Removing meaningless type qualifier on return type (icc warning 858)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RAW / libRAW.pkg
2004-11-03 tkuhrexport AliBitPacking.h
2004-10-27 tkuhrRawReader for DATE version 3 added
2004-10-25 tkuhrAliMDC and DB classes moved from library to alimdc...
2004-10-15 hristovExporting additional include files needed by FMD
2004-10-12 hristovFix to permit compilation when ROOTSYS is not defined...
2004-10-12 cvetanMinor fix in order to reflect the changes in hlt.conf
2004-10-06 cvetanIntroduction of the online monitoring code into the...
2004-09-08 tkuhrexport AliRawDataHeader.h
2004-09-08 tkuhrexport AliRawReader.h
2004-07-06 tkuhrsupport multiple equipments per sub event in the root...
2004-07-05 tkuhrAliTPCBuffer160 renamed to AliAltroBuffer
2004-07-01 tkuhrAliTPCBuffer160 renamed to AliAltroBuffer and method...
2004-05-05 tkuhrfix coding convention violations
2004-05-05 tkuhrfix coding convention violations
2004-04-26 tkuhriterators for SDD test beam raw data added
2004-04-08 alibraryNeed TH1F for the dictionary
2003-12-10 tkuhrdate include path added
2003-11-14 tkuhrnew class AliRawReaderDate for reading DATE events
2003-09-12 hristovClasses for reading raw data moved to the RAW module...