Modified plots and made jet finder use SDigits
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RAW /
2004-05-05 tkuhrfix coding convention violations
2004-05-05 alibraryMissing includes
2004-05-05 tkuhrfix coding convention violations
2004-05-05 tkuhrset status bit for no L1/L2 trigger information
2004-04-27 hristovMinor fix
2004-04-26 tkuhriterators for SDD test beam raw data added
2004-04-23 tkuhrAliMiniHeader structure and executables addMiniHeader...
2004-04-22 tkuhrstrdup replaced by malloc and strcpy
2004-04-22 tkuhrbugfix
2004-04-22 tkuhrreaders updated (mini header -> data header)
2004-04-22 hristovRaw data simulation, one file per DDL, mini header...
2004-04-15 rdmprovide non-void return type for operator=() to make the
2004-04-08 alibraryNeed TH1F for the dictionary
2004-04-07 rdmfix some coding violations.
2004-04-01 tkuhrpossibility to select equipments
2004-03-25 tkuhrget tables from the aliroot directory if they are not...
2004-03-25 tkuhraccess to mapping DDL -> module
2004-03-25 tkuhrDumpData method added
2004-03-25 tkuhrdefault constructor and constant for magic word added
2004-03-22 tkuhraccess to equipment header data, reading of DATE files...
2004-03-18 tkuhrfix compiler warning
2004-02-03 hristovRemoving warnings (alpha)
2004-01-29 rdmAliEn API fixed so we can again use TGrid::OpenDir().
2004-01-28 rdmcheck if STAGE_POOL and STAGE_HOST are set, if not...
2004-01-27 hristovRemoving warnings (Sun)
2004-01-27 tkuhrextended check
2004-01-26 rdmadded print statement saying how many retries were...
2004-01-25 rdmclose TAliEn result handle after OpenDir().
2004-01-23 rdminstead of a Fatal() at run time due to the calling...
2004-01-23 rdmcreate a new AliEn directory per day (like for the...
2004-01-22 tkuhrcheck of data consistency
2004-01-20 tkuhrcorrections to obey coding conventions
2004-01-19 tkuhrprotection against wrong magic word
2004-01-16 tkuhrfix memory leak
2004-01-12 tkuhrprotection against truncated data
2003-12-17 rdmadd custom error handler that prepends the error messag...
2003-12-17 rdmchange raw db creation interval to 1 second (was 10...
2003-12-16 rdmFrom Thomas:
2003-12-12 rdmadd resilience in case opening of raw DB fails (retry...
2003-12-11 rdmmore error messages.
2003-12-11 rdmnew GetOpenOption() method in AliRawDB. Allows for...
2003-12-10 tkuhrdate include path added
2003-12-10 rdmfix error message in case of raw db open failure.
2003-12-08 tkuhrreturn type of GetDebugLevel set to Int_t
2003-12-05 tkuhrmore debug output and bugfix for sub event number
2003-12-04 rdmfix reporting of writing speed when interrupted by...
2003-12-04 rdmdon't write by default stat object to local run db...
2003-12-04 rdmcall TAliMDC::SetStopLoop() when SMI STOP command arriv...
2003-12-04 rdmchange in SIGUSR1 info message.
2003-12-01 rdmafter fix by Andreas the AliEn API is now working on...
2003-11-29 rdmcorrection for building under /adcRoot.
2003-11-29 rdmadd support for TCastorFile (use CASTOR over rootd...
2003-11-14 hristovinclude file removed
2003-11-14 tkuhrprint message if compiled without DATE
2003-11-14 tkuhrexecutables addMiniHeader, printMiniHeader and raw2date...
2003-11-14 tkuhrnew class AliRawReaderDate for reading DATE events
2003-11-14 tkuhrAliMiniHeader moved to separate file
2003-11-14 tkuhrcorrections to obey coding conventions
2003-09-26 rdmfix to work it with ROOT head.
2003-09-26 rdmChange all "const int" arguments to "int". Const int...
2003-09-26 rdmmake GetSubevent() const.
2003-09-17 alibraryHack for bad APPLE assembler
2003-09-17 alibraryAdd support for 64 bits
2003-09-12 hristovChange needed on Alpha
2003-09-12 hristovChanges needed on Sun
2003-09-12 hristovRemoving warnings
2003-09-12 hristovClasses for reading raw data moved to the RAW module...
2003-09-11 rdmAliRawEvent classes used in the data challenges and...