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2008-05-20 morschShadowing of variables corrected.
2008-04-22 morschfParticles-> replaced by fParticles.
2008-04-09 morschMoved to PYTHIA8
2008-04-08 morschMake to work with LHAPDF
2008-04-02 jgrosseoadding trigger on high multiplicity events on the gener...
2008-04-01 hristovRestored compilation on Windows/Cygwin
2008-03-31 morschMoved to PYTHIA8
2008-03-28 morschpythia8 example code
2008-03-27 morschCopied from libTPythia8, TPythia is taken from root.
2008-03-27 morschName changed.
2008-03-27 morschEffC++ warnings corrected.
2008-03-27 morschMoved to root.
2008-03-26 morschAbsolute path removed.
2008-03-26 morschClasses for event generation with pythia8
2008-03-26 morschBase class for common usage if Pythia6 and Pythia8.
2008-03-26 morschUsing generalized pdf codes.
2008-03-26 morschProcess codes for Pythia 6 and 8
2008-02-27 hristovCopy/paste error fixed
2008-02-25 hristovAdditional protection
2008-02-22 hristovCompilation on Windows/Cygwin
2008-02-22 hristovlhapdf.f used from the original LHAPDF distribution...
2008-01-14 hristovRemoving .cvsignore files
2008-01-09 morschALIfied Pythia version for PYQUEN.
2008-01-09 morschUpdate of PYQUEN version.
2007-12-19 morschAll the necessary for fast Chi_c generation. (P. Ladron...
2007-11-15 morschCorrection for trigger of photons inside PHOS acceptance.
2007-11-06 alibraryIgnoring smell subdet
2007-10-19 morschProtection against deletion of Header.
2007-10-15 morschIf gamma in eta acceptance rotate event into PHOS phi...
2007-10-09 morschMakefile update.
2007-10-09 morschOne header file for PYQUEN only.
2007-10-09 morsch- Update to PYQUEN v1.3 (
2007-10-01 morschkPyJet: PARP(67) set to 2.5. ISR parameter that describ...
2007-09-26 morschFor Heavy Flavor off: switching of QQbar splittings...
2007-09-24 morschTruncation of kt-kick at 4 sigma instead of fixed value.
2007-09-19 morschkZDiElectron forcing Z->e+e- added.
2007-09-17 cvetanReverting back to the previous version. The problem...
2007-09-17 cvetanAdding missing include paths?
2007-09-12 morschSwitch off HF after initialization.
2007-08-15 morschNumber of produced primaries is set in the header.
2007-08-14 morschClass moved to STEERBase.
2007-07-05 morschPossibility to set the maximum energy loss
2007-06-08 morschUpdates on hadronic decays of open charm. (A. Dainese...
2007-05-25 morschDecayer initialisation after pythia initilization.
2007-04-30 morschDecay mode kAllMuonic !
2007-04-20 hristovMin. bias with the default Pythia settings
2007-02-20 hristovRemoving warnings (ifort)
2007-02-19 morschPossibility to leave pi0 decays enabled during primary...
2007-02-07 alibraryAdding includes required by ROOT
2007-02-06 morschkBSemiElectronic and kBSemiMuonic added.
2007-01-31 hristovFix to take into account the fact that Pythia6 from...
2007-01-31 hristovCorrection in the photon generation (Gustavo)
2007-01-31 hristovRemoving the fake copy constructors and assignment...
2007-01-29 hristovCompiling lhaglue.F in to fix the initial...
2007-01-15 alibraryInserting TMath.h where required by the new version...
2007-01-08 morschImprovements on the selection of fragmentation photons...
2006-12-19 morschAdditional software trigger posiibilities for pions...
2006-11-02 hristovRemoving obsolete PYTHIA6 version
2006-10-04 morschkPyLhwgMb added.
2006-10-04 morschPARP(81) set to 0. for HF production (A. Dainese)
2006-10-02 morschModified splittings for fQuench = 3.
2006-10-01 morschquenching option 3: modified splittings
2006-09-12 morschConfiguration kPyLhwgMb (hep-ph/0604120) added. (Boris...
2006-08-16 morschMore EffC++ warnings corrected.
2006-08-15 morschEffC++ warnings corrected.
2006-08-07 morschObsolete structure functions replaced.
2006-07-14 morschSwitch off decays of pi0, K0S, Lambda, Sigma+-, Xi0...
2006-06-06 morschMSTU(16) = 2 for all processes.
2006-06-05 morschInitialize fGinit and fGfinal.
2006-05-31 morschUse MSTU(16) = 2 for heavy flavor. HF Hadrons point...
2006-05-08 hristovCorrected file extension
2006-05-08 morschfAProjectile and fATarget
2006-04-27 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2006-04-22 hristovFixing memory leak (L.Gaudichet)
2006-03-22 morschUpdates on golden D hadronic decay channel by
2006-03-22 morschSome updates needed to use this class as a base class.
2006-03-20 morschPossible conflicts between Heavy Flavor and Atlas Tunin...
2006-03-20 morschTrigger on particle and antiparticle separately.
2006-03-20 morschUpdate for PDC'06 muon generation. (Nicole Bastid)
2006-03-18 morschSmall mods.
2006-03-18 morschPDC'06 configurations for charm and beauty added.
2006-03-18 morschSome code duplication in Pythia configuration removed.
2006-03-16 morschMethod SetTriggerParticle added.
2006-03-14 hristovIncluding of Lambda(1520) to the generation. Small...
2006-03-07 morschpyevnw dummy
2006-03-07 morsch pyevnw() needed for Pythia 6.3 added.
2006-03-07 morsch- pt^hard of the event is stored in the event header
2006-02-20 morschZ production and possibility for cuts on secondaries...
2006-02-20 morschkZDiMuon added. (Zaida Conesa)
2005-12-16 morschkNewTest reomoved (sneeked in by accident)
2005-12-16 hristovUsing only the first 6 characters of the common block...
2005-11-18 hristovRemoving compilation warnings (ifort)
2005-10-28 morschrho added to dimuon channels.
2005-09-20 morschBaryon production models added by Eleazar Cuautle Flore...
2005-08-22 morschPythia Tune-A from CDF used for jet production.
2005-07-15 morschAdded CheckKinematicsOnChild() in order to be able...
2005-07-15 morschDecayer options for W added. (Zaida Conesa)
2005-07-13 morschFragmentation scheme according to fHadronisation flag.
2005-07-13 morschMemory leak corrected.
2005-06-29 morschIf present, pass header to container.