Fix for ITS nsigma (Annalisa)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / PYTHIA6 /
2013-04-04 morschProtection added
2013-04-04 morschProtection added
2013-02-12 morschMinimumBias Rockefeller (MBR) processes added
2012-12-18 morschChanges needed for MC production of J/psi from B with...
2012-12-11 hristovRemoving some meaningless const (coverity)
2012-10-01 hristov#97827 AliGenPythia : Trigger on Pythia particles for...
2012-09-05 hristovFix for #97283: AliGenPythia : Trigger on Pythia partic...
2012-08-29 morschEPS09 added.
2012-08-10 shahoianAliDecayers will return particles coordinates,time...
2012-08-07 hristovChanges for #96521: AliGenPythia : Modification to...
2012-08-01 shahoianBringing CMakeLists under svn maintenance
2012-05-21 morschUpdate
2012-05-17 morschUpdates
2012-05-10 morschLambdaBLambda force decay option added.
2012-05-09 morschSetTune for Pythia8
2012-04-10 morschAvoiding crash in crash in GetELossRandomKFastR
2012-03-20 hristovChanges for #92223: Modify AliGenPythia.cxx, .h to...
2012-03-12 hristovAccess to the internal decayer
2012-02-09 morschPossibility to patch the omega dalitz decay in AliDecay...
2012-02-08 morschCoding rulr violations corrected,
2012-01-17 morschOption to write only the heavy flavor chain.
2012-01-02 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2011-12-16 morschUpdates needed for pyquen production.
2011-12-03 morschPyquen large angle radiation
2011-10-18 hristovTuned proton-proton cross-sections at 0.9, 2.76 and...
2011-08-17 cvetanIntroducing the interaction time into the aliroot gener...
2011-07-18 hristovAdding Lambda(1520)
2011-07-18 hristovFix for FPE
2011-07-16 hristovMoving the classes that belong to the following librari...
2011-06-20 fcaCoverity happy finally?
2011-06-17 fcaMore typos (Martin)
2011-06-17 fcaCorrecting typo
2011-06-17 fcaCoverity
2011-06-16 morschNew decay option kJpsiDimuon
2011-06-10 hristovTuned crossections according to the ALICE measurements...
2011-05-18 hristovClean-up of include files
2011-05-06 hristovFix from rev. 40001, avoids partons boosted by PYROBO...
2011-05-02 hristovCorrected declaration
2011-04-25 morschAnother fix avoiding fpe
2011-04-25 morschChanges needed to avoid fpe.
2011-04-23 morschPythia 6.4.25
2011-03-18 hristovGeneration of Lambda(1520) in Pythia 6.4
2011-03-08 morschDouble_t 4-momentum
2011-03-06 morschCoding rule violations corrected
2011-03-02 morschThe change is only in the "heavy flavour" part of Gener...
2011-03-01 hristovReverting commit 38588: Lambda(1520) is switched on
2011-02-22 morschdouble for 4-momentum in Generate()
2011-02-22 morschInterface functions added.
2011-02-10 morschTo create back-to-back partons we need to call the...
2011-01-28 morschCoverity fix.
2011-01-27 morschCoverity fixes.
2011-01-26 morschCoverity fix.
2011-01-25 morschCoverity fix.
2011-01-23 morschCoverity corrections.
2011-01-14 hristovRemoving the flat makefiles
2010-12-21 hristovFix for bug #76597: floating point exception in the...
2010-10-20 hristovCompletely reengineered version of CMake build system...
2010-10-09 morschCoverity bugs corrected.
2010-09-25 morsch * EVGEN/AliGenEMCocktail.cxx (& .h) is the class...
2010-07-16 hristovRestore support for g77
2010-06-18 morschkPsiPrimeJpsiDiElectron added
2010-06-18 morschFix for neg. crossing angles.
2010-06-02 hristovFix for report #67958: Fortrans open call should open...
2010-05-01 morschTake into account beam crossing angle.
2010-04-14 hristovIncremented ClassDef
2010-04-08 morschFor Pythia with tune don't switch off MI in ConfigHeavy...
2010-04-07 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2010-04-06 morschdimuons from omega Dalitz decay included.
2010-03-29 morschI have included the possibility to simulate only Lambda...
2010-03-27 morschBrute force initialisation of V(,) array at the beginni...
2010-03-25 morschProtection against division by 0
2010-03-17 morschOption for patching of the omega dalitz decay.
2010-03-04 morschUpdates for multiple interactions.
2010-02-16 morschkNoDecayBeauty added.
2010-02-12 morschbug #61669: Request to have the interaction time in...
2010-02-02 morschLambda(1520) temporarily switched off.
2010-02-02 morschImproved consistency for primaries.
2010-01-07 morsch- Possibility to decay long lived particles restored
2009-12-04 morschSome hick-up with common blocks solved.
2009-11-24 morschPythia version 6.4.21
2009-11-17 hristovMajor update of the CMake compilation:
2009-11-10 morschkPyMbDefault back to what it was.
2009-11-04 morschpbar -> p
2009-10-31 morschAtlas Tune MC09 added.
2009-10-30 morschProcess kPyMbAtlasTuneMC09 added
2009-10-07 fcaSome cleanup in the makefiles
2009-10-07 morschpy2ent added.
2009-10-06 morschBoost() for pA/Ap reactivated.
2009-10-05 morschPossibility to apply pT-cut in multiplicity trigger.
2009-09-24 jgrosseoupdating primary particle selection for high multiplict...
2009-08-26 morschPythia jets are written for kPyBeautyppMNRwmi
2009-08-18 morschComments for Pytune added.
2009-08-18 morschMissing setter for fItune added.
2009-08-17 morschSetter for Pythia Tune.
2009-08-17 morschInterface to pythia tunes added.
2009-08-06 hristovMake sure the random generator is set
2009-07-15 morschUpdate for forced Lambda_c hadronic decays (Rossella...
2009-07-02 morschStore impact parameter for q-pythia.
2009-06-16 morschQCD and photon radiation for q-pythia
2009-06-05 morschWarnings corrected.