Resolving all symbols in the library
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PWGUD / UPC /
2014-12-15 hristovAdding forward declarations
2014-12-15 hristovOne has to cast between the types
2014-12-13 jaroslavAdded classes for UPC analysis
2014-12-09 mbrozAdding ZDC time
2014-12-02 mbrozCheck if track contributes to primary vertex
2014-12-01 mbrozCheck on contributors of spd vertex
2014-11-24 mbrozSeparate trees for ITSsa and global tracks
2014-11-20 mbrozITS PID
2014-11-19 mbrozTask for Phi with ITSsa tracks
2014-11-12 mbrozFix of CINT1 lumi histogram
2014-11-06 mbrozHistogram for C0TVX triggers
2014-11-06 mbrozFlag for non-existance of SPD vertex
2014-11-05 mbrozHistogram for C0TVX triggers
2014-11-05 mbrozFlag for non-existance of SPD vertex
2014-10-27 mflorisCompleted changes needed because of previous commit
2014-10-27 mflorisAliAODEvent::GetHeader() returns AliVHeader
2014-10-20 mbrozCoordinates of SPD vertex
2014-10-02 mbrozTrigger inputs for AOD MC
2014-09-29 mbrozIncluding CINT1 trigger
2014-09-18 mbrozAdding TOF PID
2014-06-24 ekryshenUnification of AOD and ESD modes
2014-04-22 mbrozBug fix in cut variation part
2014-04-15 mbrozUpdate of cut variation function
2014-04-14 mbrozAdding part for cut variation
2014-03-31 ekryshenCoverity fixes: 22684-86,22691-93
2014-03-27 ekryshenNew task to create light-weight tree of UPC events
2014-03-27 mbrozTestBit for V0s
2014-03-26 ekryshenNew task to create light-weight tree of UPC events
2014-03-26 mbrozTestBit for V0s
2014-03-11 mbrozIncluding dca cut
2014-03-10 mbrozIncluding dca cut
2014-03-06 mbrozAdding MC part and PID
2014-02-27 mbrozTunning lumimeters
2014-02-24 mbrozTuning lumimeters and event counters
2014-02-17 mbrozAdding Test bit 0 in AOD
2014-01-27 mbrozAsk ITS refit for the V0 tracks
2014-01-23 mbrozKalman filter vertex in Psi2s task
2014-01-20 Michal BrozNew task for K0sK0s and small changes in Psi2s task
2014-01-08 Michal BrozChange of folder name
2013-12-19 Michal BrozFixing a bug with DCA
2013-12-16 Michal BrozFixing bug in lumi part
2013-12-11 Michal BrozAnother histos for lumi
2013-12-11 Michal BrozRevert "Another histos for lumi"
2013-12-11 Michal BrozAnother histos for lumi
2013-12-06 MichalAdding vertex variable to the tree
2013-11-28 mbrozChange of cuts for two track loop
2013-11-21 mbrozUpdating ESD side of the QA part
2013-11-14 mbrozHistogram with triggers/run
2013-11-07 mbrozAdding couple of QA histograms
2013-10-30 hristovChanges for Root6: removing obsolete TH1 functions...
2013-10-29 mbrozPsi2s in UPC task and library initial commit