New developments of the analysis framework - selectorised version of the manager...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / RICH / AliRICHDigit.h
2006-10-30 kirBug in DDL config fixed (thanks to P.Hristov)
2006-10-27 kirMAJOR UPGRADE: 1. all objects are counted from 0 2...
2006-09-01 kir-Weffc warnings removed
2006-07-18 kirBug in chamber number to DDL index fixed
2006-06-28 kirFirst operational version of AliRICHProprocessor
2006-06-28 cvetanNew detector numbering scheme (common for DAQ/HLT/Offli...
2006-03-28 kirCompliance with AliAlignObj
2005-08-08 hristovRaw data reconstruction (K.Shileev)
2005-04-12 kirHit Digit Cluster in separate files to follow rules
2003-11-05 kirold digits-clusters removed
2003-10-21 kirPatRec adapted to new IO
2003-10-09 kirvirtual Print added
2001-11-02 hristovDigitizer class created. Code cleaning and bug fixes...
2001-10-23 hristovThe access to several data members was changed from...
2001-02-27 jbarbosaAdded setters and getters (have to cleanup code).
2000-06-12 jbarbosaCleaned up version.