var
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGPP /
2014-01-31 Mikolaj KrzewickiRevert "update comment"
2014-01-31 Mikolaj Krzewickiupdate comment
2014-01-29 zconesacosmetics trial for coverity warning
2014-01-29 sjenaAnalysis QA post-processing macros and script
2014-01-23 akalweitUpdates.
2014-01-22 morschnew directory
2014-01-21 hristovMFT clean-up (Antonio)
2014-01-17 agrigoraend-of-line normalization
2014-01-16 Francesco Noferinibug fix in post analysis macro
2014-01-15 hristovFix for end-of-line style
2014-01-15 hristovCorrected end-of-line behavior
2014-01-14 fbelliniAdding new QA folder + README file containing detector...
2014-01-10 hristovTypo
2014-01-10 fnoferin@cern.chMerge branch 'master' of
2014-01-10 fnoferin@cern.chmacro to extract efficiency: small fix
2014-01-10 hristovFrom the CMake manual: We do not recommend using GLOB...
2014-01-09 hristovPossibility to set specific storage, i.e. for GRP
2014-01-09 hristovFrom CMake manual:
2014-01-09 fnoferin@cern.chmacro to extract results tuned
2014-01-08 fnoferin@cern.chAdded possibility to estimate contamination
2014-01-08 fnoferin@cern.chAdded possibility to estimate contamination
2013-12-17 hristov Fix for Coverity defect 22014
2013-12-17 hristov Fix for Coverity defect 21918
2013-12-12 Francesca BelliniAdded flag to select track quality cuts
2013-12-12 Michael WeberRevert "- test commit"
2013-12-11 mweberMerge branch 'master' of
2013-12-11 Ruben ShahoyanMerge branch 'master' of
2013-12-11 Ruben ShahoyanSet default cut on DCA to 10 sigma
2013-12-11 Alexandru BercuciFix coverity issues
2013-12-10 mweberMerge branch 'master' of
2013-12-09 Alexandru Bercuci/home/abercuci/usr/AliRoot/REF/.git/COMMIT_EDITMSG
2013-12-02 fbelliniFix for TRD/noTRD related histos + cleanup of comments
2013-12-02 shahoianFix to make sure that the run number is set to CDB...
2013-12-02 fbelliniFix for coverity + improved beta version
2013-11-26 shahoianInit raw cdb path if the storage is not initialized
2013-11-25 akalweitWarning fix from coverity.
2013-11-22 shahoianChanged AliFatal to AliWarning in case of problems...
2013-11-21 shahoianAdded default "raw://" path to AddTaskCDBconnect
2013-11-19 akalweitcoverity fix
2013-11-19 zconesacoverity fixes
2013-11-18 agheataFixes in the CDBconnect task (Ruben) and adaptation...
2013-11-17 zconesaAdd centrality as variable
2013-11-15 pcrochetCalculate the trigger efficiency both in the standard...
2013-11-12 mkrzewicset storage in CreateOutputObjects
2013-11-09 mkrzewicreturn correct type
2013-11-08 mkrzewicbug fix: use the NEW task
2013-11-07 mkrzewicsmall bugfix in case we run on a batch system
2013-11-07 akalweitUpdates
2013-11-05 akalweitWarning fix.
2013-11-05 akalweitcoverity fix.
2013-11-04 mkrzewicguess the run number from the input file path
2013-11-04 mkrzewicadd a robust run number guessing scheme that works...
2013-11-04 zconesaUndo last non-voluntary commit, Comment the 'comments...
2013-11-04 zconesado not check filter bit on ESD analysis
2013-11-04 zconesaFix for ESD analysis
2013-11-04 zconesaFix for ESD analysis
2013-11-01 mkrzewicadd task macro to go with the AliTaskConfigOCDB class
2013-10-31 zconesaUpdate libraries to load + no longer needed to (re...
2013-10-29 mkrzewicupdate the benchmarking scripts to the latest version
2013-10-28 mkrzewicnew task to set up the OCDB and GRP for TPC QA in an...
2013-10-28 akalweit Coverity fixes (Jitendra).
2013-10-28 akalweitCoverity fixes (Jitendra).
2013-10-25 zconesaminor fixes
2013-10-24 hristovAdding using::cout and using::endl
2013-10-24 akalweitAdding addTask macro for tracking uncertainty.
2013-10-24 akalweitAdding new tasks for tracking efficiency and its relate...
2013-10-24 akalweitbug fix
2013-10-23 akalweitPID updates from Markus Fasel.
2013-10-23 akalweitupdates from Emilia
2013-10-23 akalweitsmall bug fixes and improvements.
2013-10-23 mivanovAdding additional variables - difernt counter of ...
2013-10-22 hristovCorrected EINCLUDE
2013-10-22 akalweitAdding skeleton of a macro which extracts the sensitivi...
2013-10-22 jotwinowmultTPC and multSPD added
2013-10-21 hristov#102886: Various fixes to the the code in EVE, STEER...
2013-10-17 akalweitAdding the task of Jitendra and Zaida for efficiency...
2013-10-17 akalweitAdding tracking efficiency uncertainty task.
2013-10-15 jotwinowfix upper limits for maxclones and maxfakes JO
2013-10-11 Jochen Klein- test commit
2013-10-10 agheataFrom Mihaela: added support for arbitrary CDB location...
2013-10-07 mkrzewicfrom Laurent Aphecetche:
2013-10-05 jotwinowbug fix in MCEfftree plus two new variables
2013-09-30 atoiaremoved smear in ntot
2013-09-25 mkrzewicfix a but where ESD files would not be moved to the...
2013-09-24 atoiainclude rndm ZPA to calculate ncoll
2013-09-24 atoiasmearing gray and black p,not ncoll
2013-09-17 atoiacode and files for running Glauber+SNM fit to ZDC
2013-09-16 agheataCoverity fix
2013-09-16 zampolliCoverity fix.
2013-09-11 mkrzewicprovide the possibility to merge the QA using the stand...
2013-09-09 zampolliCoverity fix.
2013-09-08 mkrzewicadd dir to the metadata
2013-09-06 mkrzewicfix the TClonesArray out-of-bounds message which was...
2013-09-05 morsch
2013-09-05 fbelliniReverting previous commit and going back to rev.64119Su...
2013-09-05 fbelliniModified QA task to: get PID response and default start...
2013-09-05 pcrochetFix syntax in if condition (Diego)
2013-09-03 zampolliCoverity fixes.
2013-08-29 mkrzewicupdates
2013-08-27 zampolliRemoving requirement on ITS refit for 2011 processing...